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  1. Did we even get a name for the war? Its not official until we got a name for me to forget.
  2. Sir, From what I can tell, there isn't a way to disable new feature of discord integration on the game. While it is rather unobtrusive on desktop, on mobile or when playing in a half-screen window, the discord icon covers part of the resource bar so that I can't see how much I have. This changes with the size of the window. I understand that getting people involved on discord will improve retention, and that it might work as a default add-on... but can we please be allowed to disable it? I know I won't ever use it since I use discord regularly anyway. I presume that applies to much of the current player base. Cheers, Zig
  3. Is this another thinly veiled attempt to poach me? Because there's no way grumpy would get enough members for 4 whole pages. I know you don't mean grumpy since our score with cities alone is #33 (just below Polaris). Good luck winning against me with your 20 cities. I'd destroy several cities to help you experience ZI, but then I'd get kicked out of Grumpy for being too small.
  4. Is it a threat? No. I'm no gov member who can wield the great and mighty power of Grumpy. I'm just recognizing that although we are, as you would say friend...That doesn't make us allies. I'm stating my prediction that this won't just be a beat-down against TCW, UPN, and co. And when the inevitable expansion happens, I'll be ready to burn my infra against your supple tanks. Is this a threat. No. But be careful what I wish for, because I might not get it. Did I just get called out in an announcement? 2020 really is a weird year.
  5. Thanks for joining us, coalition buddies! Can't wait for the war to pivot your direction
  6. Y'all better let me live up to my name of ZI zigbigadorlou. I'll be pretty disappointed if I have more than 1k by next month.
  7. We really need to get you a weekly radio show to settle or exacerbate these consistent conflicts
  8. Thanks, that's actually quite useful to know.
  9. The confirm popups are a fairly annoying addition for a fairly small problem. Besides, how often would you just instinctively click ok? I've gotten burned recently by setting the wrong price, and the sell confirmation didn't help since I have just instinctively clicked ever since like the third trade I did since the update.
  10. Man, how many blocs are there at this point? Its getting hard to keep track of all of the spheroids
  11. We recently had someone find our discord channel without knowing what P&W is. We're not sure how yet...but we'd rather not give the whole of the internet access to our channel. Can you hide discord and forum links for people that aren't logged in? -Zig Attached: SRD's response to finding a non-player
  12. I love how almost every post had an equal number of upvotes and downvotes. Perfectly balanced
  13. If you're in the position to stop such a thing again, don't. Infiltrate it and use it as leverage lol. It was doomed to fail anyways if it leaked itself.
  14. Since everyone's telling you which alliance to join: In city count, you'd cut in at grumpy. I'm guessing you wouldn't be allowed in tho?
  15. For anyone as dense as I am, I've determined that there's been a Changeup™ of leadership in COTL. Before it was someone named Kevanovia, often styled kev. Now it is someone named Keegoz. One can only guess why Adrienne was mentioned, who happens to be leader of an unrelated but high profile alliance, TKR. Upon further inspection, the second poster, sketchy, has provided some "art" depicting the metaphorical scene. Sketchy, unfortunately, has mistakenly been labeled as a member of "the golden horde" despite being a co-administrator for COTL. After gaining a greater understanding of the situation, I will remind all that Keegoz now has a lion's share influence upon the newly formed bloc The Hedge. One can only guess how destructive that will be. Cheers Z
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