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  1. Kurdanak

    Wintry Thorns

    Hooray for us! Hi Jroc.
  2. Kurdanak

    Round 2!

    That was an exciting election! Congrats, Dynamic, and best of luck. ALL HAIL THE WHALE
  3. Kurdanak

    Rose Goes Public!

    Hello again.
  4. Kurdanak

    Movin N Groovin

    Best of luck and have fun, Keegoz.
  5. Said before, said again - colour stocks were one of the most exciting things about this game back in the day. I'm thrilled to see its return! Let the games begin.
  6. Kurdanak

    Hey There

    CVTWayne! Good to see you here, welcome to P&W.
  7. Kurdanak

    Looking for happiness?

    I'd like to report Mad Max for provoking my PTSD.
  8. Kurdanak

    The end of the 498 Day War

    lmao, I remember that CAH game. Good times.
  9. Kurdanak

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    Ragnar is eternal, they have to keep him locked up most of the time or he forgets where he is and just starts killing things. Same could be said about you.
  10. Kurdanak


    Everything in-game is made by and licensed to Alex. The forums, on the other hand, use a common system made by Invision that has its limitations and can't be changed by a simple coding fix. They provide some room for customisation, but I'm pretty sure your suggestions regarding the rating system aren't included in that.
  11. Kurdanak

    I Like Tacos

    lol that pre-edit though. It's too bad the images didn't show in the email, catfishing logs sound entertaining. Obligatory:
  12. Kurdanak

    An Orbis Chronicle: The Fall of Buorhann

    Seriously, TGH. I've worked with and admired most of your gov and several of your membership before, but this is honestly pathetic. Though I suppose if your FA goals really are to antagonize everyone and diminish what respect remains for you, Settra is doing a fantastic job.
  13. Kurdanak


    Considering that's a forum side suggestion, I'm not sure if it's possible on Alex's end. You might be better off making a suggestion to Invision itself.
  14. Kurdanak

    Let's Dance!

    Of course Rose is behind all this, I always knew Dynamic was a true puppetmaster. We should call this war...the Marionette War.
  15. Kurdanak

    Let's Dance!


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