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  1. Shouldn't it be "Atlantean Decree"?
  2. Haven't you heard? Everyone fighting against Coalition B = Right-wing chuds.
  3. Except it's not obvious and you thinking that is the result of pre-existing bias. If you are to have any serious discussion on the topic you need to at least be able to pretend or consider that both good and bad things have been done in the name of both Communism and Capitalism, as opposed to the infantile notion that "all X is Y". You just showed that you can't even define the aspects of Communism correctly. It's not a top down management style, Communism seeks to establish a flat structure without hierarchies and if they're not trying to establish that, it's not Communism. Why you think anyone would take you seriously when it's clear you refuse to acknowledge the facts of these ideologies is beyond me. What is really wilful ignorance, as I mentioned above, is your refusal to even consider that what you believe to be so obvious to everyone actually isn't the truth. Frankly, if this is what you have to contribute (if you can even call it a contribution), you are better left ignored until you start getting serious.
  4. The fact that you believe that rips any credibility you have in a discussion on the merits of Communism (and Capitalism) to pieces. You're clearly not unbiased. Maybe you should take some time to reconsider and come back when you've reached a more mature point of view.
  5. Well, that's just pure madness. How else is Thinkpol supposed to root out thoughtcrime among enemies of the state? Are we supposed to abandon all hopes of a safe and secure nation? No, we will have to keep watching, for the good of us all.
  6. I don't think we actually have to imagine it, it seems to be a very real and observable phenomenon.
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