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A Final Hollywood Announcement


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in my short time here, it was a blast being in this sphere with some really competent alliances/leaders. I wish everyone in HW success on their new paths as we split up.

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It was a fun ride but all good things must come to an end :3


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Humans cannot create anything out of nothingness. Humans cannot accomplish anything without holding onto something. After all, humans are not gods.

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Just now, Vanek26 said:

Thank god. I was sick of being allied to those filthy TKRers. They made me sick just being in the same room as them. 

Im glad the feeling was mutual.  😛

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2 minutes ago, MinesomeMC said:

Alright THoF, Oblivion, Cataclysm, Gaurdian, and Grumpy im ready for the post 


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45 minutes ago, Wizel16 said:

DtC Justice (Message for free money)

@dtc justicegib

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TheNG - My favorite part is when Steve suggests DEIC might have done something remotely successful, then gets massively shit on for proposing such a stupid idea.

On 1/4/2016 at 6:37 PM, Sheepy said:
Sheepy said:

I'm retarded, you win

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