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    Alex. The previous econ update has broken the economy. A list of negative side effects of this update: Raw and refined resources are at an all time high in price, whilst commerce value has been reduced dramatically. This means people have less money to purchase refined resources which are now at a drastically higher value, no ability to self sustain with them at all, and as a result it takes a considerably longer period of time to amass them in order to do anything. Supermarkets, and by extension, the ITC project, are literally useless for anyone but the people with the highest of infrastructure builds, as they pay out a pittance in value vs most resources. Prices of refined resources will continue to rise as the overall supply continues to drop, as it requires you to be much larger, and takes you much longer, to produce the same amount of resources under the older system. This will either stagnate war in the game, or create a serious (like Venezuela level) resource shortage. Smaller nations are completely stagnated and are unable to compete with larger nations who have gotten over the lower tier stagnation area. It requires a much higher base level of infrastructure to sustain the same profits one could in the older system, but the costs are not reduced (100 infra reduction cost is a pittance and was a stupid bandaid fix, as was the daily login bonus). It requires a much larger upfront investment in order to even be profitable. It is essentially impossible to self sustain any sort of growth now at all without aid. Additionally, alliances no longer have the incentive to invest heavily in noobs either, as there is a investment hurdle that needs to be overcome before a nation is profitable, and now alliances have less money overall to deal with, and are less likely to invest in noobs heavily as they are a risky investment in general. The reasons why this is happening: You nerfed the shit out of commerce, reducing the overall purchasing power of nations, forced it to compete with refined resources by disallowing commerce AND resources in a sustainable nation build, forced those to compete with other necessary resources like food/uranium. All the while increasing the base amount of slots simply to sustain a single focused build, AND you did not reduce the slots of military to offset this, severely punishing higher military build alliances, and completely killing any profitability during war at all for any nations that don't have huge swaths of infrastructure, which usually get rekt in war. You increased the pollution aspect of natively producing refined resources to such a degree as to make it literally impossible to max produce even 1 refined resources without taking a larger commerce hit, and increased the slot usage of raws so much, making it impossible for smaller nations to even fit the neccessary slots. This forced people to rely heavier on the even-increasing market with the reduced commerce profit. You increased the slot usage of commerce, reducing the individual value of each commerce improvement. Since the profit of commerce improvements is fixed relative only to your infrastructure level basically, you gutted the value of the smaller improvements like supermarkets relative to literally some of the worst profiting resources for the vast majority of infra builds. How to fix this issue: Remove the update and return it to how it was previously. Return it to the original slots, pollution values, upkeep values, and infrastructure costs. Put aside your pride and instead of resorting to bandaid after the fact fixes to the issue, return to the previous system. The economy had minor balance issues under the previous system, which I documented and pointed out in the hopes you would increase the demand for resources, but the direction you took it has made things worse. I know you said you introduced the update in order to stop people from producing multiple resource types, but this was never an actual balance issue. Producing multiple refined resources in the previous system was done AT A LOSS in income, and the "solution" provided was a huge overshot to an arbitrary problem that did not need fixing. I've been considering whether I should even bother posting this for awhile, since you were pretty adamant in not rolling back the changes at the time (even going so far as to placate the community with other often requested updates), but honestly if you don't step in and resolve this you are going to continue to stagnate the game and the economy is only going to get worse. Doing this will both help new players who are struggling under the current econ system, and make war more feasible for the average alliance on a more regular basis than once per year.
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    War Stats The New Pacific Order, Lord of Darkness and I are happy to present: War Stats 2.0. https://npowned.net/pw-war-statistics/ It has pretty graphs. It is fully searchable. And everything is sortable, clickable (click someone's alliance to see the alliance stats etc). If you click on items within graphs you can switch on/off those elements. Methodology: This tool tracks every single attack made in the game, it tracks the infra prior too, and immediately after attacks, it tracks how much infra every single one of a nations cities has prior to a beige. It uses the daily average traded resource price (outliers excluded: e.g. 1 Food for 1,000,000) for all loot calculations, resource use costs, and rebuys. State of the War: As we are incredible creative/tired, we have thoughtfully named the IQ/t$ Side 1 and everyone else Side 2 Coming Soon: Leader boards for Unit Kills, Most Damaging Beige's, lists of individual attacks and more! Best Regards, Frawley & Lord of Darkness PS. Sorry Sketchy for starting a new thread, however yours has been derailed sufficiently that I figure this warrants a new one.
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    Did you disband your alliance just so people would upvote something you posted?
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    Good evening Orbis, I am Ripper, and this is Terminal News Hour. A week has passed since the commencement of hostilities between Terminal Jest and IQ. One of our most talented spies reporters managed to infiltrate the IQ headquarters and record a general assembly of the IQ officers, reporting to their Supreme Leader, Roq. The main topic discussed was the performance of the IQ forces and the current damages sustained by them. (For those offended, remember... We just Jest.)
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    It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live As apart of the war effort to remove TKR from power. For being apart of the sphere that sat atop the game and strangled it with inactivity For a little taste of vengeance. And of course, to be dynamic! Terminus Est Declares War upon Guardian
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    tl;dr: CoS declares war on Guardian Mandatory non-chaining Destruction and Optional Annihilation Pact Article I: Sovereignty The signatories of this treaty promise to infringe on the sovereignty of each other, and agree to mutually disrespect the right to conduct one’s internal affairs without external interference. Article II: Intelligence The signatories of this treaty agree that they are very intelligent. Article III: Mandatory Destruction Both parties are obligated to bring it on... Article IV: Optional Annihilation … till there is nothing left of the opponent. That’s optional though. A tank or two can be left standing. Article V: Non-Chaining Both parties agree to not have exclusive rights on the destruction of each other. Article VI: Cancellation Raising a white flag will do it. Signatures: For CoS: Ripper For Guardian: Ripper -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Leaving jokes aside, I would like to take this chance to make some political statements: CoS was and remains truly paperless. This does not mean it remains neutral at all times. The alliance had the chance to join either side of the war (an offer was available from EMC) and the choices made were based on values of the alliance and wishes of its members. Although there are many parameters to take under consideration, if only one reason was required to understand the choice of CoS for this war, that would be the challenge offered and the behaviour of certain alliances; as of today: out of the almost 80 nations with more than 26-30 cities, EMC has 40 of them at its side, with the true paperless (CoS / TEst) having 14 of them, and the rest of 25 being distributed in all other alliances. out of the almost 30 nations with more than 30 cities, EMC has 25 of them (!), with the truly paperless (CoS / TEst) having 4 of them. We do respect the fact that some people may enjoy playing it safe, just signing everyone in their range and militarizing out of range. We do understand this may make them feel that that is how the game is supposed to be “won” or that taking it easy is the definition of fun. However, CoS would have no fun in joining a side with such a mentality. And would certainly not lose a chance to try and prove that there is no safe place to hide. Except for VM and deletion of course. Regarding our “ultimate goal”, we have a vision of a more fragmented Orbis, with more frequent, low-scale wars, and less paper strangling the game. Ironically, the side we had to pick has not followed tactics that move towards that vision (maybe the opposite is the case). However, removing the illusion of a “safe place to hide” is of greater priority for us, since we believe that this move can be a game-changer, in the sense of affecting the mentality of the corresponding players. Finally, to the parties from EMC that I was in touch with, I personally apologise for using ambiguity and playing with words to keep you in the dark. However, I hope you understand that telling you that I was already planning to go to war against your side was kinda difficult... I presume you would have done something similar, if you were in my shoes. Although I technically did not lie (you can recheck the logs), I will have to live with the guilt of not being straightforward with you. We hope all parties have fun and enjoy playing the game.
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    What I am proposing is changing the infrastructure formula from what it used to be. I'm not sure if i'm allowed to post sheepy's old formula, but my new formula basically works to decrease the initial infrastructure cost up to the breaking point at around 2750. After that the cost would increase a fair bit. This is the costs of the old formula and my new formula. With this the lower infrastructure is a lot cheaper, which will help with player retention due to having more things to DO at the start, allow for smaller alliances to grow quicker, and make rebuild faster and return of interest on infra faster. With this as well I think the soft cap most people go to will increase from 2k-2.25k to around 2.25k-2.5k. However within it there is a large room for varied builds, something building onto what sheepy wanted with the last update, which was variety in build. Along with this, the lower infra patterns (such as being at 1500 for Mensa) would still be viable and allow for more and quicker wars in the game, such as 1 or 2 round fights (which requires less warchest). This would add a lot to the game and make it less boring and politics more interesting. Also the percentage saved in a graph: Sorry if any of my writing seems odd, I had writers block writing this Edit: why do i have to submit this as a question?
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    I am going to remove all of the Trial Changes in the most recent update except for the Econ update. After listening to the feedback here and on Discord, I have decided it was too hasty to try and force those live for testing. Obviously they all have different consequences, and it is a lot to try and stick in the game without any testing. My fear was simply that without some additional changes, nations may be too vulnerable with just the war changes that were tested, and that perhaps I and others had made an oversight during the two tournaments of testing. In any case, I apologize for the 'scare' for many of you, and I promise I do listen to player feedback and my intent is not to, uh, destroy the game and force you all to quit or whatever you think it may be sometimes.
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    With Ayylah as our witness, jihad begins today to defend the holy land from non-believers and to rid the world of infidels. We shall fight to the death to defend Jerusayylmao, the Dome of Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, and all of our other beloved holy sites. Then we shall push towards Rome and convert the entire world to Ayyslam as He has commanded. There is no God but Ayylah and Lmaohammad is his messenger.
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    We want to dance, you want to dance, and we saw you guys checking us out. We’re not big believers in having to wait for the guy to work up the courage to pull us away from our friends and ask us out, so here we are. Let’s dance! The Knights Radiant declares war on Knights Templar, The Golden Horde, and Esquire Templar.
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    Merry Christmas! All of my P&W comics available here. Episode 27: Orbis Total War
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    This past month or so has been an interesting time leading Rose, despite basically nothing happening in the wider game. My predecessors left some very big shoes to fill and I've been doing all that I can to make sure I don't disappoint them or the membership of Rose. I've kept a mostly low profile and refrained from making any big moves while I adjusted to my role in leadership. Now that I've gotten my toes wet in the shallow water, I think it is time to wade further into the depths. We've had a fun year alongside our allies and friends in EMC. The relationships made amongst us I'm confident will last for a long time, even if we are now moving on our own separate paths in the hopes of reigniting the spark of fun and conflict that has been slowly been dying in the game for some time. While this was far from an easy decision, as ultimately this is a game of people, and the friends we make here are a large part of what breaks the monotony of an average game (Sorry Alex), it is ultimately a game, and we should all do what we can to make it more fun for ourselves, our members, and other players. Pantheon, you guys have always been a strong and dependable partner. You guys came to bat for us when we most needed it in Git Gud Friday (Yes that is the real name of the war) and we had a blast, we worked well together and I hope someday in the future we’ll get to fight together again. Guardian, while we never got to fight together as treaty partners, our relations began well before we ever signed paper. While some were apprehensive of us when we first signed Mensa, you guys were willing to give us a chance from the beginning, and we are grateful for that. TKR, it has been a pleasure working with you guys. Not all alliances in this game are true to their word, but you’ve always been genuine in your desire to protect your allies and your friends while also striving to improve the game around you and change things for the better. We hope you guys achieve your goals, and when you do that others take note and follow in your footsteps. TCW, you guys are often overlooked, but how many alliances can say they have grown as quickly as you, and defied public perception against you, you proved to your detractors that you aren’t just a second iteration of GPA. Keep defying expectations and don’t forget you guys have the potential to be a large political force in this game. Also we are still waiting on Green Enforcement Agency. Mensa, gone but not forgotten, you guys literally saved Rose from probable disbandment. That is not the sort of debt that can be repaid, but just know you have a friend for life. As is probably obvious by this point, Rose has given notice to both Pantheon and Guardian. We had a good year together with the members of EMC and we hope to have another good year on whatever path we take next. The 72 hours start now. ~ Redarmy
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    Stats are based on the stat tracker so if they are wrong blame Alex lmfao.
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    Zygon was sitting in his room reading a book on grammar. It wasn’t that he needed the practice or anything, but he really did need the practice. It was late and outside snow was falling softly. Winterfell had been at edge for weeks now as rumors of war had come from seemingly everywhere. Tonight was peaceful and quiet. At least it was until Zygon heard footsteps running down the hall towards his room. They slowed to a stop outside his door and muffled words leaked through the doors as whoever was outside talked to the guards. The door opened and Ballard walked in with a slip of paper gripped tightly in his hand. “My lord, we’ve received a raven. We don’t where it flew from or it’s sender. Only the note that it was carrying.” Ballard said holding out the paper to Zygon, who sighed, and took it. He read it over a couple of times. “How prepared are we?” Zygon asked, putting the note aside. “As ready as we can be. We’ve been ready for a long time.” Ballard said and Zygon nodded. There had been rumors that war was going to be happening for months now., though it felt like years. Whispers of massive armies consolidating power with the word DYNAMIC ™ had been drifting up North for some time. If what the note said was true, then people we’re fighting back against this power, whatever it was. “It’s time for us to join the fray. We can’t stand idly by while everyone else has all the fun can we?” Zygon said. He stood up and walked over to the fireplace where his father’s sword hung above the mantle. It had been years since it drew blood. It thirsted for blood just as the Men of the North did. Zygon carefully took it from its place and turned to Ballard. He nodded to his unspoken question and Ballard left the room to ready the armies for war. * * * Roquentin hated the open sea. It made his guinea pig nose quiver in fear. He knew that he’d never recover from the pain and loss caused by the Clowns in that fateful war. Now that there was a fog over the ocean, it only made his fear worse. You never knew what was resting just out of sight, ready to attack. “Try and send a signal to the ships around us. We’re going to continue on our present course and hope that we’re near land.” Roq ordered one of his crew. He tried to recall the maps of this ocean he had been pondering over before the battle had begun. There was land somewhere, unfamiliar to IQ and to many others. They managed to get a signal to some of the ships around them and together with the signals of lanterns, they began to slowly move in search of land. As the day wore on and the sun rose higher in the sky, the fog began to disperse, replaced by slow snowfall but revealing a shadowy mass not afar off. Roq ran to the front of his ship to get a better look. It was without a doubt, land. “Land! Land Ho!” he shouted, his stub of a tail wagging in delight “Send a signal to the others if they haven’t seen it! Make ready to disembark!” The ships became a bustle of activity as everyone prepared to beach. A lone wolf howl drifted through the air and the shoreline came more easily into view through the fog. It was a large beach, but it would still be crowded with many of the IQ ships hauled up on it. There was a plentiful forest on either side and farther back from the beach stood a hill. It would make a good place to make camp during their stay here. The ships came into contact with the shore and the crews jumped out of their ships to hoist them ashore. When his was fully beached, Roq disembarked and began to bark orders to his crew, telling them what to unload or where to set up preliminary camp. Around him the other ships were disembarking as well and Legionaries were coming up to Roq waiting for instructions. A wolf howled again, followed by more wolves joining in. Auctor ran up to Roq.. “We’ve noticed movement in the trees around us. There’s got to be hundreds of wolves out there.” Auctor said breathlessly. Adrenaline was clearly coursing through his system. “We’ll build a massive bonfire. Have everyone take up arms in case they attack.” Roq replied, loosening his sword from its sheath. They never could get a break. First, the clowns, then pirates, then another war, and now wolves of all things to attack them. As Auctor ran off, to relay his orders, the wolves reached a peak of howling before dying back down. All was silent except for the wind blowing snow slowly across the landscape. A chill ran down Roq’s spine and all of his fur stood on end. This was not good, not good at all. “Form up on me! Now!” Roq yelled pulling out his sword. In less than a minute everyone had formed a semi-circle facing away from the beach. One wolf howled and a figure appeared on the hill with a broadsword resting on its shoulder. “Who are you?” Roq yelled, “In the name of The Inquisition state your name!” The figure on the hill remained quiet. Roq took a quick glance around then looked back to the figure on the hill. But he was no longer alone. A massive wolf was on the hill next to him. It raised its head and howled. This time, a chorus followed as the rest of the wolves joined in. When they died off, Roq again yelled to the figure on the hill. “I say again, in the name of The Inquisition, who are you?” “Who is this Inquisition you speak of? And who are you?” The figure yelled back. A confused gasp escaped from several people around Roq. Who was this imbecile that didn’t know who the great IQ was or Papa Roq? “I am Roquentin, Emperor of the New Pacific Order. I’m also God-Emperor of The Inquisition, the greatest empire to ever rule the world. I have authority over all things our flag flies upon. If you look behind us, you’ll see that flag. That means that you are under my reign and authority.” Roq said “I do not recognise the authority of you, or that of The Inquisition. Take your ships and go back from where you came from, or face the consequences.” the figure moved his sword from his shoulder and placed the tip into the ground and spread his hands. Clearly this was a reasonable request to him. But that didn’t fly in IQ. “You dare threaten me? Surrender now and we may spare some of your people.” Roq snarled. First this person hadn’t heard of IQ, and now he was bold enough to threaten the greatest empire that ever reigned over the world. “I am Zygon of House Stark, First of His Name, King in the North, Protector of the Realm, Misspeller of Werdz, Killer of Dragons, and Harbinger of Justice. I defy you and your empire. I say to you one final time, go back from whence you came and leave us alone.” “And I say to you, King in the North, bend the knee or die.” Zygon laughed and raised his sword in salute to Roq. “Sorry, I’m not one to kneel. I know now that you are one of the ones involved in wars in the south, and I also know that our allies are involved in these wars. You were given two chances to leave and did not heed them. Now I, Zygon of House Stark and the only King in the North, sentence you and your men to die. I swear that this will be carried out by my hand and my men, in the name of the old gods and the new.” From behind Zygon a mass of people appeared over the crest of the hill. Northerners, and a lot of them. They soon broke into a run and a wave of direwolves busted through their ranks running towards them. Roq had just enough time to register that forces were coming from all sides, not just in front of them. It was only a matter of time before the Legionnaires were overwhelmed and overrun. This was it, the end. Roq was taken aback by his fear. He was an Emperor, and not supposed to be afraid. But the pile of guinea pellets he’d dropped smelled otherwise As Zygon ran towards Roq the Legionnaires broke ranks and tried to run. They lost their cohesive structure and Men of the North quickly filled the holes in their ranks killing them quickly. Darth Revan lead a force to outflank the Legionnaires and burn the boats. Roq and his men would be stranded on the beach, and then they would die on the beach. Roquentin knew in that moment, he done diddly messed up. House Stark Declares War on New Pacific Order
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    Alliances of Orbis, The leadership of The True The Vanguard declares neutrality in this war. We will not raise up arms against our enemies in TKR, nor will we fight alongside them against in IQ. The True The Vanguard will remain completely committed to neutrality in this war, and all military build up seen is purely to roll The Revolutionary Front. If we are attacked, we will strike back with extreme prejudice against anyone who takes it upon themselves to bring the fight to us. Take note, that should anyone strike The True The Vanguard at this time, our immediate and only goal will be the complete and utter destruction of our enemy's military forces and their complete and total surrender. For those who wish to fight in this war, we bid you bad fortune in the wars to come. For those who do not wish to fight, but have had the fight brought to you, stop being whiney little pixelhuggers. If war must come, man up buttercup. TLDR: The Golden Horde and KT declare war on The Revolutionary Front
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    Long has LeotheGreat waited. In the tortuous centuries since the death of his world, Leo has tirelessly, and single-mindedly sought one thing: balance. Convinced that the universe of Orbis has become too large, too stagnant, too crowded. If the whales are allowed to grow and flourish, then they will undoubtedly cause both their own demise, and the doom of all others. One by one alliances have been swayed by feminine charm and beguilement, leading to passivity and bloating. Many other alliances have been saved, their members culled, and infrastructure reduced by half - to sustainable levels. But now Leo seeks a more far-reaching, permanent solution - one that will save everyone. To do this he seeks the Infinity Alliances, the most powerful forces in the game, born at the dawn of Orbis to control all aspects of reality. With these, he can finally reach his long-sought goal, and watch the update flip over on a happy game. Now, word reaches him that the first alliance has been found, in the possession of a bloated horde known as The Knights Radiant. Aided by his most trusted disciples, the Black Knights, Leo sets out to claim his destiny. Aided by the children of The Inquisition, they now launch a devastating attack on the Radiant Knights. A decadent culture, these knights guard this stone jealously. Taking it will be no easy fight, but it is no worry, for the hordes of The Inquisition have blood to spare. The red hordes of Pacifica, the prosperous companies of the sea, and a converted Guardians of the Galaxy all have joined this righteous crusade. These knights with a Radiant sickness have wronged all, and Karma, or rather destiny, has come for its dues. Using intermediaries has failed to yield these stones, ...and now, as they say, he must do it himself! Signed, Black Knights: New Pacific Order: Emperor: Roquentin Regent: Lord of Darkness Imperial Officers: Prince Henry, Auctor, Keshav Guardians of the Galaxy: Star Lord: Seeker The Collector: YangCheng Nova Prime: Ivory Knight Master Technician: KingofBlueBears Acadia: Directors: Lord Proprietor: TheNG Patroon: George Clooney Resident Ministers: Cape Merchant: Acey Intendant: Amand Kosh Sergeant-at-Arms: Curtis Lowe Chief Agent: Acey Infowars:
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    Over our arch-rivals, our truest enemies, pretty much the exact opposite of what we stand for, Terminus Est. Now you might be asking: "Wait, what?" or saying: "That doesn't make sense." You're right to think that way, at least at first. You see, as the resident archivist at TFP, it's my job to make sure all of our documentation is order, for history and the like. And making sure people aren't committing tax fraud. And while I was making sure that no one was paying any taxes, I discovered something truly harrowing. TEst had declared war on us. And occupied us. Which was scary in its own right, considering I was in the alliance at the time and the occupation caused our old Facilitator to quit. (rip cromwell/morty) But. The truly, truly terrifying part? The dates didn't add up. The only post on November 11? Bank Robbery. On November 1? Avansies. Avansies. Micros, and Micro peaces. Coincidence? I think not. Bank Robbery is stealing. If you steal from a micro, it's like stealing from a baby. TEst broke apart into three alliances. Western Union, Cobra Kai Dojo, and Knights Templar. Baby cobras have full strength venom, and Catholics baptize their children as soon as possible, often with a month after birth. Western Union is based off of Nigeria, which has one of the highest population growth rates of the world. They make babies. Do you see what I'm getting at yet? Neither do I. But considering these ever-spawning catholic cobra babies, there's a clear threat going on. One that will take down all of Orbis when all of these venom monk children become adolescents. Angst. They'll get angsty and take it out on their parents. But they only have on parent, and it's not Alex. (We all know he's disowned all of us anyway) It's TEst. Now like a month ago or so (I wasn't paying attention) there was Terminus Jest. Jest. Jest is defined as "a thing said or done for amusement; a joke." They were making fun of Terminus Est. And Terminus Est died because of it. That's why TFP has won, since TEst is gone. But wait. TFP fought TEst literally, which we all know ended poorly for TFP. It was mockery that killed TEst in the end. They say mockery is the sincerest form of flattery. Flattery. Flatulence. It smells bad. You know what also smells bad? The breath of people who don't brush their teeth. That's because their teeth get covered in plaque and bacteria and all sorts of nasty germs. Germs that could carry the plague. But do you know what they made toothbrushes out of? Horsehair. That's the real issue in all of this. Horses. All content is hereby signed and only backed up by TFP adviser Sea. This message does not represent the views of the entirety of The Fighting Pacifists alliance, nor a plurality of it. Take with a grain of salt, as always, and remember to fact check what you see online, as some statements might be factual while others might be blatant lies. Ask and you shall receive. Also, we formally declare war on Horsemen, if it wasn't clear enough.
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    Legends tell of a Great Hippo. A prophet of Dio. A fierce warrior. Who, when reborn in the belly of a snake, ascended to godhood. Embolden by nearly unlimited power and a great PR campaign, this green hippopotamus decided to form his own alliance, known as The Golden Echo Chamber. Their stated goal was simple: to war and war often. This golden chamber attracted followers from all over such as Fanag the Hawk, Keynes the Persuasive, and Justin the Sassy. However, a great darkness infiltrated their chamber. These nefarious agents, such as Arkiri the Hateful and Settra the OOCer Attacker, tortured the land. They persecuted the less fortunate and bullied children. Buorhann asked his friend Horsecock the Horse Cock (who was as smart as his name suggests) what he should do about this mess. "My magnificent hippo, your PR is so great thanks to your recent success, all will believe your every word. Simply make as many excuses as your mouth allows and the fools who hear you will believe it.” Emboldened by this advice, Buorhann set out, determined to take as little accountability for his alliance’s actions as possible. Soon afterwards, they set out on a great campaign. A coalition had been formed against the empire known only as Roqovia. They despised Roqovia for their perceived inaction, avoidance of war, and a particular dislike of hamsters in general. Determined to prove their worth, The Golden Echo Chamber set out and fought Roqovia’s most powerful dukedoms such as Polaris and ODN. From the stats they accumulated, it would have been easy to mistakenly believe they intentionally targeted the ones who they thought would be the easiest targets. The war, however, soon began to turn against them. With a possible defeat in sight, Buorhann decided to betray the values he had learned as a Prophet of Dio and sacrifice the morals he founded The Golden Echo Chamber upon. He did the unthinkable, something that had never been done before. He signed a 6 month NAP. Now Buorhann was in a panic. How would he explain doing the very thing he sought out to oppose? But, then he remembered his old friend Horsecock’s advice. So, with a twinkle in his eye, he announced to the world, “It is literally everyone else’s fault that we did this. In fact, it is mainly the fault of those we did not invite to join this war.” Buorhann smiled contently, thinking all would believe this obvious lie. However, he was wrong. Deep in his laboratory, the Radiant Scientist Lordship analyzed what Buorhann had said “After running several calculations, I can confirm what this bruh is saying does not add up,” he announced. Now Buorhann was furious. “Damn that Lordship. How could he have seen through my brilliant and impenetrable bluff?” Soon tensions grew between The Golden Echo Chamber and the Radiant Kingdom. After extensive research via the scientific method, Lordship eventually discovered that The Golden Echo Chamber was plotting an attack upon the Radiant Kingdom. Lordship stood before the Kingdom and proclaimed “My bruhs. We have no choice but to stand up to these villains and expose their lies and treachery.” With this, the two sides went to war. What happens from here has yet to be uncovered…
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    "Fall to the Great Khan, Glory to the Golden Horde" The Great Khan: BuorKhan The Beklare-Bek: Sketchy --------------------------------- Khan of War: Shiho Nishizumi Khan of Finance: Sketchy Khan of Diplomacy: Robert E Lee (Rickky on Discord) Khan of Discipline: Vack --------------------------------- Discord: https://discord.gg/YWm6z8U Alliance Page: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=4567 No Forums
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    The First Crusade For some time now, we’ve been hearing murmurs of Machiavellian plotting and scheming from those who seek to threaten the Holy Land, expunging and destroying our fiercely loyal soldiers and civilians, women and children. The heathens’ plan was shrewd, but not without flaws. Aside from attacking us, in the aftermath they planned to betray and attack the same allies who they asked to help them fight against us. We searched for clues, we searched for evidence, and we received both. God’s will is clear. Knights Templar does not stand idly by in the face of unwarranted aggression. The Pope is slow on calling for it, but I’ve got God’s permission right here (https://i.imgur.com/oft7d36.jpg). Thus, without further ado, Knights Templar declares war on Assassin Order. May God have mercy on Kastor’s soul.
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    Three years ago today I founded Arrgh to try and do something a little different, to commit to a radically different vision for what an alliance could be and achieve. I’d seen many alliances come and go that had attempted a similar break with the establishment and most had gone down in flames, and mine was a much more dramatic break than theirs. I figured we would last a week or so, but we’d have a lot of fun for that brief period of time. I also had what most new alliances trying to be radically different never had, my crew were solid and had fought through enormous wars and weathered great difficulties. Through perseverance, talent and wit we carved out a space for ourselves on this planet and staged daring attacks on all manner of people for all manner of reasons, we gathered rogues and criminals and neerdowells from all across the planet. We pioneered military tactics that for a time made us undefeatable, and our deeds are written across the history of orbis, some well known, others known only to a few. Our resourcefulness and ability to improvise and adapt to changing circumstances has been the force that has kept us a constant threat to world order and peaceful commerce. In times of strength we have carried out daring raids on heavily defended targets, and in hard times against determined opposition we are capable insurgents and tricky bastards. In good times and bad, in the triumph of victory and the shrug of defeat we have always enjoyed ourselves immensely. Thus on our third anniversary since the black banner first flew, I toast the flag and the beloved criminal scum who I call my brothers. May you always be one step ahead of the law, may your counters be forever inept, and your stash piled high. Arrgh!

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