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  1. Fix spies pls. Takes forever to build spies. They all die in a matter of 3 minutes
  2. Congrats on peace Hollywood
  3. Good luck, I hope it goes well for you!
  4. Reinforcements would be if you stayed in the same alliance, so joining sanctuary is ghosting. So if anything you've now put a bigger target on sanctuary's back more than anything because it's very likely Rosewater will follow you to sanctuary. So now you have only made the demise of the whole bloc faster
  5. If I remember correctly the treaty stated Black Skies had to stay on 3/05/1 correct? That would include all members. So given that any of your members went above that is a direct violation of the surrender? Innit? One thing to learn is that it's very hard to negotiate with macros when you have zero leverage to bring to the table. This was inevitable and you know it. Running from it is very dishonorable.
  6. You forgot the part where you ghost into sanctuary to hide from Rosewater.
  7. So basically all I'm hearing is orange man bad
  8. Best of luck in your endeavors, may u be back some day. o7
  9. Aye, at least y'all took one dub together
  10. Yee, this was hardly an apology tho. All we got is a. "I apologize that war came one of community damage" the rest is just you admitting to mercy boarding... And not doing anything about it.
  11. My only feedback is reduce the cost of planes or ships.
  12. 8 months of war for nothing. All i gotta say
  13. For a long time we didnt have any DoE. Than yk RIE did it. And now its a trickle down effect. Next micro to post a DoE im nuking
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