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  1. Although not my King I give my best wishes to the King in the North!
  2. Congrats, May chocolate rain from the heavens!
  3. #fakenews #caldonianewsnetworkmosttrustednewssource
  4. Ah, I knew it was a matter of time before the Terrorist Alliances showed up.
  5. Oh dang! How you been man? Need to catch up in discord.
  6. We are glad to see that the great Dragon Confederacy has submitted to Caledonia and has risen the flag of the clans! Soon the rest of the Clans will be united once more, who will be the next?? Long Live Caledonia!
  7. Happy to see more Celts around. I salute you and wish you the best.
  8. No grants sorry, Whiskey though is another story
  9. Caledonia Declaration of Existence Purpose: To announce the existence of the Caledonia Alliance. Intended Users: New nations and micro users. The alliance of Caledonia focuses on helping new nations make their way into the world of Orbis. There is of course those who are merely offended by the thought of micros because god forbid that someone do something other than what the macros want. If someone really hates the idea of micros well your parents didn't tell you your opinion wasn't worth that much. So for the most part we exist outside of the realm of macros influence who cannot handle the idea of not having something under their control. You may take my infra, lands, and men, but you will never take my freedom to talk crap. Otherwise, I look forward to working with many others in the world of Orbis. Signed: Robert the Bruce
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