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  1. katashimon13

    The Cumming of Ayylah

    my condolences to all involved.... rawr
  2. katashimon13

    Alternative 2018 PnW Awards: Player Category

    <<<<<<<< also trajan* @ scarf does like tab then hitting space a buncha times work for u? im too lazy to go back and attempt it my self to test it itworks rawr
  3. katashimon13

    Alternative 2018 PnW Awards: Alliance Category

    i coulda sworn i typed san diego 🤔 rawr
  4. katashimon13

    Global War Peace Terms - Discussion

    there is only baseball rawr
  5. katashimon13

    Official Nominations for the 2018 PnW Awards

    is boring wen pplz nominate selves 😧 yeaaa too lazy to hyperlink things rawr
  6. katashimon13

    War Stats - Knightfall

    wait wat if u did daily updates but it used the last months average? or just have a drop down to select how the resources are calculated stop me wen ive gone too far rawr
  7. katashimon13

    War Stats - Knightfall

    y not monthly average? where do deleted alliances+nations go? can we have beige(victory)+expire+defeat/deletion/vm after a round(or 2) lists? net unit ... mostly cause headmath is slight amounts of effort how much effort is it to split attack and defense into immense moderate phyrric and failure (and missle and nuke hit/miss i guess)? rawr
  8. katashimon13

    War Stats - Global War 12

    p sure ur badly remembering this nonsense from forever ago xP rawr
  9. katashimon13

    Game is so slow

    http://bfy.tw/Kilm rawr
  10. katashimon13

    Shifty News Network-Angel of Death

  11. katashimon13

    Once Upon a time, in the slums of UH

    nevar rawr
  12. katashimon13

    War Stats - Global War 12

  13. katashimon13

    How does one make profits in baseball?

    sending 1m for ur troubles rawr
  14. katashimon13

    War Stats - Global War 12


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