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  1. T$ on the way to leave a sphere every single time their allies get in a war :ancap:.
  2. I see you haven’t hit FSO or WTF, big mistake, just wait until TKR calls in their protector(ate)s to their defence. I already feel sorry for you.
  3. Yeah, the bloc as an entity hasn’t, but most of the alliances have had almost 6 months of peace. I would also guess you’re not gonna do anything (apart from maybe signing more alliances to “temporary” treaties) in the next few months either, we’ll see I guess. Feel free to say it then.
  4. Probably more fun than sitting on your pixels like Oasis V2 has been doing seemingly forever though.
  5. Wait I'm confused here, would this modifier only apply to the thing you proposed previously where anyone <=c15 could raid nations when they were x days inactive? Or is this just a blanket massive nerf on raiding? If it's the former I can kind of see merit to it (provided that previously proposed change works out lol), don't want a c15 running 2k infra farming while making 2M per ground battle on 6 wars. If it's the latter I think that's seriously terrible, raiding is the only thing that makes the game at least slightly dynamic in peace time, trying to streamline the game experience to farming and the occasional alliance war every 3-6 months will just make things more stale for the average player and kill a part of the playerbase for no real reason. Could definitely be clarified in the original post either way imo that massively changes the implications of this change.
  6. Send message API should not need your login. Though yeah I agree definitely that maybe having something like that in the ACP as long as it doesn't break could be interesting. Yeah, some alliances seem to be sending one for the main alliance and one for the training alliance which imo should not be allowed, I guess it becomes difficult to regulate whether something is only one entity but there could definitely be some more enforcement done there.
  7. I think he meant Rose for #1 :galaxybrain:. Also if you're not the same alliance in game that's just how most bots work they'll do alliance per alliance stats, feel free to combine or whatever I don't think anyone is stopping you.
  8. >Play pnw >Be in FSO >Your protector (rank 2 with 158 members btw) calls you in to fight 40 people >You get hit by HoF because of sexy infra >Get kicked from alliance?? >Winning Usually the norm is to counter for members, not to kick them when they get hit 😛 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=199077 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=406748 https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=248152
  9. Don't you mean "THE GREAT PENISING" ?
  10. Tbf, you're seething about getting hit on a text-based nation sim, that's not much better :catwink:.
  11. Strongest largest sphere in the game, needs another sphere to dogpile with them fan vs chad mini sphere enjoyer whales.
  12. For some reason when I read the first line I thought you meant cannibalism.
  13. Right below where the OP states that there are some scenarios which this project is beneficial while fighting, he mentions that it's not a situation he would end up in, and in my opinion the majority of people who have at least a small grasp on fighting mechanics probably won't end up there either. The only reason to get this project therefore is the ROI, which is basically non-existent currently making it useless. I agree with you that for war projects, the likes of PB, IA, Spy Sat etc. ROI doesn't matter, that's because those projects actually give you an advantage while fighting which makes up for the lack of ROI. Here you get neither, there's no good war bonus when you get this project, and there's no ROI unless you're a warmonger, and even then it takes years on average. So I really can't see the point of getting it.
  14. Ikr, extremely annoying to have slots filled by people on attrition who either do nothing or nuke my 800 infra (apparently that helps them close the damage gap with Hollywood idk I’m not milcom). This all just seems like pointless complaining, sure there were a few wars that shouldn’t have been peaced, and I hope admins are taking action with that and reversing mod points if any were given out, yet it remains that most of the wars (that were peaced at least) were probably just an attempt at beige fishing from Ro$e, considering HoF and Arrgh arent part of HW’s coalition afaik (Inb4 sekrit treaty), and therefore shouldn’t really be counted in Hollywood’s stats the nuke spamming argument makes little sense as there are plenty of HW nations with a lot more infra to blow away if that was the goal.
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