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  1. Congratulations on this! Good luck.
  2. It’s only right you sign an MDoAP with IRON! Oculus o/
  3. If you read our statement on his removal and the DoE which shows our Charter, you'd see that it was not "illegitimate" and was well within the rights and was not a coup. There was even a screenshot on one of the news networks of Jaden saying that he was voted out. The members who voted are even on our statement. Every member of Council agreed to the removal, including his VP and our Advisor the President of IRON in CN. With that said, Jaden has been in our server and our relationship is healthy. He wanted to declare it on the OWF with his side - which we chose not to do, because micros te
  4. He chose to make IRON here and adapt our Charter from CN and approach leadership about it. Quite honestly the whole “revenge” thing and all the drama is pointless at this time. Jaden still chats in our server and has relationships with myself and TRMJ. In the end, he wanted his side of the story to be heard. That’s been done. It would be unfortunate for something to escalate further considering the vote was legal within our Charter. No need to stir the pot.
  5. I wanted to stop in and just thank you for contributions and sacrifices to IRON. You’ve done a lot for us and I personally am grateful for everything you’ve done. Take care of your health and remember that games are supposed to be fun but you need to find the balance of real life and work. I look forward to crossing paths with you again soon in some capacity and your comadarie is always appreciated.
  6. Congratulations! Lead the North to greatness!
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