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  1. Two turds merging as they swirl down the toilet.
  2. Alliance Bank lists vertically the resources in this order: Money, Food, Coal, Oil, Uranium, Lead, Iron, Bauxite, Gasoline, Munitions, Steel and Aluminum. This is reflected in the transaction log and tax records. The control panel lists the resources in this order: Money, Steel, Alum, Gasoline, Munitions, Uranium, Food (Control Panel doesn't show raws... for some stupid reason, you can fix that, too). Consistency between these would be helpful if we are fixing it elsewhere.
  3. Beautiful role play there SRD. The imagery that you evoked was amazing. What a talented storyteller you are.
  4. raid target boys.
  5. No, if you had a frickton of money on you, you still have power. The bug seems to have caused a huge decline in money, but not automatically *all* the money.
  6. High quality game we got here. Maybe Alex is modeling the Great Depression?
  7. Can we change our bloc name to F1? Seems like a cool name for a month or so.
  8. I never wear pants. What's the issue?
  9. SRD when do I start getting money?
  10. The only rule of battle that was changed during the war was an increase in plane cost that your allies pushed for. Or are you referring to the fact that your allies were caught cheating after driving hundreds of players out of the game?
  11. Quality of life Improvements: Links to the various stats pages such as https://politicsandwar.com/world-graphs/graphID=12 or the old damage tracker should be accessible without having to know the direct link. Its kind of absurd that tools like that are hidden.
  12. Is there any indicator of which cycle someone is on. This is sort of something you need to know about whom you are fighting.
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