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  1. You know... I don't really know, nor do I really care, who is right here. Because it's kinda dumb all around. Good luck have fun tho ig.
  2. Note to self: my job description is apparently airing irrelevant laundry on the OWF any time someone attacks us and being unsure how to actually handle it.
  3. Welcome to Orbis and the forums!
  4. Unfathomably based my dudes. Was confused and sad when the news told me we split ways, but this is amazing.
  5. Can't believe you're really this bent out of shape just because you didn't get a tiny little mention at the end of a peace post smh. Frankly, you're only making yourself more I'd a laughing stock than you already are, Han. We don't impose terms and simply white peace, people !@#$ that the game lacks politics and intrigue. We impose terms, people like you !@#$ about getting the short end of the stick. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. But whatever... just cry about it more.
  6. Basically nobody has all of their gov in the signatures, though. Practically nobody ever does smh. Leadership, high FA, and high MA (debatable) is really all that needs to be included imo, because they're the main/core "decision makers" in this kind of stuff.
  7. I like to think that our dear leadership in Clock just like to intentionally mess up the signatures for extra attention. Last time they had Aurora's FA and MA heads outdated lmao. I do believe it means exactly what it says. Same as most alliances on Green help keep the color bloc profitable. Though perhaps via different tactics. That's up to the agreeing parties to decide. Thank you, pal 😉
  8. First, I already don't trust you about this because your math is off. Where did you get $6,000? You just said assume 1 steel = $3,000. So that should be $3,000. Then 3000/5 = 600. Also, sure, let's just totally forget/neglect the additional $60 per tank. Second, well yeah tanks are meant to cost more than soldiers. That just makes logical sense. Now if you want to argue worth the ratio is too high because 1 tank = 40 unarmed soldiers and 1 tank is worth roughly $1,560, which is 7.8 times the $200 the 40 soldiers are worth, then that's up to you m8. Note that reducing it to 0.25 steel per tank would decrease this ratio to about 4 times the cost of 40 soldiers. Third, militarization isn't mean to be cheap, kiddo. That's part of why alliances need to consider when to militarize and when not to. But for reference, assuming steel is $3,000 ppu, tank militarization alone is $1,950,000 per city while soldier militarization is $75,000 per city. Finally, unless you're not serious about this suggestion, you put it in the wrong place lol.
  9. I'm iffy on the improvement part unless it has odds that don't guarantee it. Otherwise, that's up to 3 improvements destroyed per day with just spy ops.
  10. My bad. It actually doesn't. I don't know what I was thinking. Must've been too long since I've done one of those ops. 😅 You successfully detonated an explosive in New Trabzon, Kebab, terrorizing civilians and destroying 27.65 infrastructure. Your agents were able to operate undetected. The operation cost you $593,969.70 and 0 of your spies were captured and executed.
  11. 1. You're forgetting that terrorize also kills some population, which causes a mild decrease is revenue that lasts until that population is recovered. 2. As is, 50 infra for someone with 2,000 infra is actually about $1m and for someone with 2,500 infra (like me) it's about $1.8m. And that's assuming they have both projects and are on Urbanization policy. 3. A spy attack being able to take out a quarter of the average player's infra (assuming "average" is 2,000 infra) is literally broken and idiotic. And I don't think it should be removed from the game. It may generally be a fairly useless espionage operation, but it's an option to have and I'm never really opposed to options.
  12. I can't tell if this is what the kids would call "based" or what they would call "cringe." Either way, what I do know is Rose man bad... C(l)ock man good. I would love for you to come "talk to me," pal. Though you'd have to get on my level first. Rose man bad. If this is your idea of trolling, whoever sent you must be incredibly disappointed. Let me show you how it's done.
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