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  1. confirmation bias maybe? have u compared the update speed of other alliances? in house graphs/charts are more fun anyway 😧 yea i checked a couple alliances in game charts there are days long gaps p frequently across the board u aint special we all neglected ./me reiterates in house charts rawr
  2. down with whale buffs xP make farms pollute again but yes this shoulda been in forever ago rawr
  3. no one tell admin that green windfarm / nuke and or missle / naval / tank/ "self sufficient" / etc roleplay builds exist and hurt econ departments souls daily rawr
  4. bounties* sorry doge i had to do it ;3 i dont think it needs to be limited on the offensive side that much nuking / missling ur allies should be allowed since there is no real way to avoid/mitigate/block damage from others (vds/id dont count) like wat if they build too much infra and it annoys u i suppose one could make make the case for exploiting bounties on allies but like nuclear bounties are bad and dont seem to pass the cost of a nuke thatttt often and if this is implemented i doubt pplz are going to put the actual cost of infra + nuke/missle to make it worth blowing ur allies cities receiving end should probs be limited to 1-3 a day in line with spy mechanics (probably 1 mayybe 2) i vote for the missile rate to be in line with war rates and be every 8 turns from the offensive side range extension as a project sounds great so long as it is proportional to the current ratios do we already have a nuke tracker page (set up like the conflicts page) and if not can we have one? and i suppose if this is implemented a missile tracker as well i may or may not edit in my opinion on the crime numbers later IFFF i feel like putting in effort to do math rawr
  5. is cosmetic do wat u must cept make it a double dropdown so u can have watever dumb combos u want xP could even be a triple dropdown or more rawr
  6. they were already buffed and now they are being made easier to get 😐 sure hope we start fighting more wars with all these cheap units rawr
  7. TIL youtube was not a site on the adverts list is it like stupid expense? rawr
  8. itt: halloween zombie update confirmed rawr
  9. did we go thru all the old topics' discussions that azgul pulled the ideas from? also yes plz leave the grey no tax mechanic in so pplz have to engage with thiier members 😐 rawr
  10. https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/forum/41-national-affairs/ mine is lazy nonsense rawr
  11. its aboot da principle shiho haiiiii @Kurdanak let me be lazy T_T rawr
  12. so this means pre is actually getting paid now right? rawr
  13. so ur saying i should be able to automate the daily slog then xP (i would love this but i see y its not allowed) rawr
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