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  1. Its not everyday you get pinned and dominated by mommy dominatrix KT, treasure it.
  2. I like very annoying, egotistical, teenage white girl alliances how I like my chocolate. I don't like chocolate.
  3. You have no idea. I just crept up on a Fisher, those massive rat lookin things, and blew it across my property with 12 gauge buckshot. Pretty beautiful. I was like...3 meters away. Caught one on camera dragging one of my hens away, so they deserve what they get. Not like he felt anything, considering fine red mist probably doesn't have feelings.
  4. I didn't specify this, my step mother has an infection. That's the complication.
  5. Hello! It's me! I'm not dead, surprisingly. I have a bit to explain exactly what happened, because I have nothing better to do. I think it's already been established that I'm a minor that is still in school and subject to parental control. That being said, everything I have said prior is still truthful. To cut to the chase, my mother disowned me and is currently about to die. My father is never around, he is in Louisiana at the moment, and my step mother is also about to die of complications related to her recent breast reduction surgery. But I'm getting ahead of myself. My mother took all of my property and sold it (expensive coins, phone, computer, souvenirs...) so that's why I haven't been able to get on discord. My school provided me with a computer because online school and whatever, so I could access the forums for a while. At the request of my mother, my school decided to block PnW. That's everything without the fluff. Want the fluff? Awesome possum. Enjoy: Questions? Feel free to ask. As long as its in the next like...hour before I have to nurse my step-mother, do homework for school, do homework for the cadets, shoot the coyote who keeps killing my chickens, do the dishes...
  6. Because I cannot get on discord at the moment and no banks will give me a loan unless im on discord. Also, why does it matter?
  7. Well I was thinking something that requires thought. Maybe a pop math quiz that you get a few seconds to answer or something.
  8. No no no no, the alliance I just left. The alliance I joined built me up just today. They had to take out a loan to do it.
  9. people are still rebuild from the last GW. there is only so much money in orbis lmao.
  10. Baseball, the one mechanic everyone tries out and realizes how boring and repetitive it is. I've invested almost 50m in my team, and I'm almost ready to just give up on it. Why? I'm tired of having to click, refresh, click, refresh, click, refresh click click click, refresh etc. It's annoying, inefficient and boring. Let's start from the beginning, yeah? When you first open your baseball team, your stadium is Chernobyl and the players are a bunch of irradiated flesh bags who can't tell their ass from a hole in the ground. You have to invest ~40m to have a team that works, and that system is kinda broken. Firstly, it's either all or nothing. There is no point in upgrading your players half-way. Also, there are two buttons for upgrading your players. "Each upgrade costs $2,000 and has a random chance of improving the chosen stat anywhere between 0.15-0.35. You can train your players in bulk using the red button, which costs $20,000 and has a random chance of improving the chosen stat anywhere between 1-3." This never made sense, and for the sake of efficiency, I clicked on each player ~500 times to upgrade them the slow way. I understand the point of it, but it seems dumb. Yah it's more efficient, but why? It's so arbitrary and it doesn't give nearly a large enough benefit to warrant clicking that button 500 times. May I remind you, the page has to refresh every time. Refresh, scroll, click. Rinse and repeat 500 times. For a measly little bonus that in the end is negligible compared to how much you are spending on it. And then THEY RETIRE! And you get a new one right back at level 1 again. In order to possibly pay off the 40m, you have to literally play all day and hope that someone actually plays against you. Every day. For the whole however long it takes for your oldest player to retire. Then you have to pay again. Then, after a few more days, you may see an ounce of profit. Btw, that was just getting started and an overview. The whole ticket system/stadium is silly. The max you can possibly ever get from a baseball game is $25k. That's with a 100 point team vs. 100 point team in a 100/100 stadium. You can never increase that, and the "away" player doesn't get anything unless they win. If they win they get a whole $500. What sort of bs is that? What national baseball team gets $500 for winning an international game? So, the away player usually charges a fee. Depending on the player, it can get pretty high. That already small $25k can get cut in HALF! But that'd be all well and good if it was more efficient. But no. It's tedious and enraging to have to click literally 5 times, while the page refreshes every time, to just LOOK if a game is ready. Then you can refresh the page there, because if you do it right after you open a game it breaks. There is no dynamic, nothing new or interesting, nothing to keep someone entertained while they mindlessly click and refresh all day. THEN THERE IS A CAP ON HOW MUCH YOU CAN EARN! After a certain amount of games, you get like 10% of what you normally get! Like, wtf?? I put all this effort in and the time and have resisted going insane for long enough to play this many games, and as an insult to injury there is a fricking cap on it. Why? Just why? Now, here's the solution. Have somewhat of a minigame and larger payouts. Even if it's just a chance game like Keno, or maybe trivia or guess the number or something. When you host a game you give your answer and when you go away you give an answer and whoever is correct gets a lot of money plus the person who hosted the game gets some money as well. That's more fun and interactive. Obviously you'd have to increase the payout a lot, but I think a $50k payout for hosting the game and a $100k payout for winning isn't world ending. Maybe a more reasonable amount would be $25k for hosting and $50k for winning. What's everyone's opinion/thoughts on this? To add on, the minigame could be made easier with better players. If you want something like Keno, then the higher your team rating is the less numbers there are to pick from.
  11. The Orbis economy is booming!

    But...we all know what happens next...

  12. please im tired of having to pay millions for the smallest wars.
  13. See more on my OnlyFans! A low monthly payment of $39.95 usd and you get a daily 30 minutes of cringy and lewd Aqua!
  14. Ehhh...... hold your tongue. Raiding has it's place in Orbis, but should not be buffed in any way. Raids directly harm new and smaller alliances while larger alliances go unscathed (usually). Here's an idea, how about ships can attack ground units? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Naval_gunfire_support Rather than destroy improvements, this would be a lot more balanced.
  15. You are aware that there are perfectly interesting alliances that aren't democratic, right? Weebunism for example is a meritocracy, as are most other alliances I've noticed. That system works and nobody really complains, except Arrgh of course. The voting with your feet argument is not lazy, in fact it would occur with or without democracy. If I'm in an alliance, and it's going a way I don't like, I leave. Period. End of story. Democracy only works in alliances that want it. I do not want to be in a democratic alliance, but I recognize the successes of democratic alliances in Orbis. Saying that everyone should be a democracy is silly, because it doesn't work that way. Not everyone wants to be in a democracy, and a democracy is not fool proof. See the 2016 election and 2020 election and every election in between.
  16. Lmao okay. I would respond, but you don't want to talk about it anymore. I'll leave it at a simple "what?" and "lol". What? Lol.
  17. That's true. I misunderstood that. Sorry. Nonetheless, every single other point I made still standing and poking holes in every aspect of your argument.
  18. @Nokia Rokia you best start 'splainin or i swear ill get shadow to bonk you
  19. Right, either I'm being used as a scapegoat (wouldn't be the first time) or you're stupid. It isn't entirely impossible that both are occurring, however. For one, this is hardly toxic. Much much much more vile language occurs in Orbis on a day to day basis. For two, nobody is following my lead. It's unanimous. If anything, I'm following the crowd in telling them off. For three, it's not like this is the first alliance to do this and get chewed out for it. Nobody gives a shit any other time, so what's different now? Is this alliance somehow special or better than the others? For four, [email protected]#$in and? I never said anyone should/shouldn't be "toxic to newbies". Do whatever the hell you want. You are acting like I am garnering a hate mob against these two alliances, which is blatantly not the case. I've said before and I'll say again, I have no particular grievance with these two alliances and I wish them well. I am merely following the tradition and the culture of baptism by fire in PnW. Maybe, just maybe, you're stepping out of line.
  20. Is that so? It would seem no one has to follow suit....maybe that says something? The defense rests, your honor. Nevermind this:
  21. Uh huh. Okay, maybe you'd like to have a conversation with everyone else who called them out for this? Correct me if I'm wrong, but you are in the minority. Although this did not break the rules it should in no way be encouraged and by contrast everyone's criticism is perfectly valid. So what's your point?
  22. "Good fun" is the poor bullied kid's way of saying he's getting laughed at lmfao. Ironic, I just got out of the shower. Should I do it again? 😛 Ahem, there is a reason why the treaty web doesn't show non-aggression pacts isn't there? Or is that just irrelevant and unrelated and has nothing to do with the fact that NAPs are not worth the time?
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