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  1. Dang it how did you know For this reason, I like the idea a lot if it steals from the alliance bank (with caps). That way your offshores can actually be threatened
  2. You currently have 2 upvotes. What more do you want?
  3. I don't know where any of these discussions have been made, but right now your post has 0 conversation as to what impact any of these ideas would have on gameplay. I therefore have to vote no.
  4. If you want the real numbers, I can DM you the Grumpy tax records as long as you promise not to leak them.
  5. Idk, its pretty easy to know when you're on 100/100 lol.
  6. Man, I'd really like to see what a post like this would be like from TFP right now.
  7. I talk to people all the time about how much better Grumpy is in terms of transparency and tax rates. Lots of people don't trust their membership either because they think they are spies or incompetent. Either way, its kinda dumb. Small lives matter.
  8. What does this mean? Isn't that both illegal and also a play?
  9. What happened to 1000 word max ☚ī¸
  10. No, but people require recognition of milestones to mark the passage of time and accomplishment.
  11. Happy birthday to the best ally that will never let us down and is even willing to lose wars to us
  12. I don't think that's true. Only-Air has lost its place as the dominant strategy, but that doesn't mean air isn't still really useful. This seems to have gotten ignored so far, but it could be pretty impactful. I personally think killing spies, missiles, and nukes, and getting intel should be allowed but disable other mil destruction. Beige is there for you to build up, and being able to be spied while beiged mitigates that a bit.
  13. It has been a while since using the bulk improvement import tool, and I noticed that it did not get the same update that the mass infra tool got where you can toggle which cities you apply it to. With that tool, it would be very easy have multiple city builds, and to do it with an in game feature. Suggestion: add city toggle options to the bulk improvement import just like the infra tool. (I would get VIP for this just like I get VIP for the infra tool)
  14. I MADE ONE HOW DO I PUT IMAGES IN THE TEXT BOX I guess you forgot you're allies with TKR, BK, and TO 😆
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