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  1. can confirm the range is 0-60 (no apparent pattern) Damn, Alex is really trying to give @dtc justice competition for that Most Spies Killed award.
  2. Shouldn't be a problem after you have joined an alliance (like UU), though if it really bugs you, consider the block function. Other than that, not much one can do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. At some point I think we are morally obligated to call in a welfare check. 🤔
  4. After KT visited my nation, I've never felt better! Have fun out there, it's a 5-star service for sure - after stretching those muscles and shedding some of that excess infra, you'll feel brand new!
  5. Excuse me Mr. RON sir, why is the mainstream media not reporting on this breaking scandal?? One that totally can't be explained by, you know, relatively common econ practices that I assume would be known by the best A+ economists in P&W history. And maybe a little creative thinking if you're feeling dangerous!
  6. Oh thank goodness someone is finally here to save me from Vexz's tyranny! Quickly, we need to get the others before- OH GOD NO
  7. "[email protected]#$ NPO" is truly the uniting chant of P&W. The current P&W community certainly isn't perfect, but cheers to being better off without that toxic sludge.
  8. OD? And as for this conflict, imo, nah - anyone could assume it was coming and KT are just quality fighters.
  9. Thanks! Good fun all around - personally, I've learnt that Horsecock definitely has the fastest draw in the west. P.S. I've been told that certain KT members are vandalizing Carl Sagan's tank over at WTF. While we all enjoy some good old fashion shenanigans, please avoid putting additional stress on these endangered creatures.
  10. We appreciate the feedback! We'll put @Abbas Mehdi in solitary confinement to think about what he's done until our next evaluation. Rose takes self-improvement seriously. That said, enjoy your stay!
  11. I appreciate the annual checkup to see if Rose still defends its allies! Please send the new certification on over to @Vexz when you get the chance. o/
  12. See you on the battlefield! again! what did you expect to happen lol
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