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  1. You should feel particularly targeted by this post if your alliance happens to be within the green lines in this picture. Exhibit A: alliances that don't do anything and might as well not exist at the moment
  2. Most Influential Player: Horsecock Most Likely to Succeed in 2023: Penpiko Best Alliance Leader: HorseZucc Worst Alliance Leader: Right Honorable Best In-Character Poster: Yang Best Villain: Jon Snow/poseidon (same person lol) Nicest Player: Deez Most Controversial Player: Krampus Most Missed Player: Redarmy Best Nation Page: Dryad Best Fighter: Dryad Best High Government Member: Velyni Vas Most Online/Likely To Respond in 1 Minute: Mike Best War Criminal: wtf does this even mean
  3. In my opinion, anything above 3 days is unacceptable, you’re actively rewarding new players for not logging in which should be totally avoided and goes against one of the few clearly defined principles of this game, logging in is good. This is a great opportunity to create mechanics which will encourage player activity and hopefully increase new player retention. I heard earlier the argument that nerfing this project will benefit older, higher tier players, who don’t necessarily have as many negative consequences if they allow themselves to go inactive. While this is true, I believe the way to remedy the issue and level the playing field isn’t to buff inactivity in the lower tiers, but to nerf inactivity in the higher tiers. Perhaps include modifiers with activity which reduce income, or something like that, I’m not sure. I think if the game wants to move in a direction where there is more activity it should be encouraged mechanically, not the opposite where we compensate for inactivity through new players bonuses. I know that pushing for more activity will not be a fan-favorite within mass-member alliances and tax farmers alike. But I hope that even those people can see the clear, objective, nature of the matter. If we want an active involved community, to continue this game, rewarding not logging is a clear step in the wrong direction. Therefore I implore all you misguided souls who vote for killing the game (5+ days) to rethink your choices, and the precedent you want to set with regards to the nature of new player accommodations.
  4. T$ on the way to leave a sphere every single time their allies get in a war :ancap:.
  5. I see you haven’t hit FSO or WTF, big mistake, just wait until TKR calls in their protector(ate)s to their defence. I already feel sorry for you.
  6. Yeah, the bloc as an entity hasn’t, but most of the alliances have had almost 6 months of peace. I would also guess you’re not gonna do anything (apart from maybe signing more alliances to “temporary” treaties) in the next few months either, we’ll see I guess. Feel free to say it then.
  7. Probably more fun than sitting on your pixels like Oasis V2 has been doing seemingly forever though.
  8. Wait I'm confused here, would this modifier only apply to the thing you proposed previously where anyone <=c15 could raid nations when they were x days inactive? Or is this just a blanket massive nerf on raiding? If it's the former I can kind of see merit to it (provided that previously proposed change works out lol), don't want a c15 running 2k infra farming while making 2M per ground battle on 6 wars. If it's the latter I think that's seriously terrible, raiding is the only thing that makes the game at least slightly dynamic in peace time, trying to streamline the game experience to farming and the occasional alliance war every 3-6 months will just make things more stale for the average player and kill a part of the playerbase for no real reason. Could definitely be clarified in the original post either way imo that massively changes the implications of this change.
  9. Send message API should not need your login. Though yeah I agree definitely that maybe having something like that in the ACP as long as it doesn't break could be interesting. Yeah, some alliances seem to be sending one for the main alliance and one for the training alliance which imo should not be allowed, I guess it becomes difficult to regulate whether something is only one entity but there could definitely be some more enforcement done there.
  10. I think he meant Rose for #1 :galaxybrain:. Also if you're not the same alliance in game that's just how most bots work they'll do alliance per alliance stats, feel free to combine or whatever I don't think anyone is stopping you.
  11. >Play pnw >Be in FSO >Your protector (rank 2 with 158 members btw) calls you in to fight 40 people >You get hit by HoF because of sexy infra >Get kicked from alliance?? >Winning Usually the norm is to counter for members, not to kick them when they get hit 😛 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=199077 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=406748 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=248152
  12. Don't you mean "THE GREAT PENISING" ?
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