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  1. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=203457 enough said
  2. Sounds just like customising a car number plate, spending on something that makes you look 'cool', well at least to you cool. It'd be a nice credit sink.
  3. This is just a ploy to add more raw resources to the game to reduce current prices on the market, and thereby make manufacturing resources cheaper to buy from the market to the benefit of whale nations, who usually run at a deficit for creating manufactured. Even possibly nerfing the raw market all together with Whales (the main consumer of materials) not needing them at all as they become self sustainable, with more improvements to use on resources (as whales have high infra) . It's not a whale game, the market will repair itself over time when new players join adding more raw resources. Which is to their benefit if they are selling at a higher price, giving new players more of an incentive to use the market to sell surplus goods.
  4. Happy Birthday guys, can't wait for the next year of fun!
  5. Congrats Shifty, truly at the forefront of finding those AYY LMAO Aliens. Now you can sit back relax and pull out the telescope.
  6. Good Luck, hope you guys do well!
  7. Congrats on the peace, good progress for a war that's gone too long and has affected a lot of people
  8. Didn't you show up in Pantheon's wonderful leak history with Mel?
  9. I think he's trying to say the sun never sets on Goons, but maybe I'm giving him to much credit
  10. You too Kosta, have a good rebuild mate!
  11. Funny that maybe because GoG walked out of peace talks
  12. GOONER War not over... *rolls eyes*
  13. Ahh Yes, I'm glad you know that those 6 alliances was everyone you were up against. Now TcW, Fark, Immortals etc. will have a better time looking for targets. So Peace in our Time, is another early call before WWII, thanks Neville but this war has got a while to go
  14. We need to submit a late entry into player of the year and most honourable alliance. Sphinx is just carrying TCW to number 1. Thanks for playing IQ
  15. Being top 10 doesn't mean you aren't a micro... Pantheon did it for a couple of years Who are you btw? ( I feel like I'm more irrelevant but meh)
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