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[Peace] Make Love Not War On Valentine's Day


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33 minutes ago, zigbigadorlou said:

Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God.  Matthew 5:9 

I literally cited this line the other day lmao. You stealing borrowing from my playbook?

Federation of Knox

Enlightened of Chaos, Event Horizon

QA Team and API Team

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1 hour ago, Justinian the Great said:

GG WP, can't wait to get rolled in revenge next war

Just taking turns, endlessly.

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 An early member of Roz Wei in 2015, J Kell went on to stay within the paperless world of Empyrea before signing with Soup Kitchen while scoring a record deal in 2019. J Kell went on to release multiple Orbis Top 40 hits. In 2020, J Kell took a break from Orbis. He's back.

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32 minutes ago, Prefonteen said:

@Buorhann Mark my words fool. The next time you send your pathetic henchmen to hit me, I am diving deep into TCW and @Sphinx.


That's not a threat.  That's a promise. Don't mess with Tjest.

Oh no.  Not @Sphinx.  Please.  Anything but TCW and @Sphinx.  He's completely innocent in the world affairs.  @Sphinx is a world class player in the world of P&W.  Please don't attack @Sphinx.

5 hours ago, Adrienne said:

Did we tire y'all out that much? 😳

I could bring back TGH and we could go under the covers again.  ;)

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