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  1. Who dares disturb my retirement? (Sees clock) oh neat at least they’re chill.
  2. This is what I’ve been looking for, the thing that changes a person. I can’t believe the profound deep message you have conveyed here, I stand shaken an in tears. Jolly good show.
  3. More victims for Az and his late night vc requests. congrats everyone this is good to see!
  4. Oi. @Jgoods45 you posted this in the wrong sub forum lol
  5. What a shocking turn of events, did not see this happening. Entire game shook. (entire game knew this days ago)
  6. You lot seem like the kind that like “back doors” heh All great folks. Solid bloc. 10/10 - IGN
  7. Our gracious meme hegemony has been laid to rest. And in its place is the boring studio approved spin-off we never asked for.
  8. Bruh we are totally Spain. Canceled. /joke because people gonna be like it’s real if I don’t
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