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  1. Alliance of the Year: 404Most Powerful Alliance: T$Most Improved Alliance: TI (I only count alliances who've been around since last year or longer as Rookie counts all started this year) Best Rookie Alliance (must be an alliance formed in 2020): 404Most Missed Alliance: Goons (fix baseball pls) Best Alliance for New Players: TKRMost Honorable Alliance: RoseMost Immoral Alliance: Morningstar Most Controversial Alliance: TCMBiggest Warmongers: AmpersandBest Alliance Growth: RoseMost Likely to Succeed in 2021: 404Most Likely to be Rolled in 2021: SwampBest Economics Department: 404Best Fo
  2. I mean I can understand if there is a max of 3-4 nominations, sometimes you just really feel like your alliance deserves it. But imo if you aren't relatively certain then just leave the category out
  3. I think troop damage to tanks needs to be reduced. Tank damage to planes need to be reduced. Ship v ship needs another slight increase.
  4. One question, why couldn't you have posted this in the Swamp thread ? What stopped you from not wasting fourm space and killing brain cells?
  5. I have 2 category suggestions. 1. Most influential alliance 2. Most loyal alliance (the alliance who always and most completely follows through on treaties, whether binding or not)
  6. "The pursuit of mastery is an endless journey, but those who persevere etch their names in history."
  7. Don't pull a muscle from that stretch, your echo chamber is just you flooding the fourms with Quack propaganda and playing victim to give your members some twisted sense of moral righteousness and to gain sympathy from those who don't know any better. It's painful that you've come far enough that you really can't even comphened that I can state my own opinions aside from official statements from the alliance. See above statement, as your replies are essentially the same
  8. That is extremely Ironic coming from you of all people. I just pointed out another similarity, but if you want to put on the boot and lace it go ahead. Ultimately you have been doing a very poor job at Proving you aren't with your propaganda threads and the conversations within them, escpecially more recently.
  9. Doing a great job at Proving my echo chamber comment wrong I see. Luckily for me, you don't get to decide if what I said is said on behalf of my alliance. I don't even get to claim I speak for the alliance, I don't even get to start wars, just win them. You seem to be intermixing FA and MA I know you have everyone not willing to use your propaganda gagged, along with everyone who has their own opinions And anyone who doesn't downvote for you (remind you of anyone?) But TI allows a little more personal freedom.
  10. I've already said that I do not speak for Swamp or TI. Just a concerned citizen of the game that understands this is just an attempt to create a pity party for your own echo-chamber All your mention shows is that you have no counter to my argument
  11. Ah yes, another "we'll continue to twist your words even after being proven wrong. " You are preaching to the choir, everyone sees right through your BS. Of course, because your unwarranted aggression has proven that that we should've just been open about us protecting eachother from getting rolled out of the game by Quack all along. /end sarcasm
  12. Curbing is not Synonymous with countering. Countering is to do a similar action to match what someone else has done. Curbing is to take action against someone to stop them from doing something. All this proves is that Swamps growth was simply to attempt to match Quack's growth, as we have stated many times. I love when, while attempting to prove you wrong, they prove you right.
  13. Have you considered that we'd be willing to co-exist with your size, like we all have for months, if you didn't start globals to "bait other spheres into war" as several leaders of Quack has said?
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