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  1. Preamble On 5/20/2021, the signatory alliances come together to form Mystery Inc. No longer will ghouls and ghosts roam the streets of Orbis. Mystery Inc is committed to splitting up and looking for clues and a scooby snack or two. Section I - Respect Each member of the gang has their right to their own privacy. Every gang member agrees to not steal any scooby snacks from the others. If any conflict arises on the Mystery Machine, all members of the gang will come together to solve it privately. Section II - Intelligence Members of the gang agree to share any and all information pertinent to the mystery they are investigating, their security, and or that of the company as a whole. This information may not be disclosed to third parties without the consent of the majority. Section III - Defense If some ghoul, monster, or villain attacks one member of the gang, the rest of the gang will provide military, economic, and political assistance in catching the perpetrator. Section IV - Optional Aggression Should a member of the gang discover something of interest and decide to investigate, the rest of the gang can either split up and search for clues or take a paid day off. Section V - Admission To join Mystery Incorporated, the future member must be nominated by a current member of the gang and be in good enough standing to pass a unanimous vote. Section VI - Cancellation Should any member of the gang wish to operate solo, a 72 hour notice is required. If the gang feels another member of the gang isn't assisting in looking for clues, they may expel them with a unanimous vote of all other gang members. Signatories Camelot 👑 King: Arthur, 🦊 Merlin: Uriah 🦅 Archduke of Foreign Affairs: Azazel The Commonwealth Prime Minister: RightHonorable Chief of Staff: Jeric Aurora First Explorer: Kan0601 Second Explorer: Toxic Pepper The Ampersand Comm&ers: DemonSpawn & Kilo & HannaH 2IC: Mutedfaith Weebunism General Secretary, Secretary of Foreign Affairs: Empiur Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs: Baam Farkistan Cerberean Council: Bozzie & Kitschie & This Fckn Guy
  2. Looking forward to working with you all also, first.
  3. TLDR: Camelot and Rose part ways, and have mutually activated our cancellation clause. The treaty expires Saturday 4/24 at 4:00 PM EST.
  4. Camelot The Kingdom on Maroon A lone helicopter hovered over the Island. Within was Senor Jordan, an eccentric billionaire with the head of a cat and the body of a man. Official reports claim that it was an experiment gone wrong but rumours persist that he was trying to grow a tail. Keeping him company were three wary guests to the Island: Arthur, Azazel and Epimetheus. They flocked to the windows as the helicopter began to descend and the first whales came into view. “They really do travel in communes,” Arthur said with a tear in his eye as ASM came into view. “Is that Polaris?” Azazel asked in horror. “Not even we could bring them back to life. That’s Aero, a rare subspecies.” replied Jordan with a glint in his eye. “Are they intelligent?” Epimetheus asked as Fark jumped off a cliff. “The bigger ones tend to be extremely intelligent and they’re astonishing runners and jumpers. Especially Rose, when you look at her you can tell she’s problem-solving.” As the helicopter approached their headquarters they witnessed the final exhibit. A battle between WTF and a herd of crusaders. The scavengers looked close to overwhelming the beast before park security moved in to break it up. “The lack of humility before nature, staggers me.” Arthur said as the helicopter came to a stop. Jordan turned to him with whiskers upturned, “Our scientists have done things that not even nature could do.” “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop and think if they should.” “Mensa! If we were to create a flock of Mensans on this island you wouldn’t have anything to say” “No. These aren’t alliances that were obliterated through game-updates. These alliances had their shot and nature selected them for extinction.” “That’s a terrible attitude.” “Senor Jordan, after careful consideration I cannot endorse your park, you have 72 hours to release them back into the wild.” TLDR: Camelot and Atlas Technologies part ways, and have mutually activated our 72hr cancellation clause. The treaty expires Saturday 4/24 at 4:00 PM EST.
  5. GG to all Good luck with the rebuild, lets buy some pixels
  6. there will be no surrender from us. we have stockpiles to last forever 😈 credit @Fox
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