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  1. This is my beautiful cat Nugget. (Don’t tell Smith I stole her)
  2. OMG the SK style singalong. I love you guys so much.
  3. It was a fun ride but all good things must come to an end :3
  4. People can still do the math to figure out how many spies you have. Spy numbers have been trivial calculated since the game's inception. At first spies were visible on your nation page, then you could find exact odds on the espionage screen giving you all the info you need in one scrape to find spy number, and now it only takes like 3 times to load the espionage page to find the number of spies despite the obfuscation. Despite all efforts to make spies more hidden all it does is make scraping the espionage endpoint a necessity for alliances to coordinate spy ops.
  5. It was fun while it lasted. Always a pleasure to fight with friends
  6. As I know quite a few people are aware, a few years ago there was a proposal made to allow nations to buff their units with perk slots as you can see on the page: https://politicsandwar.com/index.php?id=129 that is still available on the site to this day. I really do like the concept of this idea (despite it making net calculations much more annoying) and have some reworks to pose. First of all, I think that if there are only 6 perk slots and all perks count the same towards those slots that the less good perks will pretty much never be chosen over the better ones. To mitigate this I think it would be interesting to scale perk point/slot usage based on the usefulness of said perk along with more available perk points to use up. i.e. mediocre perk = 1 PP, good perk = 2 PP, great perk = 3PP and you can use at max 14 perk points to allocate into perk slots. In addition, EMP should be entirely scrapped as if coordinated correctly could wipe out an overwhelming majority of a nation's military rebuy and that new perks should be added for other units given the major re-balancing that has occurred in the years following the initial idea for perks (for example airstrikes kill 10% more units, less air killed by tanks). This idea is far from finished but I thought that it lays some interesting groundwork for a more interesting system.
  7. I would be down for it decreasing the fortifying nations losses by 25% instead of increasing kills by 25% but both is kind of ridiculous especially with ground battles. Even with half the ground units as the attacker, if the defender is fortified then average kills are super close. It's not as bad with dogfights but I really don't think it would be balanced.
  8. Perks would be nice. With the shift in how ground battles work I can also see some new ones being added to make for even more variability. For people who don't know about perks looks here: https://politicsandwar.com/index.php?id=129
  9. Definitely needs to be fixed but if you do notice the MAP glitch don't abuse it. I know it sometimes doubles attacks as well but still worth mentioning.
  10. Wow, lots of dirty laundry being aired out in public. Talk shit get hit hon. Maybe try using less slurs next time you practice FA. Edit: looks like the alliance fell apart and OP went into VM. gg
  11. A big problem with this is that beige fishing against people you are at war with is called into question with the reasoning Alex has given for the moderation action here. Not to mention other valid concerns have been brushed aside by stating that “moderator discretion” would be a part of it. If this continues then there needs to be a definitive explanation of what is and is not slot filling communicated to the player base so things like this don’t happen in the future and moderators and players are on the same page.
  12. Can confirm. If people building ships to the point where I can’t get an IT after declaring on them with little to no navy I wouldn’t attack either. I have employed this strat in many losing wars and it’s honestly baffling that it could be considered slot filling. This has huge implications on how moderation will be handled in future wars as well and this does not sit right with me.
  13. Heck, you got me there friend.
  14. So many friends. Taking a page out of the Parti playbook are we?
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