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  1. Happy birthday fellas, cheers. I'm never going to get those 2 minutes of binary translating the first two parts back, huh
  2. Congrats on lasting longer than the original >BLOC alliance, and with a tenth of the brainrot!
  3. Surely I will be having a very peaceful December this year
  4. Congrats you filthy TERORRIST o7
  5. We risk people finding out where the real FA takes place.
  6. We were so close to achieving world peace by 2100...maybe this century, we'll get it right.
  7. *immediately rage edits* >:(
  8. tfw Anarch is no longer gov in my protectorate
  9. I was about to quip "Looks like Roberts finally has some competition," then I clicked the profile. Should've known, got me again.
  10. At this rate each of our gov meetings are going to start looking like: (before anyone starts to worry, I'm doing everything I can to keep abbas underground)
  11. Kev posting monthly updates like when I say to someone that I'll respond to their DM in "the next few days"
  12. Is there a particular reason why you don't use Discord? Just preference or are you experiencing a barrier of sorts?
  13. Average forum drone when they reach their reaction limit for the day and are forced to take a break from glazing
  14. +Lordaeron getting deleted. A perfect world achieved, tragically cut short.
  15. They wouldn't let us have the GPA in peace, so I'm shooting for a global perma-NAP as the next best thing.
  16. If someone writes a program for me that generates it all at the tap of a button, will update the program on my every whim, and also let me harvest all the clout of posting it - you've got yourselves a deal. 😌 I still have nightmares of doing everything manually for much of the APR's existence
  17. (I love Oblivion 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨)
  18. Finally someone who knows where to post a recruitment thread.
  19. See what happens when we focus on peace, not war? It's a beautiful thing.
  20. One step closer to a massive cultural victory for The Ampersand.
  21. TKR too stinky for the nap pile, take a shower stinky
  22. Many people are saying this Congrats Eclipse, you've had a wild journey so far and it's been a lot of fun interacting with y'all.
  23. Rose only recognizes one rival, refer to the rivals to lovers story of Rose and Mensa HQ. 😌 Who lives in in Guardian, so it checks out 💞
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