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  1. Already my favorite top 50 alliance that isn't in the top 50. Very cool.
  2. My favorite part was when sheepy said "It's sheepin' time" and sheeped all over those guys. This cinematic classic hits me hard every time.
  3. Seeing as no one is actually giving you tips I have 4 suggestions just on a cursory view: 1. The variables you instantiate at the top of the script can be a config file or environment variables. 2. You don't need passwords to do bank withdrawals now that api mutations exist. Definitely suggest using pnwkit by Village for api stuff if you're using python in general. 3. Those if conditions to set flags as 1 are unnecessary and somewhat counterintuitive. Seeing as the conditional statements return boolean values you can set the flag to either true or false just by having it equal what the if condition would be. 4. More of just a general pythonic thing but the executable "main" function in python is generally done with: if __name__ == "__main__": main code to be executed here
  4. Unfortunately not everyone can be a macro like Coven. 😭
  5. >Another bank dies Love to see it. Only people you should trust to hold onto your money is your alliance and me (of course).
  6. I'm wondering what the rationale behind implementing both commodities and perks is. They seem to fulfill the same purpose at least when it comes to their results albeit with different methods of getting those results. I'm not totally against having both, just not sure what the purpose is. It would make a lot more sense to me if the econ perks were scrapped and replaced by commodities since there is so much overlap.
  7. You clearly weren't hitting the right targets. :^)
  8. Most Missed Player: RedArmy That is all.
  9. Bless y'all's hearts. If you need anyone to help with iguana policing just HMU.
  10. Glad that we can all agree about what truly belongs on pizza. Bon Appetite.
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