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  1. Why do I have a strange feeling they will instead join the Sith? Hm...
  2. So like.. should I change your category in the FA server from "Gular" to..? Ah, whatever, congrats on the bloc!
  3. Looks like I'll have to merge the Triforce and Catsphere categories in the Aurora FA server. Congratulations.
  4. I've been relatively on board with the suggestion of stealing land for some time now lol
  5. Bet Letter to TKR.pdf (Edit: I've been informed some may not be able to access this for some reason, so here is the letter in its entirety.) Jacob Knox Office of Foreign Affairs Aurora February 14th, 2024 Office of Foreign Affairs The Knights Radiant My dearest Knights (Bruhs), I hope this letter finds you well. Though this latest blanket NAP has caused a wave of exhaustion to pass over me, threatening to engulf me in sleep, it fails to overwhelm my feelings for you. Despite being pounced on by you and your colleagues in the most recent conflict, I still can’t seem to get you off of my mind and I long to be with you now more than ever. You are a noble alliance of wonderful individuals whom I’ve shared many lovely interactions with. Your long history and many accolades draw me towards you like a moth to a flame—intensely and without regard to the danger it may put me in. Please, I beseech thee, throw caution to the wind, forget about the past, and be my valentine oh radiant Knights. Nothing in all of Orbis would make me happier than to have an M-level treaty with you except perhaps c30 and Space Program. Yours truly, Jacob Knox Service Coordinator of Foreign Affairs Disclaimer: The obsession and appeals represented in this letter are not indicative of the official stances of Aurora’s Office of Foreign Affairs and are my own opinions. I love you, TKR!
  6. If I understand correctly, they're essentially asking to be able to read messages through the API and be able to send them. Reading has been shot down, to my understanding, and sending is already a thing through the send-messages endpoint. I have no clue if we have plans to shift that to a mutation, but I can add it on there.
  7. I wanted to post this here for those who may not be in the Politics & Development server (you can join here) or don't check there often. I have done my best to coalesce all of the existing API-related suggestions from the Development server as well as some from the main server and Forums into one central Trello board to promote collaboration and transparency for the API Team. I will do my best to update this as suggestions roll in and/or the status of a suggestion's status is updated while encouraging my fellow API Team members to do the same. With the approval of Village and Alex, I am happy to share this with you all here. With all of this said... please always feel welcome to let your API suggestions be known by posting here (in the Game Suggestions subforum or as a reply to this post), messaging me on Discord or in-game, or sending them in the Development server (preferably the api-ideas-and-feedback channel).
  8. Welcome to Orbis. Pretty much any of the Top 30 (or their training alliances) are a solid choice, so I'd say find one whose theme you like and apply.
  9. Well it looks like you've bought 3 cities and 2 projects since receiving that, so that's probably where all your money went. For the love of all that is holy, stop posting all over the Forums for the smallest of things and take some agency upon yourself to figure it out first.
  10. Thank you for being relatively quick with this, Alex. ❤️ Now... turning to discussions about an improved system in general. I may or may not have spent quite a bit of time coming up with a stupid equation (that still needs to be tweaked, but can be a starter) that disincentives blocs from having low or high nation count and/or average DNR. Bonus = -1(x - x bar)^2 - 150((y - y bar) / 1,000,000)^2 + 125,000 where x is number of nations on the bloc, x bar is the average number of nations (sum of all nations on blocs excluding beige and gray divided by number of blocs), y is the bloc's average DNR, and y bar is the average average DNR (sum of all average DNRs of blocs excluding beige and gray divided by number of blocs). Here's what this equation would look like in practice (and you may see why I say it may need tweaking): Now... allow me to also explain what changes to the different numbers in the equation will do: Changing the -1 at the start will change how much blocs are penalized for straying from the average number of nations on either side. It should remain negative, but the larger the negative number, the more steep the penalty. Same goes for the -150, but for variance from the average average DNR. 125,000 is the proposed cap (yes, this model is still capped) and can only truly be achieved if the bloc is exactly average.
  11. I actually really like this idea, because raising the cap really just gives a little wiggle room before we're in the same situation again. This, though, encourages more competitiveness imo. However, I think the amount of the tiers would need to be considered heavily. Or we could do a system where the bonus is based on the standard deviation of a bloc from the current mean.
  12. I was just pointing out that was in the poster's screenshot at the top lol
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