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  1. Are the tooltips wrong? Antarctica only has 3 still: oil, coal, and uranium.
  2. Its always 3 resources, right? Do they have to build mines to get the bonus? Or is it just a flat 3 resources per city?
  3. I got nuked and lost 2 out of 1 subways. https://politicsandwar.com/city/id=32268
  4. Why are there suddenly so many byzantines? @Justinian the Great is this your doing?
  5. Its interesting that you opted for bushels of corn in place of the unit stated in the tooltip - tons - and the icon which resembles a ham. A regular bone-in ham has 151 kilocalories / 85 g serving which translates to 1.61 million kcal/ton. With a 2k kcal diet, that will feed 805 people. If the diet is more balanced and if the bone is not counted (I kept it since it appears in the icon), I could easily see a 20% increase to 1000 people or a lower average kcal diet of 1611 kcal/person. Note I use kcal which is equivalent to dietary calories. Its in the build improvements text.
  6. You want to make offshores easier to exploit? 😡
  7. What is your theme? Do you have a charter? Who are your leaders?
  8. To be fair, I don't think Vice can ever make it at the time slot I usually use. I'm still not 100% sure if DNN is a real thing, but if it is... the publication of your server link is absolutely horrible, esp. since we're allies.
  9. SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY The premier news organization of orbis, Royal Orbis News Will present for your listening pleasure RON will bring this exclusive story of a little-known tale: Just one user brought down the whole of P&W for as much as 28 hours Who is this mysterious user? Why? How is it possible Put on your tinfoil hats for that one! API and bots: how far is too far? War mechanics: Do they need fixing? Hot take: War naming should be part of the peace process. And finally How do steal from banks plz i need more cash bcuz isjaki needs a new house and were going to short the food market and watch this i am going to be the best player ever ull thx me later Royal Orbis Radio is an internet radio show hosted by: zigbigadorlou, coiner of the phrase "Bots Out!" Thalmor, wanted by the FBI Vice, Future leader of Rose With valuable input from Krampus, the owner of Royal Orbis News, and other informed users Tune in Sunday the 10th of October at 5 pm eastern (9 pm gmt) or 3 hours before daychange. https://discord.gg/royal-orbis-news (recording to be posted for those who can't make the live event)
  10. I earned my ZI fair and square over ~6 months. Don't you dare give these young whipper snappers such a silver spoon.
  11. Neither do the others except knightfall 2. E522 acknowledges something that happened throughout the war and, afaik, was the first time we saw 522 on a regular basis (instead of politics and snore).
  12. So, what I get from this is you all agree to share music and phone numbers, you have a conditional MDP specifically against drunks, only Rolling Stones themed alliances can apply to be a part of the bloc, and cancellation can only come due to legal reasons? I hope I read that right.
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