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  1. Vanek26

    Lower Resistance Damage

    Every day I'm more grateful Mensa quit this game.
  2. Vanek26

    $yndicate placeholder Dow

    I'm just glad that this war is somehow Mensa's fault.
  3. Vanek26

    Shifty News Network-Voters Guide to the 2018 Rose Presidential Elections

    Partisan did, keep up.
  4. Vanek26

    69 Days Later

    Where in your stats here are tanks and planes killed represented? Unit damage dealt? That's an odd way to put it imo.
  5. Vanek26

    69 Days Later

    I just glanced through this trash heap, and I got to say: Any stats that include gas/muni but neglect aluminum and steel costs are incomplete. Cost of rebuilding tanks/ships and planes can be high.
  6. Vanek26

    Shifty News Network-Playing Favorites

  7. Vanek26

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    Important question: Your government has a guy whose name is horsecock in government?
  8. Vanek26

    What is the most important step a man can take?

    TKR is shit anyhow.
  9. Vanek26

    Most Influential Alliances Poll

  10. Vanek26

    Rose Update

    I can't wait to roll Rose again. Makes me nostalgic.
  11. Vanek26

    Rose Update

  12. Vanek26


    tl;dr This game isn't worth the effort.
  13. Vanek26

    Tending to Some Things

    Big fail by Guardian here. #rosesux
  14. Vanek26

    Rose Elections and Foreign Affairs Update

    #****rose Apparently you can't say bad words on this forum.
  15. Alliance Name: Viridian Entente (GoG) Uh, is there a name change in-coming in-game or what? Anyhow, good luck in the future. What is the status of the old VE's treaties?

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