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  1. I think he's trying to say the sun never sets on Goons, but maybe I'm giving him to much credit
  2. You too Kosta, have a good rebuild mate!
  3. Funny that maybe because GoG walked out of peace talks
  4. GOONER War not over... *rolls eyes*
  5. Ahh Yes, I'm glad you know that those 6 alliances was everyone you were up against. Now TcW, Fark, Immortals etc. will have a better time looking for targets. So Peace in our Time, is another early call before WWII, thanks Neville but this war has got a while to go
  6. We need to submit a late entry into player of the year and most honourable alliance. Sphinx is just carrying TCW to number 1. Thanks for playing IQ
  7. Being top 10 doesn't mean you aren't a micro... Pantheon did it for a couple of years Who are you btw? ( I feel like I'm more irrelevant but meh)
  8. Nominate your favorite alliance for each of the following categories: Alliance of the Year: Terminal Jest Most Powerful Alliance in 2019: NPO Best Fighters: TKR Best Themed Flag for a Holiday in 2019: TCW Most Active Alliance: BK Best Government Line-Up: TCW Best Rookie Alliance: North Point Most Honorable: House Stark Most Likely to Succeed in 2020: MIng Best Forums: OWR Best Discord: Carthago Best Alliance Page: TCW Most Controversial Alliance: GOONS Best Alliance for New Players: Soup Best Economic System: NPO Most Missed Alliance from 2019: Sean Antony Best Re-brand: Mensa HQ Scariest Alliance: Arrgh Best Alliance Ad: The Immortals
  9. Player Categories: Player of the Year: Partisan Most Influential Player: Roq Best Alliance Leader: NG Best non-lead government member: Epi Most Controversial Player: Minesome MC Best Avatar: Right Honorable Best Signature: Malal Best Nation Page: Epi Best Player Ad: Tyrion Lannister Best Fighter: Sphinx Best IC Poster: Daveth Best OOC Poster:Hodor Nicest Player: Yui Best Radio Talk Show Host: George Sexiest Voice: Matt the Great Best Baseball Team: Sunara Most Likely to Succeed in 2020: Akuryo Best New Addition to the Community: Tyrion Lannister Best Community Contributor: Partisan Most Likely to Become a Real Politician: Colliwobbles
  10. Pantheon is on a hot streak this year, but will they make the end of season play-offs?🤔
  11. Goons Gazette and Goons Groupthink be like:
  12. Coal King giving away coal 😯
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