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  1. Agreed. Almost every time I was properly taxed, and every time I was on 100/100, it was to minimize losses from raiders.
  2. Hey look! The alliance pips work now! They're all the same (VE?) but they work!
  3. I will return your $25 million if you nuke HC for ruining you.
  4. I made a request to have a reset or a second server to start fresh on which was completely shot down.
  5. I was wondering what was taking you guys so long to kill my mil 💪😤
  6. Is that test symbology? Pretty cringe, ngl. edit: symbolism
  7. Rose, you have let me down. You had the chance to elect greatness (Vice, obvi), but instead you elect...who?
  8. Don't worry. We don't have a NAP with you 😈
  9. Really now? What's the statute of limitations on NPOlt? That war ended in, what, march of 2020? So a full 18 months of waiting. Are you really dragging up a year and a half's old CB the moment epi steps into office? You've had plenty of time to hit them based on their views a year ago.
  10. Excuse me? Don't you mean GrumpyStopper or GrumpySmacked?
  11. So, the CB is an anti-Epi grudge match I take it?
  12. Please state your CB in plain language or this will be labeled as religious persecution/genocide. Thanks -zig
  13. The forums should be a place for anyone to engage in the community, not just hyper active people that remember the actions of some guy in a micro months/years ago.
  14. Please state your CB in plain words or I'm labeling this as a grudge match.
  15. You're not one of those...dial up revisionists are you 🤢🤢🤢🤢 I thought we were going for things that don't happen every single war!
  16. Do I have poor reading comprehension, or are these points contrary? I've shouted that FA belongs in public channels many times... Keegoz got annoyed enough to leave our bloc! But yeah get Adam back in the seat, and get those filthy DMs out of politics. Hot take: whining about the meta doesn't fix the meta. How is it stagnating? The oldest bloc right now is oasis. The blocs are in a seeming constant state of flux. If that's not dynamic politics, I don't know what is. E522, GnR, The last ride: 3 major wars since the global NAP ended in April. The desire for shorter, more frequent wars seems to have been achieved. We got what y'all asked for, and I guess its not what you wanted? I think what you're secretly annoyed at is a lack of dynamic FA stance on the part of your own alliance...which is fair, because "grumpy bad, rose dishonest" is getting kinda old. Seriously, isn't that everyone's pet peeve? Like, spit it out. What do you have against @Eumirbago? Eumirbago is a loyal and valued member I thought? I feel like you guys don't show eumir nearly enough respect.
  17. I can't wait to get one of your world famous t bone steaks
  18. If you're interested in making that happen, DM me on discord as I'm involved with several radio shows.
  19. I'm not sure a strict structure is appropriate since its good to allow for stylistic differences, however a structured CB breakdown is absolutely lacking in most cases. I imagine the modern post style is particularly difficult to approach for new players considering it likely takes years of playing for many people to decide if the current CB is valid or not. And its often not even a 1000 word essay... it's usually some abomination akin to fan fiction that obfuscates the actual point in favor of putting people's names in irrelevant stories. Notable exceptions exist of course.
  20. Sounds kinda toxic. And plus, I already posted a list of valid CBs. Your list seems more like "I DONT LIKE YOU I WANT YOU TO QUIT GRRRRREEEEE" kind of fodder which is the worst kind of politics to care about. The recent CBs actually fit your list so long as you recognize the subtlety of a couple years of bickering.
  21. I'm not the one who has to be good at war. #ZIzigbigadorlou
  22. A simple addition to the active wars screen would be to add an icon for the Iron Dome and VDS. I imagine it could work like the ground control and air superiority icons. I doubt you'd need extra text, just something to instantly see if they have VDS as opposed to clicking and scrolling through the nation or going to the missile/nuke option.
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