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  1. my condolences to most involved rawr
  2. katashimon13


    its a buncha numbers... just like futbol and any of the other sports would be simulated as numbers should just name it sportsball so players can cosmetically change it to watever they prefer rawr
  3. u ask admin to change how its calculated rawr
  4. i agree everyone should join arrgh rawr
  5. i am dissapointed in yall bit the bait hard and didnt let go πŸ˜• rawr
  6. this.... mostly for @Ripper rush is kool too rawr
  7. ships have a use too xP keeping them maxed all the time isnt advised >_< rawr
  8. welcome and my condolences rawr
  9. yes yes i am the tank build is like the naval build keeping high to max units at all times are we talkin self sufficiency or "self sufficiency" or sElF sUfFiCieNcY @Sir Scarfalot but yea i can accept raws direct to manu... aka the lazy build some pplz cant be bothered im talkin aboot like scattered nonsense that arnt maxed out and producing pre project and other horrors in a similar scope @[email protected] rawr
  10. confirmation bias maybe? have u compared the update speed of other alliances? in house graphs/charts are more fun anyway 😧 yea i checked a couple alliances in game charts there are days long gaps p frequently across the board u aint special we all neglected ./me reiterates in house charts rawr
  11. down with whale buffs xP make farms pollute again but yes this shoulda been in forever ago rawr
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