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  1. Hard to believe some people didn't expect this war since the Hollywood announcement considering all the craze about upper tier consolidation.
  2. Good luck with peace!
  3. Your side's interest in defending Chocolate Castle was pretty revealing, signs were there of what was going to come eventually.
  4. Or maybe, just maybe don't do the same stuff that'll result in knightfall 2.0.
  5. @Roquentin , join us! The time to battle upper tier consolidation has arrived!
  6. Talking crap when your war performance is literal crap
  7. I would have posted a meme but Swamp's lack of counters on anyone is a meme in of itself
  8. Oh God. Theyre continuing to perform organic growth faster than the rest of the game. We have to all dog pile them after the nap ends
  9. I pledge my sword to the banner of the true King in the North, Ataxia StarkBy the old gods and the newdown with the tyranny of the Squeegeewith honor, loyalty, and direwolves for all.
  10. Congratulations, it was a absolute pleasure to work with you in the past. You've done so much for t$ and you will always be remembered!
  11. Okay let's use your current reasoning for HS then, HS acted in good faith and there were no treaty violations on our part yet according to those logs you plotted us too, another one of your allies. Using your criteria and reasoning for t$ does not fit at all. Let's see what gymnastics you pull now you lying weasle...sorry hamster.
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