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  1. Wow, 11 whole offensives. Someone's been kicking a loooooot of butt~~~
  2. I know, we're pulling a real Clarke aren't we~~~ sorry bout that. 😉
  3. lmao tendency to take it in the ass in war? coming from Acadia(DEIC)? Hilarious, this is the propaganda I come for.
  4. >14 cities with cities ranging from 1.7 to 2.2 k infra lmfao good shit.
  5. I think they were just saying that when talking about a decrease in score, it would make more sense to refer to it in percent change. i.e. "Rose is at 0.299 of its former self just barely less than a third of its former self. Grumpy is 0.28 of its former score, just at just over a fourth of its former score. The Church Of Spaceology is at 0.185 of its former former, less than a fifth of their former score." could be "Rose is currently at 29.9% of the nation score it was prior to the war while CoS is at a poultry 18.5%, less than one fifth of their antebellum standings" would read better~~~
  6. CoS Disbandment Announcement Countdown
  7. True, they have just been using us as a pawn in their grand plan to continually get dogpiled. Thanks for the insight that you CLEARLY have on our relations with TKR as well as the status of our alliance.
  8. >implying I had much more at the beginning of the war
  9. B-but TKR man very bad. Smiff made me do it. ;-;
  10. LMFAO I did more damage to AK in round one than y'all did to me this whole war. Nice myopia tho, focusing on how great you're doing after daddy NPO helped you out with their cute little ahabs.
  11. Mere krill for the whales to subsist off of.
  12. Kyubnyan

    Really NPO

    But for every person that will raid a discord server, there are plenty more who will be pleasant to talk to.
  13. >are you as dumb as the rest >proceeds to double post
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