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  1. Jfc it's not that complicated. Intel clauses work as long as the treaty is active. The treaty was active when you guys planned a war and signed into a new sphere. We were not made aware of this. This is literally just saying "you're wrong, we're right" except it's wrapped up in a bunch of unnecessary wordage. We have elaborated heavily on why GG has a stranglehold on the whale tier, I must be dogshit at this game because I don't know what 'actual numbers' and 'game meta' you're talking about. People on your own side have even elaborated on why the war mechanics are ill-suited to deal with GG's whale tier. If the best point you can argue is 'ooooo you lied to us' (which in and of itself is false), then you ought to find a better point because all it boils down to us saying we didn't and your side saying "no I don't believe you". There's nothing to argue about there, it's all just your word against ours. also lol at you calling us megalomaniacs.
  2. Your argument is nonsensical because nobody is asking GG to give up their whales or anything of the sort. All we’ve done is point out how dangerous the GG tie is due to the combination of a dominant upper/whale tier and Guardians ‘competence’, so I don’t know why you are bringing that up. What we are doing is hitting you to prevent your whale tier from consolidating even further and to atleast partially dispel the invincible reputation that attracts a lot of whales to GoB. The whole ‘fix your economic policy’ argument is shifty because changing taxes to 0/0 will do very little in attracting whales, (look at TC) because anybody who’s looking for a 0/0 alliance is 9 times out of 10 looking to farm and grow. Joining any 0/0 alliance that isn’t on GoB’s side is counterintuitive for these people because if they do then all that they are doing is signing up to eventually be rolled by GoB because of the fact that their whale tier dwarfs any other, which means they won’t be able to farm and pixelhug very well if they sign up to a rolling every time their alliance faces GoB. This means that going to war is literally one of the few things you can actually do to close the whale disparity since: 1. It slows down growth and shaves down the stupidly expensive infra levels so many GoB whales run because they’re barely touched. 2. It helps to atleast somewhat mitigate with GG’s reputation of being untouchable and the #1 place for unaffiliated whales to go. I don’t think anybody could have proven how little you know of the war and econ mechanics than you yourself did just here lmfaooo.
  3. Don't worry friend, there is more than enough of me to go around! No need to be so clingy!
  4. Nah it’s time for another 7 year winstreak !@#$
  5. Of which 7 are above C35 and a grand total of 0 are over C40. Spin better pls
  6. Yeah you personally have, but that’s not the same sentiment echoed by other people in their posts, which is what I was replying to. The reason we keep clinging to these points is because it’s being brought up repeatedly lmfao. Read over Morf’s post and point out where any stock is placed in SRD’s words. That’s been the theme for a lot of posts from yall. I’m sure most of it is just meming but given that the forums is a public source of info for people its important to set the record straight.
  7. SRD is the leader of the arguably the strongest alliance in your sphere. He's also far from being FA inept like how you paint him out to be given how long GoB has managed to trudge along from sphere to sphere, avoiding any meaningful damage to them save for KF (3 years ago) and NPOLT (in which every single alliance suffered damage). As the leader of arguably the most prominent alliance in your sphere, it is a natural step in reasoning to assume from the outside looking in that his thoughts have a large impact on the actions and FA direction of your sphere, no? Therefore, when he mentions wanting to hit t$ in public and back-channels, it doesn't take a mental gymnast to come to the conclusion that those words have some weight behind them. I don't blame him for talking shit because it does make things more interesting, but to cry wolf the moment it's used against you is ridiculous. You can't go 'lol old man' when it suits you, because as leadership his word holds sway.
  8. You’re !@#$ing about dog piles in one sentence and praising Prefontaine for orchestrating a bigger one in the next. Pick a narrative m8.
  9. Without context this looks like a Keshav quote, you can decide how that reflects on you.
  10. This happened to my buddy Eric once.
  11. With $1 billion, I assume.
  12. Yeah, no. This just adds room for more controversial moderation decisions. I don't have an issue with the third rule, but policing discords makes no sense. For one, it's practically impossible to achieve without a massive moderation team considering the number of discord servers there are for this game, and for two quite frankly neither PnW moderators or Alex have a right (nor do I trust their impartiality) to police other discords simply because their main purpose is related to PnW. Alex shouldn't have any sort of jurisdiction over private servers made by other people, not to mention that since the man struggles with ingame moderation already, it'd have to be handed over to some form of discord moderators, and unless Alex's willing to shell out more dosh to pay them, they'll probably be from the community, and thus carry the biases that entails and I'm sure everyone can guess just how well that might go. Toxicity is a community problem, if someone's being a shithead then it's up to the community to call them out on their frickery or if it's an individual issue, to block them. It's not up to Alex or moderators to go 'no toxicity pls' and hand out warnings based on that. There's already far too many tongue-in-cheek reports of people reporting someone based on sarcastic remarks or comments.
  13. Condolences to Justin for having to deal with me DMing him 20 times asking about shit and congratulations to Theo and Patrick for escaping that
  14. This is all absolutely correct please help they've had me chained here ever since I said quack man bad. I'm only let out once a day to listen to them chanting 'DRAIN THE SWAMP' over and over while they worship a statue of Roq. I've gone three days without food or water and this weird Serbian guy keeps telling me to shoot Franz Ferdina- oh no help me please they're comi-indkasdkaldlnkja
  15. https://tenor.com/view/back-pedal-bike-gif-12900426
  16. ... @camelot come get your man
  17. I'd really like some of whatever you're on. Even if Rose wasn't involved you would outnumber us in every tier save the 27-30 range. EDIT: Actually, you're right. This is would be a drastic change; the numbers are only moderately in your favour rather than overwhelmingly and sadly Rose wouldn't be there to pick up your slack.
  18. Oh boy thank goodness, the odds were looking tight there for a second, I'm really glad WTF/Schrute decided to finally take a stand against the hegemonic m o n s t e r bloc.
  19. >mfw your best attempt at a proper response is to find a single exaggerated phrase and try to pick away at that. I'm talking about a spy blitz. Not a full-scale one, perhaps spend a little more time making sure you stick to the topic and go swing your dick elsewhere friend. Yes. Hence why I said that I preferred reducing spy casualties over spy reserves, both on the forums in that exact quote you posted as well as in the dev team. The entire point of the fricking 24 hour clause is to give meaning to organising such a blitz, so that your opponent cannot rebound endlessly without any problems.
  20. This is moreso intended to address a point some people have brought up: I prefer a larger reduction in spy casualties over spy reserves due to the same reasons people have stated, it's a rather complicated solution that is fulfilling a purpose I don't think is needed. However, a couple of questions have been raised about the 24 turn clause: I don't see an issue with adjusting the time-slots to 18 hours, or even lower. The thought process behind introducing this was so that spying doesn't turn into an never-ending blitz back and forth. It's the main saving grace of reserves to begin with in my eyes: If one side gets spy wiped, there is nothing stopping them from rebuilding all the way back up to full and then blitzing at their own discretion, at any time. Since a coordinated spy blitz almost singlehandedly sets the tone of the spy war up until people rebuild again, the side that just got wiped can blitz whenever they like (read: taking the enemy by surprise) and kill the enemies spies before there's much time to react. Especially since it's harder to organise spy 'counters' compared to conventional counters. (to the degree it can even be considered a counter to begin with) Therefore, any alliance who's milcom department chose to put the modicum of effort it takes to organise that blitz, will be able to wipe their enemy for the most part. Up until their enemy rebuilds, blitzes at them and rinse repeat. My thinking may be flawed somehow, but all that does is turn the spy game into a game of musical chairs.
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