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  1. Hi, posting as one of the actual leaders of Mensa (Pfeiffer/Avruch the others). We quit the game because its terrible and run by a child. Sorry we aren't around to entertain you guys. If it weren't for *checks notes* 8 others having stockholm syndrome and continuing to play in Guardian, I'd be out of here as well.
  2. Adrienne is an evil witch. She turned me into a newt!
  3. This actually. Alex, you should go through the remaining cities of anyone you punished and has not deleted, and take them do to ~1500 land. Pooball has 3k land in all his cities, probably gotten with the illegal resources.
  4. Clearly you guys just aren't as efficient as NR.
  5. Vanek26

    Surf's Up

    I really hope you know how stupid you sound right now.
  6. Every day I'm more grateful Mensa quit this game.
  7. I'm just glad that this war is somehow Mensa's fault.
  8. Where in your stats here are tanks and planes killed represented? Unit damage dealt? That's an odd way to put it imo.
  9. I just glanced through this trash heap, and I got to say: Any stats that include gas/muni but neglect aluminum and steel costs are incomplete. Cost of rebuilding tanks/ships and planes can be high.
  10. Important question: Your government has a guy whose name is horsecock in government?
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