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  1. http://politicsandwar.com/index.php?id=129 Its already in the game, right? Why isn't it implemented?
  2. Achievement Name: Nuclear Winter Achievement Description (how to unlock): Fire 8 Nukes in a day
  3. For my reference, where'd you get these numbers? I've always wondered if there's a list of equations somewhere, but most sources are either vague or broken or old.
  4. You want to be able to make 22 million a day on baseball? So, more than an infra'd up 25 city nation does. That sounds like a reasonable amount to you? [In before downvotes from the click brigade]
  5. The only issue is them just using different members to post multiple, in which case I suggest we form a united coalition and roll anyone that does it. Heck, we should just do that now.
  6. Why put a noob in the heir position? If there are possibilities of coups, change permissions. Your idea also serves to prevent coups of awful leaders. Did you just get couped? Are you salty about it?
  7. Because I'm an established player, and I'll quit if growth is any slower. I don't disagree with most of this, but that's a fundamentally different game than PnW. I wouldn't be shocked if 4th Gen nation sims have this.
  8. Where are you people hearing rumors?
  9. Considering the other thread, this is a real idea that people support.
  10. Yeah right, commie. Setting prices means ignoring supply and demand. No cash goes into the economy in trades, it just changes hands. And if you want a better deal, you'd just trade off the market. If you don't like that you made money by playing the market, go outside.
  11. Not sure what you're proposing here, but as an established player, I don't want to slow down established player growth. That makes for more players, not better gameplay or community.
  12. Sir, In reading some of the suggestions in other threads, I noticed a complaint that older players have an advantage over newer players in terms of money, cities, etc. At the same time, people have been quitting due to this war dragging on, politics being the same and stale, and not having much of a way to grow. Furthermore, the leaderboards are basically set until those players quit or they somehow get nerfed. Fraggle will almost certainly be #1 in NS due to Nukes, war stats are basically untouchable due to years of generating them, and the people with eg 40 cities will remain on top and dominate the market. There are also complaints that the market is unbalanced. One answer to this is a complete reset. I think that is a bad idea because people like to hold on to their nation they've worked so hard to make... My suggestion is to make a second edition of Politics and War that can function alongside Orbis, but starts from a clean slate. Pros -Allows people to play more -Encourages old players to come back to a fresh start -Clean slate means achievable goals means fresh competition for everything -New and different political entities and treaties (I would hope...?) -Possibly more donations as credits will mean a lot more in a reset Cons -Server size? -Lag (probably partially solved by having different turn change/update times, such as an odd number of hours apart) -Carry over politics, edition confusion (possibly solved by calling it a different name) Cheers, -zig
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