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  1. Actually I have an idea, increase down declare range to 0.66/ or even 0.6 instead of the current .75
  2. I didn't call rading in itself bullying, but when you've played for a year or more and can only compete with people who can't fight back (not talking inactives) and dont understand the game at all, it's rather pathetic (and counter-prodcutive to playerbase growth) and kinda bullying.
  3. These nations would be even closer in score with your suggested changes... And nation 2 is already able to updeclare to nation 1 before the loss of infra and military.
  4. I like the concept, I would like to see beige time earned for infra destroyed (at a reduced rate) to incentivize attacks that do infra damage but not much unit damage (missles, nukes, navals)
  5. By the same standard NPO won the last global by leaving the game and not accepting Coal A demands for white peace. When enemy tanks turn into tents, you have to wonder who is your agression costing more, we made the right choice ending this while still blantantly ahead in damages.
  6. I Commend the 6 remaining members of TCM and Nokia for sticking it out, enjoy the rebuild.
  7. My only problem with the Captcha is that it sometimes says i got it wrong when I know I didn't after doing 4 or 5 in a row, it has gotten to the point where I can tell which one is going to be marked as wrong before I even click verify.
  8. How exactly does increasing how many people can sit on everyone make it harder to sit on people? You should really read what you write before you send it. If anything this just would make it easier for a smaller players to updeclare and sit on high tiers. If anything, city score should remain at 100 but military score values should be returned to their pre-update values to make a true impact towards what the OP is suggesting.
  9. I don't support things because they are beneficial to my alliance, my support is dictated by the validity of the idea, And this one isn't good.
  10. Im telling you that you are greatly overestimating how hard it is to manage 15 people. And you misunderstood my comment, as with the city score update and beige update had benefited TI greatly I didn't state my support for it, this is an update that would be detrimental to my Alliance compared to the lack of beige, and I still support it, because its a good idea and gives people getting hit the hardest a fighting chance, and that should speak volumes in itself. Either way, I'm not squabbling with you on this anymore, I made my point.
  11. Your very wrong assumptions are just making you look angry, do you even have any evidence to back up those claims of incompetency? TI does have 20~ MilCom Staff, the same ratio applies that if you are going to find two willing and competent MilCom people in an alliance of 30 that I could find 20 in an alliance of 300. "You have to be Boyce tier MilCom to manage 15 people " you're kidding right? I think you greatly overestimate your intelligence, pretending only a few elite players can manage to do MilCom when really its something that can be taught in much less time than the average university course. For example; the last global war, it took us 2 weeks to integrate the strategies created during the first 6 months into our system. There's a need for high levels of activity, a desire to learn and inherently enjoying the Pvp aspect of the game, everything else can be taught
  12. I don't think you understand that what you currently have out now can be grinded down before what you build later.
  13. Also this is one of the few recent changes that doesn't benefit my own alliance/Sphere, so I feel like I can give my opinion on it without it being claimed I support it only to benefit TI or Swamp as a whole.
  14. See this just proves my point, I'd never have to solo plot out an entire war for TI, I have a very competent MilCom Team whom I deliver instruction too and we all then instruct the alliance It's a pyramid of instruction of simple orders, that when most people complete it , a cohesive and complex strategy is unfolded across the entire system. You say I lack experience yet you are the one here complaining about being inable to properly lead a much smaller AA. On that note, it takes experience to recognize experience, there are many transferable skills and bits of knowledge you can bring here from other games, and when it comes too PVP Nation Sims, managing the war effort of a 5 year long global is just the tip of the iceberg for me.
  15. Your city count is the ultimate determinant of your maximum Military capabilities. The same alliance who has been bullying new players for years with low infra exploits and 10+ city count differences is now crying that they must fight people closer to their own city count and skill level. Cry me river, lmao
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