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  1. It’s been an utter, CATastrophe, eh? Eh? Okay I’m sorry we’ll disband now. congrats on the new alliance!
  2. Looks like we’re getting a new battlefield. In the future, but not too far in the future, but far enough with robot dogs. https://youtu.be/LuXsKqwE3v8 thoughts?
  3. 36 seconds is all I could do of it. good luck tho.
  4. Are we having fun yet?
  5. That's all you got? Missiles? At the tier we're at? Holy crap you are incompetent.
  6. Hey boo boo, tell your people to stop hiding in biege, k? k. thanks bye.
  7. This is hilarious, have fun Black Skies. Couldn't have happened to a more deserving group.
  8. Inb4 we become child murdering, cape wearing, laser sword death monks.
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