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  1. Forum Name: Sun Tzu Link to Post: Nature of Violation: Filter evasion, off topic, advertisement of rival games
  2. Earlier today from the support channel Me: Google just warned me that my Politics and War password had been compromised. Alex Today at 1:47 PM I didn't get that notification, and I use a password exclusive to P&W. I don't have any reason to believe anyone has accessed our database, and we hash all passwords using latest standards so even if someone did get a data dump, it wouldn't be particularly useful
  3. http://politicsandwar.com/index.php?id=129 Its already in the game, right? Why isn't it implemented?
  4. Achievement Name: Nuclear Winter Achievement Description (how to unlock): Fire 8 Nukes in a day
  5. For my reference, where'd you get these numbers? I've always wondered if there's a list of equations somewhere, but most sources are either vague or broken or old.
  6. You want to be able to make 22 million a day on baseball? So, more than an infra'd up 25 city nation does. That sounds like a reasonable amount to you? [In before downvotes from the click brigade]
  7. The only issue is them just using different members to post multiple, in which case I suggest we form a united coalition and roll anyone that does it. Heck, we should just do that now.
  8. Why put a noob in the heir position? If there are possibilities of coups, change permissions. Your idea also serves to prevent coups of awful leaders. Did you just get couped? Are you salty about it?
  9. Because I'm an established player, and I'll quit if growth is any slower. I don't disagree with most of this, but that's a fundamentally different game than PnW. I wouldn't be shocked if 4th Gen nation sims have this.
  10. Where are you people hearing rumors?
  11. Considering the other thread, this is a real idea that people support.
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