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  1. Keshav11/3/2019, 1:02:51 AM no, this is a zero sum game Keshav11/3/2019, 1:03:09 AM and in 10 years I don't want to be like I had that opportunity to [sic] kil lthem, andd I didnt hoping they'd be "nice" to us Keshav11/3/2019, 1:03:11 AM frick that shit. Keshav11/3/2019, 1:03:24 AM What benefits the enemy, harms you; and what benefits you, harm the enemy. ₲ɆØⱤ₲Ɇ11/3/2019, 1:03:34 AM I don’t really think we’re being nice ₲ɆØⱤ₲Ɇ11/3/2019, 1:03:43 AM Lol that’s a bit of a overstatement Keshav11/3/2019, 1:04:17 AM I'm in it to ensure they are fricked enough to not be a threat in a few months time. ?
  2. Congrats on the fresh start and getting out of that hellhole of a coalition. You guys were always destined for better. This was just a roadbump.
  3. You're wrong, I explicitly said 'not a poach' Ergo, no poach ?
  4. Sphinx, you sure you don’t want to join Egyptian Empire, mate? Your name is perfect. ?
  5. Our war elephants have been sent to rest. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship, augmenting our merchant skills and inaugurating the North African franchise of the sphere.
  6. Best of luck Ryan, thanks for the entertainment and letting your personality shine through, but real life comes first. o7
  7. Just trying to keep it light, almighty hippo guy! This argument dumb. This insinuation stupid dumb. We're not smart enough or cool enough to know what's going on. Thank you for walking this (below) back when you switched from present to future tense. My work here is done, and apology accepted. Give us some time.
  8. First of all, "y'all" really "like" "quotes". Vanguard was a "thing", and they did disband. Second, we haven't "shown anything" in our short existence, other than that we're reasonably loyal allies and that we're not horrific at clicking 'declare war' buttons and selecting the right drop-down menus at the right time in the right order for just long enough. Don't get it twisted, joining a defensive war for an ally is not "doubling down" on your plot narrative; that's doing what an ally does. Finally, the "single treaty chain" in your words = a bloc-wide treaty to BK, as you'll gather from BK's AA page; Yakuza just holds the tie for cleanliness of the web. Cut us some slack dawg, and in the meantime, see if you can muzzle Justin and Scarfalot. Their FA "nous" makes you guys look simple-minded <- how you use quotes the right way.
  9. Ok, so ally = subsidiary in TGH/Akuryo's world. Got it. Nobody can say nuance is lost on you... My point, so that this isn't dragged out, is that all BK-allied blocs aren't created equal and Citadel hasn't exactly had time to find its niche. Hence, bringing up the timeframe between launching and y'all teaching tCW and BK a lesson. You're deluded if you thought/think we weren't going to be involved as BK allies. In closing, Bourhann's initial metaphor is a lazy misrepresentation of what Citadel is, and the claim that this war has somehow 'shown' that we're Vanguard is premature.
  10. We existed a week, bruh, when did you expect us to #standuptoBK? We also had/have a bloc-wide MDAP with BK. To Bourhann's point, I don't think you needed a war to figure out that we were tied to BK and as such, would act as allies do... Also, why the passive-aggressive quotes around bloc?
  11. Really, how? In that we're a bloc, tied to BK?
  12. ? And yet, still enough infra to take 1/4 of our net damage this war! Our brave, beautiful, blubbery ex-whale, gone into the ether...he prefers to be known as ‘Free Willy’ now.
  13. The elephants wear Google glasses now thanks to the Yakuza money
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