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  1. Good luck on your future Mac! Make sure to keep in touch.
  2. There’s no escape from this place Sval there’s no point trying
  3. Trade offers should be deleted if the nation who posted the offer does not have the funds to back up said offer. As sometimes you're just trading and then you try to sell something to someone but it tells you the nation doesn't have enough cash to complete the offer. I wouldn't call it game breaking, but it is an annoyance. More of a QoL issue than anything. Fix: Check a nations cash/rss on hand against the market offers posted by said nation, if they don't back each other up then cancel the nations trades.
  4. Take care Leo and good luck.
  5. Does nothing. Boring. [image is after the third swap.]
  6. Player of the Year: .Most Influential Player: .Most Likely to Succeed in 2022: Elizabeth ByrdBest Alliance Leader: BigmacWorst Alliance Leader: EpiBest In-Character Poster: .Best Villain: ZurgNicest Player: PikaMost Controversial Player: .Most Missed Player: Exelenxius Best Fighter: HidudeBest Nation Page: Dream
  7. Best Discord Server: RoseSexiest Voice: Bigmorf
  8. Did you even read what Jordan or anyone else said? “a charity of their own choice”
  9. Congrats on the freedom Justin. Happy retirement! 💚
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