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  1. JordyHamsVII

    Dear Alex: A message from the player base

    It's clearly a tactical move by Alex to encourage posting to the forums πŸ˜†
  2. JordyHamsVII

    Name the ketog vs Chaos War

    Taking advice from this forum post I'd like to see the The Common White-knights of Democratically Engulfed Freedom War or (TCW-DEAF War)
  3. JordyHamsVII

    SNN-Consolidate Your Credibility and Save!

    Clearly just trying to copy the success of Citadel *rolls eyes*
  4. JordyHamsVII

    Fark Announcement

    Is this all a cover up for the new Pantheon Treaty???πŸ˜…πŸ€” Must have had a lot to drink to make that a thing πŸ˜›
  5. JordyHamsVII

    New Bloc on the Block

    Honestly though, to contribute to the thread, I think most of us would love to see more blocs and dynamic gameplay and manoeuvres. The plausibility of it though is unlikely by the sheer mechanics that we all play the game through. The Tactics involved with big moves are usually triumphed as a positive until the are brought crashing back down into the dirt. It's a shame that Nova was daft enough to cheat, because it would have set Chaos up nicely (whilst I can concede that Nova wasn't as prestigious as CoS or TKR etc. they still could have had a cornerstone to allowing a more diverse divisive landscape.) So on Citadel or Covenant or any others that sit in the IQ bowl or whatever we decide to call our next spider web. To encourage the balance that I see lots wanting to achieve in their wars or what not, look into less bridging treaties and more little worlds of gunpowder waiting to explode. Like the fun KETOG and co. are having in Dance Dance 2 the Return of Disco (or Surf's Up 😜) To be frank, I'd love to see a schism like the fun catholic ones with grunted hostilities around ideologies. Now just for reference, I enjoyed @Prefontaine Pondering from a little will back what came to mind for me was the Machiavelli player. No what that is is someone who is loyal to their alliance and is willing to make big moves and challenge fellow players that might not be to everyone's or anyone's liking. The community makes this game and whilst I'm personally a young player of just past a year, I have meet some super cool people, not gonna lie. They have shaped news was of viewing the game and it's mechanics. Whilst @Dio Brando, @katashimon13 or even Shifty subscribe to different styles of gameplay (just to name a few, of course I'm missing people πŸ˜…), even though I personally might not agree with what people are doing or saying it keeps things interesting and unpredictable. I was talking with @Inst recently, and was indicated about the downfall of CN "the idea that people have active cheats and have "deep opsec" operations annoys the crap out of me". Now in that discussion we were also talking with Pooball, and how the recent server lag might have been more people trying to exploit the system for their own game. Is this Machiavelli gameplay... (I'll let you decide Orbis) I may not be the head honcho or someone even worth your time listening to, but as much as I love getting to read the big names of the forums the little guys (like myself), do enjoy having a word every once in a while. But it needs to be my duty as much as any other player to encourage the echo-chamber of growth in our game. Mass downvoting a post made by a rubbish micro leader, as much fun as it is, he/she just lacks a mentor, so sure go ahead and downvote them to encourage them never to post again. But maybe instead shoot the person a dm and give them some tips to do the things that CAN address the crux of the issue. Look, they have the energy to bring light to and rework your developed and knowledgable ideas. I'd like to thank @Batavus, @Zafri Zackery, @Sphinx and many many more, who have personally gotten to know me and encouraged me to look to having an impact on the game. But whilst I appreciate the advice that most give of 'oh micro politics is rubbish' and 'just join a big alliance', the danger is this stat: Rank #50 Sanctuary 57,321.29 Rank #60 House Arryn 28,651.38 That's almost 30K worth of score difference. In our games micro tier, where are we going to get the next dynamic or exciting alliance from if they have to bridge that huge gap (Metaphorically and Physically) to even be considered relevant (yes that's an assertion on relevant but doesn't matter). To context that's almost 3 @Fraggle's worth of score. So I'd love to see major players testing their own hand like @Maia (I've referenced it as well) and digging in and creating a micro or joining a micro, it's a change and would spice things up. But yet I fall back on the plausibility of it occurring. Slim... Just another thing to read and not take action. TL;DR So what's the point of my little pamphlet of prose, 3 things: 1) To the new bloc of Citadel, (but not you exclusively), as a growing and developing alliance(s), take a leap of faith, if it doesn't work then fall back on the safe option. 2) Emphasising the role of the Machiavelli player, who isn't liked but is decisive in challenging the status quo 3) To all you established players, if you do want your (and our) community to prosper and improve; Mentor, Teach and Get To Know the younger inexperienced players so they can better the game. Cheers, Jordy
  6. JordyHamsVII

    New Bloc on the Block

    That was great chat, I'd like to thank @Mad Max and @The Mad Titan for this incredible insight πŸ‘
  7. So does this mean that IF we get sick of BK and their dank memes, we can have a war, and Call it the Sandwich Press War!! πŸ˜‚ Well at least I'd find it amusing...
  8. All I could think of was Liverpool, "You'll Never Walk Alone" Best of luck guys love the logo!
  9. JordyHamsVII

    TF Announcements

    You know what this means more @Reaganomics awful TF leaks on the RON server πŸ€”
  10. Haha, bloody Yank! #9 Listen to the advice of people who have experience in the game and incorporate both your and their ideas into a hybrid that is unique and passionate community. Instead of just down-voting those you disagree with #10 Have a core group of mates that you can control a path for the alliance, instead of being a mishmash of randoms who you've only just met. Communication is key.
  11. JordyHamsVII

    RIP nova

    @Door of the World I think that's mainly targeted at you, Chief Wiggum was just being nice. But we all know πŸ˜‰
  12. JordyHamsVII

    LAP war against the Underground

    I gotta ask who was the 1 guy who voted against? He is a hero, and would have saved this forum post filled with such intelligence from existing!
  13. JordyHamsVII

    An Update on Matthew's Great War

    Meant with the War being named after him by Frawely on the stats, we all know Pantheon are the victors of this war!!
  14. JordyHamsVII

    An Update on Matthew's Great War

    @Matthew The Great You're the real winner here, A forum post with your name on the war, what's next the NPO war stats reflecting that victory?
  15. JordyHamsVII

    Aurora Coup (DoE or Declaration of War of w.e)

    Wait wait... Hang on, I legit thought this was National Affairs for a moment. $30 mil is just pocket change.

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