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  1. This sounds terrifying. Sign me up! (or rather, upload a recording because I've got stuff to do >_>)
  2. I literally just went to an entomology museum today. Shit's awesome. Did you know praying mantises sometimes eat hummingbirds? I sure didn't. ( ._.) EDIT: Also welcome to Orbis lol
  3. Hello there, Moist, and welcome to Orbis! Curious, if you feel like talking about it - what's your history in CN?
  4. Kurdanak

    peace talks

    Well, it appears that the longer this war goes on, the greater BK's effort to suicide their reputation and war standing (i.e. losing allies (some quite long-term), attacking unaffiliated parties, dragging in an entire sphere with significant ties to their own side). What could possibly be next? I'm certainly curious to find out! In other news, convenient time to return from your vacation, Seb - hope you got a nice tan.
  5. Exactly what Pre and Critters said. I genuinely don't know where people are getting this idea that wars in P&W have commonly ended how Coalition B is proposing. I don't know how people negotiated peace in CN and I really don't care. Drawing parallels between RL history and P&W is also rarely practical.
  6. Aesop Rock - Get Out of the Car:
  7. What a blast from the past - hi Thulium, welcome back. rip WWF
  8. Best of luck moving forward from this, OWR!
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