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  1. Finally a realistic explanation for all of Pre's proposed war mechanics changes.
  2. GGO stands for Go Go Oblivion right? Good luck with the new sphere y'all!
  3. Under the existing system, bots can already get your spy counts more often than once a turn if they so choose and it has not lead to insta-spying. The reason being if your nation only has one day's buy, your enemies can still successfully execute any spy op they want against you without having to spy them away. Best to let a nation get at least two days' buys of spies befote wasting a spy op to assassinate them. To be clear it's 1k times however many times a bot needs to pull odds to get your exact spy count. It's nothing that'd bankrupt any major alliance but it'd cost a few million to get a coalition's spy counts. Not just 1m.
  4. Now now tell the truth. We had a beer pong tournament with the 2ic job as the prize 😉 Was initially going to be a Cards Against Humanity tournament but then we realized that would guarantee @Kyubnyan victory
  5. Finally a peace term I can support wholeheartedly!
  6. I blame Alex for taking so long to release the Metropolitan Planning project.
  7. Has Roberts been spilling the beans again? Damnit I knew we should've bought him one more project to keep him quiet!
  8. Some weird mission parametres y'all have there 🤔
  9. Well then this could have easily been avoided since we don't really want Keza. Take him back; he's all yours! But keep the nukes flying
  10. Can't let facts get in the way of a good meme tho
  11. Funny how none of the salt in the thread of a DoW against TKR is coming from TKR... 🙄
  12. Error Post Not Found 👀 Have fun y'all!
  13. Roberts: "This community is so toxic." Also Roberts: gratuitously dunks on a bunch of AAs to make a point.
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