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  1. Kyubnyan

    The Stormlight at the End of the Tunnel

    And it was too small to read. mad props owo
  2. As head smoff of drug testing I fully support our allies in the NAE. We hope to forge a long lasting and meaningful relationship with them as we slowly gain influence and build our empire.
  3. Kyubnyan

    Just a couple of Protectors

    coups Smoth and goes into VM Now we are.
  4. Kyubnyan

    Extortion Distortion Whats Their Fortune?

    What good Samaritans, fixing that poor man's build.
  5. Kyubnyan

    Just a couple of Protectors

    That's Smofftopia baby.
  6. Kyubnyan

    Nobody expects the Smothquisition

    Me IRL.
  7. Kyubnyan

    Fraggle Rock Dog Show

    yay. Glad to win something, congrats to all of the other good doggos.
  8. Kyubnyan

    War Stats - Global War 12

    Nah, some people are just naive and thick-headed, it's just more noticeable when you disagree with what they're saying. SRD was one of VE's number one salt producers so his statements shouldn't really be surprising.
  9. SMH Arch, how dare you mock the sacred institution that is the politics and war pumpkin carving contest! Expect to hear from my lawyers.
  10. Kyubnyan

    Welcome back Felkey! (A video tribute)

    heartbreakingly beautiful ballad Pre. I cried.
  11. Kyubnyan

    A World Police Announcement

    Godspeed Smoth... Godspeed
  12. Kyubnyan

    Smithago delenda est

    Glory for Zoobrus.
  13. Kyubnyan

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    Strange to see that a day would come where people would think that sheepy deserves an apology.
  14. Kyubnyan

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    I agree with the deleting part, good opinion Strum. you truly cannot stump the strump.
  15. Kyubnyan

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

    Props to whoever took those screenshots. amazing resolution.

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