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  1. I look forward to it, habibi. Didn't even get to fight you this war. ❤️
  2. It was fun while it lasted :3
  3. Did you miss the part where Hollywood was literally beat? I don't know how you could possibly consider us a hegemony but whatever floats your boat.
  4. Yeah, based on the other responses in this thread you are clearly the only one. /s
  5. You do realize that shitposting is BK's raison d'etre, right? They would be shitposting regardless of how the war is going.
  6. Spooky whale man said t$ was a potential target for being hit after the dissolution of Quack and spooky whales must be dealt with.
  7. Wait but didn’t KETOGG not exist yet?
  8. Wait did KETOGG not hit TKR (CHAOS) in Surf's Up (I think this is what you were referring to)? If that's not what you're talking about then IDK what you're on about.
  9. ITT: Eumir longs for a world where he can play on easy mode again. ❤️
  10. Rose was dogpiled last war? I'd like some of whatever you were smoking when you came to that conclusion because I can assure you the initial blitz wasn't even close to 2:1 and they pulled a secret treaty such that we were the ones dogpiled in the end.
  11. Y'all got any more of them... upvotes?
  12. the n in MnDOAP means non-chaining Edit: congrats on the treaty (probably should have led with that)
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