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  1. Hello folks, Here is Episode 1! Special thanks to @Wizel16, @Redarmy, @Leftbehind, @RightHonorable, and @Vice for being guests on episode 1. I'll be posting more info on the next show here when it is available.
  2. These are baseless accusations
  3. tfw I asked Partisan if he wants to be on my show after seeing his comment and didn't get a reply.
  4. wut is grammar?? why iz grammar?
  5. Thanks! Enjoy your show. Purposely avoided Fridays since that seemed like your typical day.
  6. Hello Orbis, My name is BigMorf, and I'm still a relative newcomer to this game. I'm a member of TKR, and I've been low gov in FA for a while now. If I haven't met you yet, hello! For a while now, I've been wanting a particular kind of content here in Orbis. A platform where I could go and hear multiple perspectives on issues in Politics and War. But I couldn't find this particular content, so I decided why not do it myself? And here we are. I'm happy to announce that Morf Radio is here. What is Morf Radio you ask? Let me expalin. Morf Radio will be a one hour semi regular radio sh
  7. The USC Fan Club looks forward to using this new treaty to rid the world of Fighting Irish fans. Fight on!!!
  8. The University of Southern California Fan Club wishes you luck in the wars to come. Go Trojans.
  9. This is a weird thing for the #1 USC fan in Orbis to be posting don't you think so?? https://slapthesign.com/2018/05/11/notre-dame-football-10-most-painful-losses-of-the-last-10-seasons/ Here ^ is some helpful reading material that is sure to cheer you up. Go Trojans!!!
  10. This is a very serious business. USC rules, Notre Dame drools.
  11. For your listening pleasure: Our new Fight Song
  12. An Important TKR Announcement With the impending end of the global NAP, The Knights Radiant have been looking towards the future. After a period of introspection and a lot of very tough conversations among the government of TKR, we are happy to share some important changes and announcements with Orbis today. Effective immediately, The Knights Radiant will be undergoing a rebrand. We love our history, we love Brandon Sanderson, we love the Stormlight Archive… but we feel a new direction is needed to keep us relevant, on the cutting edge, and to assist us in recruiting the kind of peo
  13. Good Luck, have fun etc. Nothing like the smell of burnt infra in the morning.
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