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  1. This election was clearly rigged from the start by Abbas. @Thalmor is the clear winner and you all know it. Sad to see voter suppression in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Rose. 😤
  2. So if I'm reading this right, you signed a NDNAP (non-defensive non-aggressive pact)?
  3. My point is those calculations don't need to be done in the first place if the individual player has autonomy. You should need to do clerical work to run a successful alliance. (Grumpy is a prime example)
  4. Why on earth does anyone think this is a good thing? Fully automated 100/100 not only alleviates gov work, it alleviates any user input outside of wars. It also exacerbates the unraidability of any alliance that utilizes it. The fact that such automation is allowed let alone in conjunction with offshores is quite possibly the third biggest existential threat to the game's existence.
  5. I mean, there's no difference between that and pretty much all of the odd bunch, right? Like, how many people are going to jump at the chance to defend Cam? That doesn't mean you're not in the Florida sphere of influence. Bloc =/= sphere.
  6. Zig News Network 1. This is a MnDoAP 2. For those of you confused like I am: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=10470 Requiem is a Rose-sphere apparently sphere-less despite non-o level treaties to Rose people micro led by Partisan, and they've also allied oblivion. This will be updated as I figure out why people knew about anything and are yelling about stuff on RON.
  7. Wow! I never thought I'd see the day that grumpy and guardian stopped being allies.
  8. Design team member here. Feedback noted and echoed largely. I think Pre spoke prematurely, so I will speak prematurely back 1. I will make sure the city cap stays. I think that was the intention, but it may have been missed in the edit. 2, 3. There's a chance the details will be edited, but the switch from resources to cash will happen. I suspect the bolded part will be the mechanic instead of buffing login bonus. Village reminded us that the login bonus is getting buffed substantially anyways. 4. See goober's post
  9. We have to have commodities to fulfill @MinesomeMC's dream of having W A T E R You should know better by now than to ask "when" haha.
  10. "Reality can be whatever I want" - Thanos
  11. Well we can officially call politics dead now that the last great leader has stepped down. Enjoy your retirement. You shaped the alliance into one so full of competent people that I'm sure Grumpy will live on for many years.
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