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  1. Share your music here!
  2. Kurdanak

    Too good to pass

    Wild! This will be a crazy fun leadership duo to watch, even more so considering it's TEst. Best of luck steering that machine. Enjoy semi-retirement, Pre - until the next venture.
  3. Kurdanak

    Rose Fourth Anniversary Radio Show!

    It's been a while since we've had all the old Emperors in the same room - that sounds fun!
  4. Kurdanak

    You're Disowned Rose!

    >Alliance Name: The Golden Horde
  5. Well that's disappointing. Well done, gang.
  6. Kurdanak

    LAST ONE TO COMMENT WINS $1,000,000!

    This one is at 144. 😬 Speaking of which, revive it with me. 😛
  7. Kurdanak


  8. Kurdanak

    Horse-Based War Cry of the Apocalypse

    Best of luck out there!
  9. Kurdanak

    I know nothing

    Do you have any questions in particular, @Backad?
  10. Kurdanak


    Damn dude, I completely missed this thread. Come back soon, okay? ❤️
  11. Kurdanak

    Destiny Arrives

    Been a while since I've fought alongside you guys! Good luck - here's to old times.
  12. Kurdanak

    Lost at Sea

    Me? Inactive? Of course not! I was simply...lying in wait. It's called strategy.
  13. Kurdanak

    The North Goes Whaling

    Looking forward to fighting alongside you!
  14. Kurdanak

    Terminus Est: When whale's collide!

    Great show, great DoW.
  15. Kurdanak

    Wintry Thorns

    Hooray for us! Hi Jroc.
  16. Kurdanak

    Round 2!

    That was an exciting election! Congrats, Dynamic, and best of luck. ALL HAIL THE WHALE
  17. Kurdanak

    Rose Goes Public!

    Hello again.
  18. Kurdanak

    Movin N Groovin

    Best of luck and have fun, Keegoz.
  19. Said before, said again - colour stocks were one of the most exciting things about this game back in the day. I'm thrilled to see its return! Let the games begin.
  20. Kurdanak

    Hey There

    CVTWayne! Good to see you here, welcome to P&W.
  21. Kurdanak

    Looking for happiness?

    I'd like to report Mad Max for provoking my PTSD.
  22. Kurdanak

    Fallout: New Vegas Mega-thread

    *WARNING: POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD* I'm replaying New Vegas now that I have bought it on Steam (I played through it already before, but not on Steam), so I thought I'd make a thread to talk about details and reminence as I come across things. What I'm curious of right off the bat, is - what main storyline path (or ending, rather) did you choose, and why? NCR? Legion? House? Independant? I personally am doing all of the above to get the Steam achievements and the full experience, but if it had to choose one, which would be be? I would probably go with either the NCR, or an Independent (not House) New Vegas (with enabled securitron army).

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