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  1. So why make them follow a specific path, what if they don't like your ways of doing things? Top major alliances are pretty much the same thing just a different theme. It shouldn't be a numbers game. It should just be a game where people play like they want. Wanna be a 5 city farmer go for it. Wanna be a 30 city raider cool. What's the point if having more active and involved players if all it is rinse and repeat the same thing every year. God forbid someone wants a little spice in their life.
  2. I mean who really cares if a micro alliance wants to form? Top alliances pretend they don't exist half the time anyways. Let people play as they want, not how the players who have been here for years want just because they disagree with what's being done.
  3. Although not my King I give my best wishes to the King in the North!
  4. Congrats, May chocolate rain from the heavens!
  5. #fakenews #caldonianewsnetworkmosttrustednewssource
  6. Ah, I knew it was a matter of time before the Terrorist Alliances showed up.
  7. Oh dang! How you been man? Need to catch up in discord.
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