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  1. People are suggesting new players to raid? That explains a lot.
  2. Yeah I initially thought there was an irl Amarelan sect of Catholicism that I/google had never heard of.
  3. I think @PurpleElefante determines that.
  4. There are ways around this. But for you, I would probably just hit you if you were in range without paying.
  5. Welcome to Orbis! For privacy's sake, my name is zigbigadorlou, the zigbigadorlou of zigbigadorlou. What is Amarelan Catholicism? edit: I'm an idiot. That's your name.
  6. PS it is nice to see Yarr continuing to follow the doctrine I put in place years ago - You can fault me for many things, but training and indoctrinating my crew is not one of them.
  7. Big talk for someone without a show at all.
  8. Meanwhile Krampus is city 40 leading a full communist alliance. But yes, obviously Rose is the one you must call out rather than your ally.
  9. If KT's stats keep looking so nice, all the retired raiders will salivate enough to drown the whole world.
  10. You know, these threads really aren't as satisfying when it's an obvious choice with a clear cut CB.
  11. Working on the sabbath? triggered Massive dogpile...yet
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