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  1. Wait, you've been putting these on the forums this entire time? No wonder you stopped DMing them to me! Can't believe you hid them on the forums where I would never find them!
  2. Watch this quote get used as ammunition in the meta debates regarding "grumpy bad".
  3. Its a pretty big cost for smaller AAs though. And if its not that much of a burden, you might as well make it public to make it fair.
  4. Pre 1984'ed my counter thread so I'll repost it here
  5. This has been an issue for years. The game was pretty much held hostage at one point from spy scrapes. I'm fairly confident someone got away with resource duping using it. https://politicsandwar.com/war/espionage_get_odds.php?id1=<attacker ID>&id2=<defender ID>&id3=0&id4=<safety level (1-3)>&id5=<spies to use> You just use that. You don't even have to be logged in. Try it out yourself. Open this link in an incognito browser which is me using all of my spies to spy SRD . That those links aren't rate limited so you can spam them as fast as you want.
  6. The recent downtime has finally forced the dev team to look at spy counts critically. The current system is unusable: Spy counts are only hidden for those who are new or unwilling to engage in the spy odds exploit Whether maliciously or accidentally, automated spy count scraping has SEVERAL TIMES brought down the game Sheepy has decided to institute a $1000 cost for checking spy odds. While it remains to be seen if that will work properly, even if it does it unfairly biases towards the top 5 and against any small alliances or lone actors. Krampus calculated minimum $6 million to determine spy odds for the game assuming 100% efficient data collection. For whales, that is a small cost. But even then, consider $6 million cost multiple times per day as you update spy sheets. This cost is prohibitive for smaller nations and alliances My suggestion: Temporarily (2-3 months) close the spy odds and make all spy counts public. During that time a more permanent solution can be discussed and implemented.
  7. Nice discussion poll. I'll make the real petition so people can vote yes.
  8. Don't worry Minesome. I'll coup this one as well soon enough
  9. I just checked with Village, and can confirm: 1. You get 5% of the steel/aluminum required to build your lost units 2. It does not refund their lost units. 3. It does not refund winning defensive battles.
  10. You missed the part of the scenario where you have to have enough of an advantage to win the battle as well. I don't get why its winning an offensive battle instead of just all battles. From testing it on the test server: I'm pretty sure its just your lost troops that are salvaged. And you get them if you get any victory. However testing it now, the numbers don't add up properly for either just lost troops or lost and destroyed troops as Pre intended.
  11. Where's the -No loot or infra damage happens That's my vote. No loot or infra damage unless you fully win the war.
  12. Alexio of the Ampersandii calls for justice!
  13. Who is "we"? I thought the planned implementation on the test server was that: 3. Expired wars end in beige for the defensive nation with no looting or infra damage. There's already text on the test server for this!
  14. So you want to buff TKR? If I'm reading your suggestion right (which I probably am not), this idea preferentially buffs the top 3 who have a ton of cities. Having a communal military preferentially benefits the small nations that share an alliance with many big ones. Especially when opponents are poorly tier matched, the one with out-of-range whales would have a distinct advantage over the micro and mid-tier alliances. Right?
  15. So the list would be: - Max 3 trades limitation (the merging thing already exists) - Metropolitan planning project (c21+ discount) -PWPedia rewrite - Allow commas and $ in number inputs - Baseball income cap and other changes - Fallout Shelter Project - Military Salvage Project - Nation deletion resource splitting - Ally trade indicator - Alliance embargoes - Updated treaty web - Merging alliance trades into global market
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