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  1. Good fighting you all in tCW. Twas a nice change of pace
  2. Yay! War! Good hunting y’all
  3. I got the message as well. I hope this character is banned.
  4. I also Same, got it from Dumberia as well. Not sure why they’re sending that message around
  5. ^This. It’s inexcusable *not* to have a unique password for each and every website one visits. This is why password managers exist.
  6. Yay! Happy b-day to Rose ??? 16 more years until Rose can legally drink! (in ‘murica ?)
  7. In my current war with Adanac, I launched a ground attack at 10/24/2019 08:07 pm in-game time, contemporaneously with my attack on another target. Both targets had 14 resistance remaining, however while 3 MAPs and 10 Resistance were removed from my war with Valley of silk, neither were removed in my war with Adanac. It’s still showing that I have 3 MAPs left, and Adanac having 14 resistance left instead of 4. I rather have this fix since I don’t want to exploit this, um, exploit
  8. Fraggle sent me peace and I accepted. If Fraggle won’t fight back, then it isn’t a fair fight. It’ll be like that dentist who killed Cecil the Lion
  9. While the quote is innocuous, it’s already been established that their members had swastikas on their Discord profile pic: Not to mention tasteless jokes that can be seen as antisemitic: They’re Nazis trying their best to avoid being banned from the game. This isn’t anything new.
  10. Peace in our time! It’s been an honor fighting you guys and I’m just glad this is all over ?
  11. For another half an hour, give or take ?‍♂️
  12. I think this is an hour early Regardless, I also need a nap ?
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