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  1. "Adobe or Photoshop" 😂😂😂
  2. I think it's semi-poor wording for "I'm a mercenary now." Anarch definitely lower IQ 💀 Anyway... welcome back, Alan! GLHF.
  3. Welcome back to Orbis. I joined in September 2020, so you left before my time. Regardless, it is always good to welcome players back.
  4. Mmmm KT you taste sooo goooodddd 😂
  5. Congratulations on hitting the two year mark. Cheers to more years to come.
  6. Based, and congratulations.
  7. Alliance page may count cities in VM nations. Check with that change.
  8. Screaming. Crying. I'll miss you, Village. Much love!
  9. On second thought maybe the Forums should stay dead if the alternative is nonsense posts about denouncing random players and getting countered. 💀
  10. You're not really wrong and idk if I'll ever be able to unsee this now.
  11. I have long advocated for something similar to the second portion of this suggestion, but templates had never occurred to me. Genius!
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