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  1. So WTF, I remember when I used to actually not care about them, cool to see that they are making me actively not care about them again.
  2. Well shiver me timbers! We sprung a leak! Raid them till they tell you where they stashed Lenin's body! We need it preserved!
  3. Lyrics: Why did I do this.... I don't know... I like having fun
  4. Take my hand and we'll make a shadow. As a 2L, I feel like I should advise you to stay away from law school
  5. So what I'm reading here is that Odyssey essentially did the following
  6. This seems like a good starting point, I'm sure I'm missing something here that would need to be changed. From what I am reading, though, this seems to be at least a partial solution to making individual war outcomes more uncertain with some back and forth. Would Naval blockade still be after one IT? As there is no way to partially block trading.... Unless, one IT with a naval attack stops the ability of the losing country to trade with nations, but not their ability to receive id directly from their alliance. The second IT would fully blockade them. What about that?
  7. Good luck, stay alive, push for your members to be active and raiding... Ignore people telling you to give up. Just don't go inactive on your alliance members.
  8. Glad to see another community already established become fully fledged here in the world of Orbis. Good luck, hoping to engage with you in the future!
  9. The idea is to encourage them to engage and feel involved. We do not want them to join an alliance that gives them strict instructions on how to play the game, kicking or defunding them for non-compliance, while at the same time not informing them of the Discord/community discussions and memes/jokes that make up the bulk of the game. That's why most new players quit, they realize (or worse, they never are told) that unless they are engaged in the Discord channels, OWF, or they are in on all the memes/jokes there is nothing more to this game than sitting there like Stanley pushing the buttons his alliance leader tells him to push.
  10. Or how about not even in a major alliance?
  11. This is what makes me split on whether this is a good idea or not, everyone would do this towards the beginning of wars in order to better themselves which would then make RNG for wars even more of a weighted factor than it already is. If your missiles miss and they hit your power plants, welp, enjoy sweet death. IDK, interesting idea that really gets the blood pumping on a Monday afternoon.
  12. Truth is, no one cares about mini spheres or "balancing" unless they are the ones with the power to broker it
  13. Unpopular Opinion: No One Deserves Anything
  14. Some day Ronny, some day I'll be big enough to give you the bop on the nose you deserve. Nice to know you checked out my nation page and see that I role with OG @Pika right now.
  15. I laugh at the idea that someone in FA has a vision or dreams...
  16. LOL Once I rose above both Rose and CelestialJust to get a glimpse beyond their bestialI was smoking ever higherBut I got too highThough my nation could see, I still was a blin manThough my alliance thought, I still was a mad manI hear the oldies when I'm playingI can hear them sayCarry on, my wayward KevThere'll be peace when Alex gets devsLay your weary head to restLet Rose cry lots more
  17. There is politics! The politics is, however, not taken from the perspective of someone playing a character in the game of Orbis. People don't expect a RP element, they expect your words to reflect your character outside the game. People see things that Epi did and said, in real life he must be a scum bag. People joke about Rose being too touchy and taking everything to heart, but almost everyone reading this post does it. When someone, playing the game, does something political in ORBIS that slights you, you don't think "well played" or "wow, more fun drama." No, people here think "wow, he must be an awful person." "he probably lies to his family the way he lied to people in this game." "This person is a real dirtbag and should be called out everywhere for his actions." AND when people did RP and spent time writing out things that were DESCRIPTIVE and INTERESTING, people picked them apart, finding anything they didn't like. Then, instead of engaging with the RP, they call the poster names and act as if he/she should be chastised until they quit Orbis or never post a RP again. My advice for people who want Orbis to be IRL drama free? RP, see the separation between the person's profile pic and the actual human behind the screen. Have fun if someone insults you. Laugh at the joke, because (it should be) aimed at your profile pic, not you as a human being.
  18. Here's a bunch of Empyrea ads and stuff I made way back in the day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erkIOTmcG70
  19. Why does every discussion about banks, offshoring, or bots always get to a point where people start arguing that micros are the problematic and just mess up the game for the rest of the community? If they just disbanded and joined big spheres, the game would be more interesting, better wars, less scams, more memes, better player retention, and overall a blast. I hear this all the time, but micros drive people to engage more with the game when they first join. People don't want to get lost in a sea of a 100 nation alliance. That sucks, makes people realize that the bulk of this game is Discord channels and memes and if you aren't in on the jokes and discussions, you literally just do exactly what you are told and nothing more cause organization control is key for this game. Micros and tools to help micros help drive player engagement.
  20. Happy birthday to one of the oldies! The only reason I play today is because of Rozalia. He kept me going and stopped me from quitting the games several times. I miss him. Here's what I said when he left over 4 years ago 7 years is amazing! Most people thought Wei would disband within the year Rozalia left, but @The Royalist and @James XVI turned that alliance into a powerhouse. It still stands to this day. To celebrate 7 years, I got a whole bunch of old ads and memes from the good old times! If you have more, I would love to see it. Most are gone as Rozalia purged his Imgur account. Much love Wei!
  21. In the not so distant future on a glitchy text based game The fat and lonely lazy players who in the server played Said that global wars really suck, and Orbis is really lame Let's just leave the bots playing so no-one knows our shame So then one day in his basement when Borg was super stoned He thought that it would be awesome if the banks all got owned When the alliances saw their banks were gone, they knew just what they would do If you steal all of our banks then we will nuke you till you're blue Its World War FU, Orbis is about to end Only bots will be playing so no one can actually win Its World War FU, I think we can conclude We really had it coming so I guess we all get screwed
  22. Leaks and Rumors by JKell (Parody of Dirty Laundry by Don Hanly) Lyrics I make my living off the Royal news Just give me screenshots Screenshots I can use People love it when you lose They love leaks and rumors Well, I coulda been a Leader But I wound up here I just have to joke well I don't have to be clear Come and whisper in my ear Give us leaks and rumors Leak 'em when they're on Leak 'em when they're off Leak 'em when they're on Leak 'em when they're off Leak 'em when they're on Leak 'em when they're off Leak 'em when they're on Leak 'em all around We got the funny little memer Who loves to lie They can tell you 'bout the collapse With a meme about pie It's interesting when Spheres die Give us leaks and rumors Can we report the treaty? Has he raged quit yet? You know the boys in the chatroom Got a running bet Get the loser on the set We need leaks and rumors Everybody wants to find out What's going on But nobody likes it when its about their own We already know you're boned We got your leaks and rumors Leak 'em when they're on Leak 'em when they're off Leak 'em when they're on Leak 'em when they're off Leak 'em when they're on Leak 'em when they're off Leak 'em when they're on Leak 'em all around Dirty little secrets Dirty little lies We got our dirty little people wearing every disguise We would love to see your demise We love leaks and rumors We'll leak a little something And you may condemn When it's said and done You'll learn it was your DMs We all know where it stems Give us leaks and rumors
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