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  1. Congrats on being the new Emperor of Rose, @Lucianus! Congrats on finally not being Emperor, @Valkorion Baratheon. Enjoy your retirement
  2. Glad that’s over Good war everybody! 🎇
  3. The term originally referred to one player, @Oblige. I don’t know when it first entered in PW parlance, but it is clear that it carried over from Oblige’s time playing eRepublik. A TechCruch article from 2012 even cites Oblige: https://techcrunch.com/2012/12/16/conversations-with-whales-the-erepublik-2012-summit/ Relevant quote: Emphasis mine. For the longest time, I would have argued that defining who a whale was not dependent on a set number of cities. Rather, my definition was based on whether a person had an equal or greater number of cities than Oblige. If so, you were a whale. If not, you were not. Why? Oblige was the original whale, that’s why. Given that Oblige is no longer playing PW (as far as I know), I think that given that the average number of cities per nation is most likely increasing over time, that it’s useful to think of percentiles than a set number of cities. So say, if someone is at the 10-15% of number of cities they should be classified as a “whale.” If not, then no. Maybe that means that 33 cities makes one a whale in 2021. But in 2022 it may be 36 or something. Who knows? It’s a sliding scale than any set number 🐋
  4. I would second Kurdanak’s nomination for Best Holiday Flag belonging to The Immortals. Look at it! Look at it! In the history of vexillology I do not think there has been a flag as awe inspiring as this. We throw around the word “awesome” too frequently, to denote a good thing like a tasty cheeseburger. But this flag, this thing, is awesome in the traditional sense: it is to behold the face of an uncaring diety as we watch the Earth crumble under the weight of a ravenous Sun. If one were to imagine a contemporary take on Shelley’s poem “Ozymandias,” we would not behold the decaying monument to a forgotten Pharaoh. No, it would be The Immortals Holiday Flag. Pablo Picasso is to have once said: "The chief enemy of creativity is 'good' sense.” Is this not true with the Immortal’s Holiday Flag? A cretin, on first blush, will remark that the Immortal Holiday Flag has no good sense, no redeeming quality. Is the field supposed to be a pixelated simulacrum of wrapping paper? Are we supposed to see the Santa jumping out of the ankh as a friend, ushering in the bacchanalian merriment of the holidays, or a threat about our transient place in the universe? And why the unnaturally large snowflakes? But these incongruities, the inherent heterogeneities found within the Immortals Holiday Flag are the literal embodiment of the adage: "The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” Individually, each aspect is a betrayal to all good sense. But as Picasso knew full well, the Immortals Holiday flag, in bravely subverting the good senses of existence, has made the most creative of creative endeavors. When I first witnessed this flag, I knew I was looking at a work of sublime genius. If there is any evidence for the existence of a benevolent God, is this not it? Thomas Aquinas had nothing on the Immortals Holiday Flag. Indeed, one wonders if art is at an end. Once the summit of the highest peak has been surmounted, what else is there to do? Indeed, once perfection has been reached, why bother? Was Fukuyama right that the end of history is at hand? Maybe not with regards to the fall of Soviet communism, but certainly with the Immortals Holiday Flag. I feel a melancholy that we will never see anything like this ever again. I grieve for us as this flag is both a culmination of human achievement, but also a clarion call that there is no better future out there. But yeah, totally best holiday flag for 2020 👌
  5. I feel that the latest change was done in haste and without the consultation of the PW community. That is, it seems that the report of one individual has disrupted the design of many player pages that have remained static for years. While I am no longer in Rose, I also have the half-column medals from my time there. Having that “hidden” is bad enough. What makes it worse is that Alex’s latest changes have also hidden my older nation design that I have had for years. Even if I deleted that half-column of medals, my nation description has nonetheless been degraded by this change. And for what? To satiate the wishes of a single player? Especially as the core functionality of warring/spying nations was not affected by the use of half-column designs? I would like to see a reversal of this change. Given that players have the ability to avoid seeing player-made advertisements in-game, I would hope that this could be done for nation descriptions. That is, if someone wants to opt-out of seeing custom nation descriptions, they can do so. But that this allows for other players to continue customizing their nations as they see fit, without stifling or restricting their creativity.
  6. wolololol Nice town, I’ll take it Today is a good day to die! Come and Take It! pew pew pew
  7. The Spooky War The Orbis Spooktacular Special War of the Hedge Fund The All Hallows’ Eve Massacre
  8. I got the message as well. I hope this character is banned.
  9. I also Same, got it from Dumberia as well. Not sure why they’re sending that message around
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