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  1. Name Withheld has a great theme and some pretty good people. I would certainly recommend this alliance. This endorsement approved by Jacob Knox, an advisor for Aurora.
  2. The preferred mode of access to Florida is alligator. Anyone who comes in on a dolphin is looked down upon.
  3. It's Midgard. It's from Norse mythology. https://www.britannica.com/topic/Midgard
  4. So... since the post doesn't exactly clarify/specify, allow me to ask: Weaponized Hooters is merging into The Coal Mines?
  5. I will confirm that the link is not a phishing link. It is a legitimate Google Forms link. Though I will say that the moderation team was likely just taking precautions and I'm not sure it was appropriate to send such a form without asking for mod permission first. Best of luck!
  6. Lmfao it's the "Oh f##k me" for me Edit: Also, Sheepy cutting Chad off with the "F##k off" killed me too
  7. Downvotes, because this post is a year and a half old lol.
  8. Suggestion from Кratos#9617 on Discord (they requested I post it on their behalf). The suggestion is to add support for Google's WebP image format. Google created the WebP file format to make online images less bulky. With significantly reduced photo and graphic sizes, websites load faster and give users a better experience. More info can be found here: https://developers.google.com/speed/webp
  9. 1. Wrong subforum 2. Lmao sure
  10. They're just saying random stuff and sticking a hidden (likely scam) link in their comment.
  11. Jacob Knox


    If you still have access to the account, you can delete your nation yourself. Nation -> Edit -> Delete Nation Sorry to hear that you're leaving the game. Good luck in life!
  12. They're one of the spam bots. Note the tiny, likely scam, link in the bottom corner.
  13. This is a brief appreciation post for everyone who makes the game a better place. @Alex thanks for making Orbis possible and bringing it from the meh it was in the start (yes, I've seen some of the older images/videos lol) to the less meh it is today @Village thanks for all the hard work you've been doing lately to work on improving the game @Prefontaine thanks for more or less being the "public face" of the Design Team as of late and keeping us mostly in the loop @Dr Rush thanks for making sure the Discord server isn't a lawless wasteland Thanks to everyone else on the Design, QA, API, and Mod teams for doing your part in making PnW better. If there's anyone else you'd like to specifically thank for their contributions to the community, feel free to do so here. ❤️
  14. Village do be working hard. We should all be grateful for him. @Village ❤️
  15. Finally, the answer to world peace on Orbis.
  16. You forgot "Luanne Platter Vibrator". I also suspect multis considering their nation is "Redneck Crazy" and the leader names of two nations on their unique ID are Dale Gribble and Jason Aldean. Add in that the last nation on their unique ID has a leader name of "Luanne Platter Naked" (a pattern, it would seem) and yeah...
  17. It do be like that sometimes or something. Idk, I'm exhausted. GLHF.
  18. Who? And congrats ig, Camelot. Also, please update your nation link. I had to hunt for your nation lol.
  19. Can't tell if this is an improvement or a downgrade from The Odd Bunch. I kinda like the addition of Paradise, but Roseman bad. Hm... oh well. Glhf ig maybe or not.
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