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  1. Unregardless, this is still an awful turn of events.
  2. When will Rose act.... hehe. Does the countdown still exist or was it taken down?
  3. While I don't like to believe that anyone is exploiting until proven otherwise, it is still ridiculous that this is even happening in the first place. When you can't even tell who is exploiting and who just made an honest mistake (by spamming the attack button too much during slow update times because it seems like the attack isn't even being processed given the speed I would assume), then there is a huge problem.
  4. BoC is muuuuuuuch older than all of the others just so ya know
  5. Tired: announcement in the OP Wired: announcement in the first reply
  6. I would presume because this is a known bug and he just checked it with sheepy every time instead of clogging the bug reports subforum with the same report again and again. Presuming he is innocent until proven guilty that is~~
  7. Either way, this thread should be in Bug Reports
  8. Congrats on the declaration. Can't wait to fight with y'all again. ❤️
  9. Haha, that was a good read. Also, you can double click on the embedded images while writing/editing a post to change the size. 😀
  10. Partissnek is back in businessss, very interessssssting.
  11. Mitsu chill. do not fear the jazz man~~~
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