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  1. More otherworldly folks, eh? Neat - welcome to Orbis!
  2. Welcome back to leadership Keegoz. 😛
  3. Sad to see a very long-time player go, as always, especially one of much infamy. Good luck out there!
  4. Interesting! GATO was my first diplomat assignment back in 2012 when I started CN in the GPA, was always a pleasant experience. It's great to see you here - welcome!
  5. Congrats Adrienne! Like abbas said, your record is genuinely impressive; two years of active leadership in this game takes unreal dedication. You lead some great folks in TKR!
  6. Once again, Rose changes theme - goodbye Star Wars, hello Valk personality cult. \o/
  7. Enjoy it while it lasts, it's only a matter of time until BK destroys their cities to claim the coveted #69 throne.
  8. To reference the last war as justification for this update is dangerously reactionary. Seriously, it was unprecedented and ultimately rooted in foul play. Considering the two posts immediately prior to yours, I don't know how that could be made clearer.
  9. Hope to see you around, Mayor, you're a great presence!
  10. Been a while! Childish Gambino's new album has some fantastic songs on it. Childish Gambino - 19.10:
  11. That was an hour in, have patience. Well said by Zoot. I'd be curious to see the "yes voters" address the above specifically.
  12. Hello! Great to see you return!
  13. Glad to see that Rose skipped over the whole starting the year off by narrowly escaping falling apart thing, this time. ? The scale of the game these days, compared to 2015, is quite exciting. The idea of multiple spheres felt more or less like a pipe dream back then.
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