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  1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The Academy Awards to Relocate 2022 Show Today, The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced it would be relocating the 95th Oscars ceremony to Mumbai (Bollywood). This announcement comes on the heels of the full scale destruction of the Dolby Theater in Hollywood after the devastation inflicted upon Hollywood during the war. The Academy in a nod to the ascendency of Bollywood films and in acknowledgement of the defeat it suffered in the 2021 Awards Season to Bollywood will be hosting the Oscars for the first time ever in Bollywood. When asked to comment on the matter Queen Benfro of Radiant Studios was overheard saying the following. “They boomed us. Those Bollywood [email protected]@*ers are so good.” Sweeeeet Ronny D of Grumpy Studios was also quoted as saying the following. “They had me in the first half… And the second half.” The Academy has also heard from sources that Vanek of Guardian Studios is driving through the ruined streets of Hollywood begging (through texts) for the address to Bollywood Studios. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is looking forward to having the 95th annual Oscars in Bollywood, as Hollywood has waved the white flag of surrender. Formal Terms: Signatures and all that Jazz: List of alliances covered in the NAP: tl;dr
  2. Just because you feel justified doesn't make you any less cowardly for smashing a micro whose protector is getting rolled. Then again, ya'll are just a micro pretending like you belong at the adult table.
  3. I’m glad you think of me so often baby. I love when the little chihuahua with a big bark wants my attention.
  4. I mean honestly, why should I dig into this more? We were communicative when asked by people in blackwater that we weren’t on the offensive. Ben approached you when he had the time (he has a lot of stuff going on irl), and you decided that we could be straight up lying to you because of your Grumpy paranoia, instead of trusting people that you had worked with for however long Quack existed. I’m not questioning your Grumpy narrative. You have been terribly consistent with this narrative for a long time. All i’m doing is pointing out the areas where you are seeing things differently than how they were. We get that we are a threat to you by merely existing, and that you saw an opportunity. I do wish you thought more of yourselves though. You didn’t need Rose. You guys have the talent and skill to do it on your own.
  5. I’m not a fan of green day if that helps!!
  6. If by considered a target you mean that one person floated the idea and was immediately shot down by the rest of the group then sure. That’s like when the one weird kid in school suggests everyone should indeed jump off a bridge for science and everyone tells him to shut up and keep listening to Green Day.
  7. Can't fail the history test if you don't study history. *Finger to Head* ... wait crap
  8. I still just love the irony here. t$ known for prominently have many of it's members including a leader, go all Terminal Jest on people, is angry because a couple grumpy people ghosted KT while KT was also hitting a Hollywood alliance. I mean, I just absolutely love it. Also, SRD said mean things is a lovely point. SRD's comments on a radio show speak more to our intentions to roll Blackwater than idk... our legit discussions the day of the blitz to try and deescalate tensions because we didn't want a war? Usually when a old grumpy man yells at the clouds, you just laugh and walk on by, but this time you decided to take a baseball to his entire family. Fun times!
  9. Welcome back Jazz! Happy to give you the second chance even if most of Orbis won’t.
  10. Happy Birthday to the bad orange man
  11. Some very very angry people in this thread, and not without reason. However, I am a big fan of doing to others what I would want done to myself, and in your shoes, I'd want a second chance and forgiveness, and thus you have it from me. Good luck, and I hope others will not make your stay too unpleasant.
  12. Good luck guys. We'll miss you, but expect big things from ya'll. Enjoy the peace and growth.
  13. I needed a good laugh. You should do your comedy bit more often.
  14. hmmm interesting tell me more???
  15. This is a good post. Oasis is peak "Do as we say, not as we do" kinda people.
  16. This point is even better when you realize that Immortals was so afraid to fight TKR and Co that they waited until after Cam and Aurora hit us to start targeting us. Here we see the illusive TITFAP in their natural habitat.
  17. Camelot pulling out every page of their IQ book. You love to see it. Also you guys do know how the optics look right? Camelot is in Rose a month or so ago, Aurora in Oasis. Then Cam comes to Oasis. Then they leave together. Rose gets hit. They call their friends. Oasis comes in only on Hedge for some reason, so that Aurora and Cam come in only on TKR and friends? Hmmmmmmmmm. Can't quite put my finger on it.
  18. I for one really liked the part where you ignored everything meaningful in the comment to focus on something like this. Very interesting.
  19. Me watching everyone ignore Cooper's actual facts and logic to cry buzzwords like Hegemony and dogpile.
  20. I regret that i only have but one upvote to give.
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