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  1. can confirm pantheon protects things that dont exist rawr
  2. katashimon13

    Do me a favor?

    admin the next addition to the dev team effort ones that arnt skared of pissing pplz off ;3 rawr
  3. katashimon13

    KNN-Its the end as we know it

    i am never making a joke post again jeebus so so so so many dms 😐 to be fair bk also falls for fake bk announcements xP wich is y id prefer not taking curus position ;3 rawr
  4. katashimon13

    KNN-Its the end as we know it

    can i have a different position tho? id prefer to not to be the scapegoat for impersonators rawr
  5. katashimon13

    Best/worst name

    wilhelm the demented ;3 (i dont waste memory on nation names) katashimon13 rawr
  6. katashimon13

    Quality of Life Improvements

    can we have like all of these and pai updates b4 more gameplay changes por favor p.s. i had a spreadsheet to do most of the first category if u needs xP by most i mean like half at best rawr
  7. katashimon13

    KNN-Its the end as we know it

    sent over a cow rawr
  8. katashimon13

    KNN-Its the end as we know it

    fixed for yall xP inb4pplztakethissrsly rawr
  9. katashimon13

    A Serious Message For Orbis

    good luck diego keep up the good fight rawr
  10. katashimon13

    Pantheon workout routine to shave off all that extra infra

    i have some problems with the endgames xP rawr
  11. katashimon13

    Terrible Ideas that would break the game

    taxes rawr
  12. katashimon13

    Market Regulation or Market Manipulation?

    in trading and raiding... activity is rewarded (not as much in raiding anymore D:) rawr
  13. my condolences to all involved xP rawr
  14. katashimon13

    Mass Infra Buying

    buy up to X instead of buy X amount rawr
  15. katashimon13

    What do you like about war?

    i love it wen pplz run out of gas :3 rawr

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