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Community Answers

  1. Bittersweet to see the "end" of two very storied names in P&W - best of luck together!
  2. I would say that I'm pumped to see SRD retired and without the filter, but he never really had a filter in the first place - a big part of why it was so enjoyable to see you in action. that was some impressive stamina (especially considering the theme), enjoy retirement! Good luck Pres, glad to see it.
  3. @dtc justice not a terrible war name! congrats!
  4. god damn, Alrea targeted Aurora so hard that Kan and Toxic got couped yeah I know that gov change happened way earlier today, still making the joke >:v
  5. HA YOU THOUGHT I FORGOT?! well think again [email protected]#$ers because I will always show up for that special time of the year, my opportunity to nominate the THE IMMORTALS HOLIDAY FLAG for Best Holiday Flag 😤 💯 💦 My last two years of pursuing this gimmick attempting to enlighten everyone fell on deaf ears. first, I asked nicely, just wanting to properly bring this phenomenon into the public eye - renowned vexillologists such as @Belisarius even came out in support! but unfortunately, it didn't make it past the shortlisting. then, I insisted with a little more gusto, really ramping up the pressure. again, the realm of academia whole-heartedly supported the cause. and yet! such a miraculous holiday flag didn't even make it to the vote, again?? Clearly playing nice isn't going to work, so it's time to get angry! it's time to get mean! @Putmir, @Adrienne, @Indger, @Velyni Vas, @Scott (I have no idea which Scott it is) @every alliance rep (I considered pinging them all but I might eat a fat warn for that ), consider this a declaration of war (against shit opinions)! for far too long these awards have been rigged in favour of <insert alliance(s) that you, dear reader, don't like>, guided by a shadowy mob of P&W elites who are arguably good choices - it's past time that we, the people, take back the awards! What does that mean exactly? the specific aren't important! so long as it includes a righteous victory in this single category 😩 I'm going to be honest, I don't even know if they flew it this year, I couldn't be bothered to check, but even if the The Immortals Holiday Flag wasn't in-game it's always been in our hearts. P.S. I put Beli's original post into an AI text generator and in classic fashion, it produced some resounding endorsements: The Immortal’s Holiday Flag is a provocation. It says: I am tired. Let's get drunk and sleep. I have no real reason to be a god. I’ve done my job. Now let’s have a nice, quiet holiday. And then? Let’s tear down all the old statues and burn all the books. Just to get things going. It is the culmination of human achievement. It represents our existence so far as it exists. And, as with all great flag, it is not ours to take, nor was it ours in the first place. We cannot steal or commandeer the Immortals Holiday Flag, not without unleashing some vast cataclysm on the universe. Like all great works of art, the Immortals Holiday Flag is a metaphysical death rattle. It says: I have run out of things to do. Let’s go have some fun. The Immortals Holiday Flag is a beautifully designed display of supreme, transcendental good sense, or as we might say, literal fricking genius. There can be no more fitting sign of the collapse of time and space, the creation of a new, pure, peaceful, timeless reality, than this flag. This may be the last thing on Earth we will ever see. Take it with you into the post-human future. Is the Immortals Flag an allegory for any particular struggle or issue? Is this flag meant to be a commentary on our culture? Perhaps, as the Immortals say, the flag is a deity, an apotheosis that speaks to the nature of existence and of hope. Perhaps its implied themes are peace and love. Perhaps it is, as I suspect, meant to be a satirical statement on our consumerist culture. It may well be a complex and, at times, perplexing piece of art.
  6. Best Holiday Flag: The Immortals Holiday Flag shitpost relocated lol:
  7. the signs were there all the way back in September for those paying close attention
  8. Peace out, Cata/Paradise! we really just warred only during the peak holiday season like a bunch of nerds, huh, lol - woops
  9. sending me into traumatic flashbacks over here - someday we're going to absolutely bankrupt Guardian with a revenge 1b reps, I swear (would actually make for an amusing meme term in like 2030 when 1b is even more of a drop in the bucket)
  10. [email protected]#$ that Q&A was a devastating blow to our narrative, you win this round hodor
  11. what sucks about this whole spy ops thing is being two hours late to the shitposting, but I've arrived and brought my own salt. 😩 I'll happily hold a grudge forever lol, at least until I'm able to cash it in - glad to finally get a Cata war.
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