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  1. I don't think it's confusing enough to warrant the change you're suggesting. If anything, your change will just confuse everyone who has been playing for a while.
  2. Where was this when @Mayor recently did a 9 city downdeclare on me?? 😠 But in all seriousness, I'm on the fence about this. Severe downdeclares can be problematic, but I'm frankly unsure what an adequate solution would be.
  3. RIP. Tough luck for them. Don't really think it warrants the change you've suggested though. RNG, good or bad, is kind of part of the game.
  4. I mean... 1000 to 1500 doesn't seem to be tooooo big of a difference. Suppose I would have to see some math showing the difference before I decided whether or not to support this.
  5. Good luck with everything. It certainly was fun/interesting fighting with you in Clock.
  6. Hmmmm... "Any un-favorited message will be deleted automatically after 90 days." That might be the cause (assuming the two from ages ago are, in fact, favorited).
  7. Because I figured I had that money to randomly spend and you seem to care wayyyyyyy too much about the pixels in this game. Especially when it comes to the test server, where things are reset on a semi-regular basis.
  8. I really don't know what to tell you since you literally attached the chart that tells you what can and cannot be made on each continent. For reference, though, an X denotes that resource CAN be made on that continent and a blank denotes it CANNOT.
  9. I did not pay $4,444,444 for you to take credit for it. 😠
  10. Kinda reminiscent of this suggestion, but I think I like yours better:
  11. Oh, wait... I know... dnn :serious:
  12. random, sad, out-of-tune flute noises
  13. Good luck bruhs. And good luck to the newbies in the forums trying to decipher who is poking fun and who genuinely hates the others' guts.
  14. We love you, honey. We love you, too, Toxic. Much hugs.
  15. I'm going to say no to #1, because unlimited gather intel ops is/sounds overpowered. Especially during a global war. As it stands, you have to weight whether gathering more recent intel or wiping spies/military is more important to your tactics and imo that's a good thing. #2-4 sounds interesting and I don't have any protest, really. I'm on the fence about #5, but I'm not seeing any immediate drawbacks rn.
  16. 1. No 2. No 3. No Buying credits will only get you so far, but they can provide a boost to newer nations. You certainly won't be able to rapidly catch up to the ever-growing high tier of the game (talking the people hovering around c30+ish), but you could feasibly catch up to the slightly more seasoned mid tier. I will caution that growth is in no way a replacement for knowledge. If you're newer to the game, I suggest joining an established alliance and learning from their seasoned mentors. Good luck!
  17. @Alex should resolve it for you in the next day or two (at least from what I've seen of his response times)
  18. It's a random spammer/bot. They pop up from time to time here. Pay them no mind and report them.
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