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  1. Big Brother

    What is P&W listening to?

  2. Big Brother

    What's the next move after the war?

    Hopefully something that makes him complain about us some more. I mean, how else are we gonna keep track of what we're doing wrong?
  3. Big Brother

    $yndicate Businessweek Update: Cessation of External Venture

    Don't go off the deep end brother, you might not like what you find:
  4. Big Brother

    What is P&W listening to?

  5. Big Brother

    $yndicate Businessweek Update: Cessation of External Venture

    Oh man, that sucks. I mean, we're so inexperienced with people wanting to roll us here in t$. It's not like we've ever had to deal with this kind of problem in the past. Truly, I don't know we'll manage. All I can hope for is that we'll find the strength to not whine about it on the forums three years after it happens.
  6. Big Brother

    We are here for the Whales

    Yeah, sometimes you just go looking for fights you know. However, if you actually compared the number of anti-communist posts I have responded to vs. the same kind of posts I haven't responded to, you'd probably find that most of the time I can't actually be bothered to start anything. Also, Cimmeria > Hyperborea. Just saying.
  7. Big Brother

    Surfing the Memes

    I don't know what I expected when I clicked that but it was certainly not.. whatever that was.
  8. Big Brother

    What is P&W listening to?

  9. Big Brother

    Some Thoughts

    As a true nerd, I couldn't help but try to figure this out. Turns out you're right, there's a bunch of stuff about him in the Silmarillion. This post was very enlightening, I recommend checking it out if you're interested. Regardless, I'll put the most important part here: So, to flip this back to being about P&W again I'd say Sauron is a relatively good role model if you're trying to be a villain. He certainly seems to be motivated by more than a simple desire to dominate and destroy, which arguably at least bumps him up to Meh tier, if not all the way up to High tier.
  10. Big Brother

    Some Thoughts

    You're absolutely right. I blame @Lucas, he's clearly a bad influence:
  11. Big Brother

    underinflated resssources price

    You're absolutely right, I've been wondering about these resssources myself. They are a complete myssstery and I think we need to figure it out ASAP. For the good of Orbisss!
  12. Big Brother


    Welcome commie Steve, I am commie Big Bro, good luck with crushing countries with tanks o/
  13. Big Brother

    What is P&W listening to?


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