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  1. Seems to be the trend. >Weird fan fiction tl;dr allies lmao You say its temporary. Did you set a time length? Or is it just because you don't want to be trolled for signing an ally like the time when everyone yelled at t$ and Rose?
  2. Can we get it in the alliance control panel instead? It took me months to acquire a means to use the api for this that works, and even then it required me to put my login information which is really sus. And even then I was told I could not share it publicly.
  3. To zig's displeasure as well! Oh my goodness wizel I can't believe you actually held me to that.
  4. The only war in recent memory with an excellent DoW and a proper CB. And its from Arrgh. Take notes, macros.
  5. Including mil improvements? So they couldn't rebuy? I feel like this would be an interesting separate weapon. Little infra damage but disables improvements. EMP.
  6. It has been one full year since I and my brothers gave up our high positions and Orbisly ambitions to join the abbey. One year ago, we set out in the hopes of being a blessing to Orbis. Through the change of protectorates, several wars/raids, and 800 thousand merger requests, we thrived individually. However our mission remained. Through the last year, we followed the economic policy of freewill giving; in addition to modeling ourselves according to Acts 2:42-47, nearly every member for the last year has tithed towards a goal that we are finally making public: The Hope Cache. The Hope Cache is a Monastery-run, volunteer-accessible charity intended to help those who are beaten, bullied, raided, and otherwise destroyed. Volunteer-accessible means that anyone who wishes to contribute from outside our alliance may do so. Contributing to the hope cache allows you to full and public accounting of amounts and all outgoing transfers (Yes, this means doing public econ), and allows you to have a say in who the funds are distributed to. Any who wish to contribute may do so. This is a charity, so you will not get a return on investment... but maybe the government will give you a tax break? Either way, we do not give to gain earthly treasures. What does this mean for you? The Hope Cache has grown to the point where we feel comfortable delivering funds more regularly. However we are reserved monks naïve to much that goes on. When you see someone in need, let us know. And whether you're interested in this idea or want to scoff, feel free to join our discord and discuss it with us. https://discord.gg/DjtgzzMxrc The Monastery zigbigadorlou, Abbot Wolfe, Deacon of Benevolence BritishDude, Bishop of Foreign Affairs Macca, Bishop of Milcom tl;dr: The Monastery celebrates 1 year and founds the Hope Cache charity.
  7. What is with you continuously posting this comically large emoji
  8. Why aren't you using Doctor's script? Is that not on github anymore?
  9. There's no way people will agree to this on its face. Tweak: Project makes power plants hittable only if you don't choose a target.
  10. Alright, now I know you guys are trolling. There's no way you picked "Ouroboros" except to hear how @Thalmor will butcher the pronunciation.
  11. Whether people like it or not, is there a mechanism whereby we could code and test it to get a real feel for it? Lots of good points in the thread, but I'd love to see your past idea of having a rolling supply of tweaks getting used on the test server.
  12. Here I had hoped we were seeing an end to all blocs! Disappoint.
  13. I can confirm that @Lysander doesn't know how to pronounce Coven.
  14. Wait, is spanky tied to Gringotts? Asking spanky to do FA for anyone sounds dangerous for all parties.
  15. Lol what do people even do on Friday nights in summer? That's usually my most free time. No wonder you guys keep missing Thalmor Radio.
  16. I typed that before I realized monti wrote it
  17. I stand with Thalmor The Knights Radiant, who is based upon the ideals of “Life before death, strength before weakness, journey before destination.” * Life before death - "The Radiant seeks to defend life, always. He never kills unnecessarily, and never risks his own life for frivolous reasons. Living is harder than dying. The Radiant's duty is to live." * Strength before weakness - "All men are weak at some time in their lives. The Radiant protects those who are weak, and uses his strength for others. Strength does not make one capable of rule; it makes one capable of service." * Journey before destination - "There are always several ways to achieve a goal. Failure is preferable to winning through unjust means. Protecting ten innocents is not worth killing one. In the end, all men die. How you lived will be far more important to the Almighty than what you accomplished." An Alliance who has managed to exist in Orbis with these self righteous ideals, has yet to truly be challenged under their new King’s rule. With the stars of Celestial falling one by one, surely Wizel watched the beautiful sights and scene unfold. What was meant to be a battle of the Titans turned out to be nothing more than an underwhelming event. As such, us dark practitioners would like to enact our own interpretation of the Knight’s creeds. *Death before life - "The Poisoned Tongue seeks to destroy life, always. It always kills unnecessarily, and will seek to do regardless of the risks to itself. Living is harder than dying. We intend to make it even harder." * Never-ending weakness- "All men are weak for most their lives. The Ache of Samyaza ensures that the flesh remains atrophied, and He uses His strength to make recovery impossible. Decay is the natural order of life, and we seek to ensure that only the natural occur." * The Final Destination - " There are many ways to skin a cat. Disease, accidents, and WAR. What claims ten in one scenario may only claim two in another. In the end, all men die. The great wonders and accomplishments of man will also fade away and turn to dust. The only salvation is to end your torment now, rather than later. We will be your saviors. Fate is all around us and everyone eventually meets theirs. Darkness has fallen again and corrupt souls will destroy anyone in their path. The Radiants have not had a true test in quite awhile. Seeing their pixels destroyed by the Hands of Fate, will be a true celebration as evil once again prevails. Therefore, we would like to welcome The Knights Radiant to their pixel bonfire this fateful night. No need to RSVP.
  18. Some say the pen is mightier than the sword. We shall soon see if the penis mightier.
  19. No its not swords. Its S words. Words that begin with the letter S. Like sabre.
  20. Lighthouse has been basically dead for a month now.
  21. Unfortunately, I have not considered joining an alliance 😔
  22. Wait is this vein's multi or something?
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