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  1. Idk, im still holding out for the sax/callisto era but meh me right? congrats rose
  2. This actually makes sense, it cuts the alliance off from the resources of that nation so they can’t tax it during the blockade and benefit. It’ll force alliances to break the blockade.
  3. I’m gonna be bias as hell to this theme so good luck !
  4. I’ll wait for the directors cut of this.
  5. Y’all are straight up playing with fire talking about methrage in here.
  6. Ahhhhh finally, peace in our…oh wait Greene didn’t accept. Real talk. These are really generous.
  7. (Sees Black Skies ghost on another AA to bypass peace terms)
  8. Bump for the assembly! Join your nation to a democratic union today!
  9. The great breakfast war. It needs to happen.
  10. Inb4 an actual Wendy’s alliance forms.
  11. That's it. Rooting for the chicken place, for shame lol
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