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  1. tS selling these treaty upgrades like hot cakes lol, congratulations!
  2. Just about as brief and concise as the Marionette War. Good stuff, congrats on the peace!
  3. Glory to Rose! Glory to ASM! Glory to Pennsylvania!
  4. Going to have to report BK to Alex for sending unsolicited noobs.
  5. I would certainly hope so; that's a devastatingly low bar.
  6. Have fun slugging it out! Also always love me some ex-GPA on ex-GPA action, may the years of pent up blood thirst run free forevermore. \o/
  7. Best of luck moving forward! As for certain other parties...
  8. Finally a proper pika cult HQ! 😄
  9. You're giving me some mad déjà vu right now, Eumir. Cool thread, though I don't have the perspective these days to give a well-rounded ranking myself. It'd be neat to see possible rankings like this from other years, like back during the Mensa days. That being said, I'm much more content with Rose's average ranking these days compared to what it would have been previously lmao
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