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  1. p sure it was added in after it was introduced cause pplz were somehow abusing it 😧 rawr
  2. i assume u ran into the not getting a bounty cause u were blockaded thing rawr
  3. admin will pay it back cause private banks are such an essential service in this game dont u worry rawr
  4. still waiting for rush's war name extravaganza announcement party rawr
  5. srry couldnt be bothered to edit the trump interview one rawr
  6. do u need to track cheating stat whores or sumthin? rawr
  7. my condolences to all involved cept panty san better stick with it this time 😐 rawr
  8. brb changing disco name to mess with zig rawr
  9. would have to add vassals/academy/offshore things into the treaty options probs rawr
  10. the sentiment is nice and i appreciate it but those are... relephant..... enough to geopolitics will probably get eviscerated but there isnt really a reason to make a new subforum cause losers cant be bothered to encourage the playing of all parts the game but yea... it probs complicates moderation and alex does not like dat rawr
  11. obligatory fake news joke goes heer https://www.cgpgrey.com/politics-in-the-animal-kingdom have fun rawr
  12. sorry not sorry for the doublepost @Rin ❤️ rawr
  13. btw... can we ban admin from player specific categories at least 😕 and have like preferential/ranked or sumthin rawr
  14. the hottest of the takes xP i mean... if u replace hodor with rawr..... @Pablo is heavy rawr
  15. everything is ~~cake~~ ~~bears~~ econ rawr
  16. i think its been suggested many times over the years to like justify ur nominations it never happens 😧 biggest booty* hold up retention is defs ia and yea we should collapse milcom into econ... as i keep saying war is economics with explosions rawr
  17. one of the missile upgrades need to be launch more and maybe buy more rawr
  18. yes plz dont worry scarf ill teach u how to find the calc on ur phone xP rawr
  19. this probs and cotl is like 2 vanity projects in 1 so obviously they are more inclined to try to be seen rawr
  20. reported for personal attacks xP rawr
  21. since there are no missles.... scarf is the alchemists that make the greek fire equiv rawr
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