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  1. lol look at this noob, only 17 forum posts You'll do fantastic, Luci. As for God-Emperor Valk, I can't really put into words how much I appreciate all he's done for Rose (be back in three weeks when I finish writing that novel). Absolutely stunning leadership every step of the way. Enjoy the well deserved retirement! 🌹
  2. Happy rebuild! See you around!
  3. hello Ben! I consider several people on the other side of this war genuine friends regardless of what happens in P&W (in fact, I seriously enjoy fighting my friends, I hope someday I'll be big enough to tangle with Beli 🙏). Speaking as an observer, considering the circumstances of HW and its formation, I think this war was a given eventuality. I am sorry that those investments didn't pay out quite as planned in terms of IC impact, but you seriously shouldn't be surprised. Actions have consequences, and I'm sure our action here will have its own. That's the nature of the game. I'm incredibly confused by the expectation of "transparency," here, to be honest. In the immortal words of Sweeeeet Ronny D, Except in this case, re: deescalation attempts, I suppose we're looking to axe the War part as well. Welcome to "&." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess that'd be a cultural victory for you, @Kiloist II @HannaH (nice gif btw!)
  4. IMO, sometimes it really is just so simple as "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." You should be proud of yourselves for creating common ground between us, that's not an insignificant accomplishment!
  5. Fear not, I'm here now reporting in from the front lines! Can confirm that things have really been blossoming between tS and Rose ever since we signed our blood pact! Truly the past year of consistently taking a fat shit on Rose at nearly every public opportunity was just a front, all along. I'm simply happy that the veil is finally lifted and I can proudly fight side-by-side with my dear friend, ally, and confirmed Rose-sympathizer, Leopold. 😌
  6. Actual footage of TKR FA when they came to the realization that people lie and deceive on the internet: In a game specifically designed for conflict, no less! 😱
  7. we can end this by the morrow, all you have to do is give me @Kuuhaku back
  8. Church of Atom, The Street, ASM, and Rose in one sphere? CATS ASMR IS BACK BABY honestly, incredible luck, this is way less complicated than the previous plan of CAT$ ASMR.
  9. lol, "Alex can I automate giving you ad revenue?" Alex:
  10. Congrats! TLE is cool, it's good to see them on their feet.
  11. Congrats! I hope the merger fairs well.
  12. (well, in reality I had slightly more complex thoughts on this, but I ended up missing the entire saga here so whatever lmao)
  13. Wow! Just when I thought Firwof was far in the lead for 2021 Worst Poster, Deulos comes barreling in with the conspicuous alt and brings it neck-and-neck. We're reaching levels of off-base that shouldn't even be possible, folks, strap in. 😩
  14. I can't imagine you not being under intense scrutiny for quite a while - if you're prepared to deal with that, then good luck with your return. One of the most frustrating parts of everything with NPO+, to me, was the absolutely ridiculous denial of any wrongdoing. Admitting said wrongdoing is definitely a significant step in the right direction. EDIT: For the record, Keshav is probably the only person from all of that who I'd never, ever welcome back under any circumstances. Core of the rot. That's excluding the people who targeted Alex IRL, of course, [email protected]#$ them. BK leadership (Superchola-X edition), would take some legendary convincing. >_>
  15. You can't run from destiny. Maestro wills it. 🐱 See? Even our resident internet cat came back from the dead for this, it's fate!
  16. we cannot be fighting amongst ourselves, comrade 🌹 the great shepherd Alex will no doubt bring us all together once more, someday - so is foretold in the holy texts left by Shogun of Orbis, Sketchy 🙏
  17. Cheers to the classy folks I've fought and talked with in HW through this war! You know who you are. As for the rest of ya, thanks for the fun nevertheless
  18. How does the saying go, again? Those who live in glass houses should not throw nukes? 🤔
  19. didn't you read the thread title? ffs Alexio, flowers have feelings, too
  20. keep it up and I just might switch careers to being a movie star in Hollywood
  21. it's okay INH, you can go ahead and say my name, everyone already knows the true shadow gov here
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