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    At this stage in the game, the baseball thing really should be capped at X number of games per day. We'll inevitably get people coming in here arguing that he's just really active and others claiming he's botting. Just cap it and then if people want to bot an extra 200k a day or something then go for it. It's also worth posting that stuff like this contributes to server lag when it's not even a main feature of the game.
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    I understand the need for OpSec. I think that too much of the game is played or know by too few of the players. The leaking of war plans was good for the overall entertainment value of the game since it forced the "major" players to get out of the back channels and battle on the forums. I am by no means saying that their shouldn't be any OpSec but more just saying that we should allow more things to be push into the open. We create our own entertainment not Alex. So when someone lets say gets caught spying on an alliance call them out in the open so we can all see and enjoy. I know I'm a dreamer to actually think that we won't take this game personal or as serious business.
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    You're implying that our-side is the only one facing inactivity and deletions? Scrolling through your sides alliance membership pages I can see just as much as a problem. Regardless, I'm beating a dead horse whenever I say anything to anyone on your side. Like talking to a wall.
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    This is pretty much the case. There was a summer lull in every game so far. I never like summer wars because people will decide they don't want to bothered by it and might even decide they're done altogether because of the temporary irritation, but the problem is people are only seeing it from the perspective of an involved player when the player retention issues are for the most part with people who have never participated in an alliance war or just quit on easy damage or the game looking bad. A lot the things Alex put in to make war not totally destroy people are lost on people who never played the other games, so they still treat it as if they get raided then they're dead so they'd better quit. Most of the war issues describe don't do it on their own as it requires a high level of involvement to get sat on for months to begin with. People are barely touching the game as is due to the presentation and also because the lack of advertising doesn't replace people who don't stick with it. The tutorial has to emphasize war more and make it clear it's not like real life where war is going to kill you. This is the actual best suggestion. There is a lack of advertising going on and it still looks like a web 1.0 game. Smith had brought up that people he knew in real life didn't want to play a "wikipedia-ass looking game." and it's true. There is a lack of stuff that is constantly changing rather than just cumulative. The game is based way too much on accumulation of cities and other stuff. This will be a natural turn off to people starting off late. The issues as Keshav mentioned where RP elements of the nation are customized or in-game political drivers rather than a bunch of egos fighting over them would be better. Max brought it up in private but some of the VIP features like page customization should be available to anyone. It's easier to ditch some boring web page than something that has your own mark. ---- It's weird to see metaplayers generalize their own experiences when they're a minority of the playerbase in terms of their specific gripes with the war system when most people just give up if they get rolled. The other thing is If people actually wanted democratic engagement and to engage in long text wall debates of their alliance's future and learn about what the Clarke did nothing joke is about or who the hell Clarke was, then you'd see it happen already. You're also already free to make a fully democratic alliance to differentiate yourselves. Most people playing are either because they like to blow stuff up, want to accumulate stuff, or like being part of the same thing for long periods of time. If you want to improve retention, the game has to give more to the people it's bringing in in terms of engagement and content.
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    Perhaps the worst part is that opsec doesn't even exist. It's more like classism. People will leak stuff to other alliance leaders in a matter of minutes, to the point where I sometimes feel like DM's are being live-streamed to an audience. Humor aside, I see a few structural problems within PnW that I think need addressing: 1. Mechanics and meta. Fixing the mechanics can really "stop the bleeding" at its source. -The score formula needs adjusting ASAP. I, at 20 cities, can be declared on by 32 city nations. I can also declare on 10 city nations. How does that make for fair gameplay when I am either 2:1 outnumbered or can double-buy more units than the enemy can possess in total? -Infra damage needs to be increased. I think if infra burned quicker, wars would be shorter. -military buy limits should be raised or even eliminated. The reason "real world armies" take time to muster is because of location and the enemy doesn't have a guaranteed opportunity to strike at you while you regroup. Buy limits are a cool idea but reinforce the "winners stay winning" meta. Unless you can muster superior numbers in allies, you have one chance to win a war or your military gets sat on and zeroed out. - Military casualties should be adjusted. Planes, ships, and tanks die way too quickly. People should be able to actually fight in a war, not get crippled before they can log on. 2. Intrapolitics of alliances. Membership involvement in decision making is paramount. Some fashion of democratic engagement is necessary and makes the game feel more engaging. 3. Interpolitics of alliances. Toxicity of certain communities, communities turning into echo-chambers, and communities that stagnate are the three biggest problems in PnW in terms of inter-alliance politics. Certain groups are *extremely* hostile for no reason and then complain that the other groups don't feel open to them. Certain groups are very insular and never make any efforts to approach other groups and exist in their own echo-chamber as a result. Finally, the worst of the lot, the people who have an alliance full of inactive players that participate in wars as cannon fodder and never make waves. All three have their own problem to solve. All in all, I'd say the insular nature of some groups and the war mechanics are probably the two most glaring issues right now that take away from the atmosphere of the game as a whole.
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    Yarr acknowledges that we have been overwhelmed by the number of nations attacking us and surrenders to COalition B under the following terms: Yarr acknowledges that Clarke did nothing wrong That is all Signed for Yarr: https://i.imgur.com/fX7C0ge.gif Signed for Coalition B: https://i.imgur.com/eAHrdFc.gif
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    The issue with wars is it's just a test of wills at their core. So when the infra is all burned and one side has control over the other, it just comes down to who decides to blink first (Not unlike RL wars). Take this war for example. Each side gets to say they're winning because of X statistic (One side uses planes, other side uses infra damage, whatever). They've spent the last month arguing over specifics of these stats, but really they only serve the purpose of bolstering their own side's morale and attempting to get the other side to lower their own morale to get them to talk. Beyond this, the only other achievable end to a war is to make the game as least fun as it could be for the other side. That's not necessarily a stated goal as it is the only other deliverable effect of war. War, being an extension of the politics in the game, is also stagnate because the politics of this game are stagnate. I know there's the whole "Mini-sphere" debate ongoing, but that's generally a diplomatic meta debate and not necessarily something that can change given the state of the game (because it requires an amount of trust and communication between the spheres that just seems unrealistic at this point). If you want more people to stay in the game, give them something other than fighting to do. The economy is too open to be a useful tool in politics, and alliances can't stop their own members from trading on the world market. Alex could always adjust the market or potential for several markets as an economic influence tool. Alex can also exert in-game mechanics on war, he could refactor score to prevent brutal down-declares. He could introduce a mechanic that makes recruiting new nations vitally important for alliances. You begin to see where I'm going, in that if you want more people to stay, make the game less about war. Don't nerf war, because it isn't an either-or situation. You can always add another avenue of play to the game to enhance the "Politics" portion of PoliticsandWar, y'know? Anyway, what is definitely clear is the game as-is is really just down to saving massive resources and blowing them out in one long bang, and those alliances that can't keep up with that pace lose members quicker and surrender soonest. War's great, but there has to be more to do than build stockpiles and tossing them away in one big twice-yearly global.
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    Opsec exists for a reason. There's plenty of examples in the game where opsec info got leaked out (This current war seems familiar...) and started situations. The few times I was loose with opsec early on in my opportunities of each alliance I was in (Except TKR, since I was rather a deadbeat then), there were always another player who would take the info and go around sharing it to make themselves look "better" or show off what they have. Keep in mind, these are different players each time too. A cultural shift of what you're asking is pretty much impossible, as you do not know where loyalties lie. To the alliance, to a media source, to a group of friends that's spread out amongst the various alliances, or to themselves. Citation needed.
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    with what?! I have 18 cities and if i build to 2k no one can attack me! we gonna rebuild and see what you guys gonna do about it
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    Without Hippo-can your surrender means nothing 😛
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    King Changeup has school and can't provide news updates every night. Expect broadcasts every 2-3 days. Here are tonight's top stories coming out of Hardball: -There has been a successful raid on the compound of the terrorists who were responsible for Sunday's failed assassination attempt after several agents of the organization coughed up the location of the organization's compound and their members identities. While the compound itself was mostly evacuated except for a couple servants locked in their quarters, the ringleaders of the operation left ample evidence behind. -A reminder to all global citizens: If you see any of the suspects involved in the crime (pictures of them both with and without disguises are available on the Hardball FBI and CIA websites) call the Hardball FBI immediately. -After two nights of record attendance (average 93% stadium fill) , the HBL has surpassed its all time record attendance mark with a week and a half to spare in the season. -Tropical Storm Jackson forms off the coast of Shortstop. It is expected to intensify to a Category 2 hurricane before making landfall near Left Field. -Earlier today, a bobcat made himself comfortable in the back area of a grocery store. He ate several food products but did little damage to the store and was coaxed out by Animal Control officials shortly after. That's it for today folks. Be sure to tune in next time to Hardball World News!
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    Hello Friends! This is your friendly neighborhood Italian Moose. We've all heard about Jack Rackham being couped by Jolt66. The wonderful guys (yes, including me. I'm very humble) of Legions of Venice offered to step in and help Jack take The Dixie Union back by force. Unfortunately, that failed. Jack has announced his intention is on Discord about starting a new alliance and letting the old TDU go. This folks, is where we get to the fun part. Jack Rackham (former leader of TDU) and Minesome MC (former protector of TDU) have both given Legions of Venice permission to roll the remaining members of TDU. So the Italians gangsters and knights of Legions of Venice will be attacking and rolling any remaining members of TDU. We will peace out when they surrender. We give them the options of disbanding or joining us. Below a poem for our opponents: Roses are red Violets are blue Orbis will be better off Without TDU Thank you for your time. All Hail Moose
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    Yes, as @Pasky Darkfire said I'm just the middleman allowing us to vote on all of y'all's ideas. And as I've stated before not all of these are solutions, in a direct form that is. Rather some of them are conceptual as I explained in the post above yours that can prompt a discussion about solutions. Right now all of the sides are beyond the point of discussion, so just acknowledging that we might share some common values is literally a step in the right direction. I've had conversations with you personally along the same lines where I listen to you to understand your viewpoint and values, attempting to find some place where there is common ground. Solutions are ideal (and some of those choices are genuine solutions), but just realizing that maybe we all have a distaste for toxicity or share an interest in something else is good too. Maybe afterwards we even find those solutions. As for the "none of the above," I honestly feel that everyone can like at least one thing if not then choose the lesser evil and make it clear here in our discussions. No one should be claiming any mandate or political purpose here, and if they do I'll call them out (as I already have if you'd like to check my post history). This vote has no weight besides showing the views of the community. You are welcome to vote, not vote, support the result or disavow the result. In the end, I just hope you just take a look at the results and do with it as you will. The blind poll was purposeful because there is conclusive evidence that public voting changes people's views. I'm taking a class right now in college about public opinion and polls, and Australian ballot is the way to go to avoid the effects of social pressures. Also, ideally I was hoping popular support would be a good place to start, but I can make the voters name public with the check of a box. Give everyone a day or two to finish voting, and I'll consider it. This is kind of why the results are blind. But also you can quote me on this: no one is being forced into anything here. You're not beholden to anything besides what you agree to do as I've said in different words above to Edward Also, as a note to everyone please get as many people to vote as possible. Members, gov, leaders or even unaffiliated players are all welcome and should vote because ideally we want as much diversity and numbers of people as possible.
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    I sometimes agree with you Gruber, and other time I understand why John threw you off the Nakatomi Building The options are basic summaries of people's points in the post, basically summarized by the edited first post of this page. So I mean, Understandably they're going to be semi-nebulous. Especially if the person's idea was a WoT with many different points and arguments for the idea. Even if none of the solutions for question 2 AREN'T enforceable mechanic wise, they're mainly a shift in perception/attitude by the community. So, if you don't understand the points, maybe question the people who made them and find out more info from them. Might be more beneficial than just knocking what's supposed to be a poll about generalized ideas. If then you don't like any of the ideas, then I'll agree there should have been a "NotA" option.
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    "My dearest citizens, The pirate which was behind the nuclear attack on the city of Halo Fort has been hanged. Its body shall be burned and dumped to the deepest ocean, and along with it, its sin against our people. May the lives lost at Halo Fort and in this war finally be at rest, now that justice has been served. However, I would like to make it clear, the people of Nathedia is innocent. A new government shall be established in Nathedia, with which I hope will usher in a new age of peace of prosperity between our nations. As I am speaking right now, shipments of supplies and resources are on its way to Nathedia to provide aid for reconstruction effort. I understand during the war, many misunderstandings and mistakes have been made. But as your Empress, and as a citizen of our glorious Empire, I ask of you all to not discriminate against the people of Nathedia. A nation has no perpetual enemies or allies, only its interest, is perpetual. And I believe there is nothing worth more than a future of peace and harmony for children, be they Arian or Nathedian. May our Empire be everlasting." - Empress Yuri of the Empire of Aria, in the announcement following the conclusion of the war against the pirate nation of Nathedia. 40 years later Good evening everyone, ATV Special Correspondent Lucas here. ...Today, we won't be bringing you the usual documentary. What you've watched just now was Empress Yuri announcement of the conclusion of the Aria-Nathedia War on this very day, 40 years ago. Let this broadcast not only give us a look at the terrible events leading to the nuclear attack on the city of Halo Fort, but also as a memorial to the lives lost by both sides during the war. First, let's talk about the situation 40 years ago. Several nations from the pirate alliance Arrgh started raiding smaller nations of the GPWC alliance. What started out as small skirmishes turned into full scale war between these nations. As tensions rises between the two alliances, GPWC biggest nations began a process of mass militarization to defend itself, as car factories began rolling out tanks, fighter jets taxi out of civil aviation assembly lines, voluntary military service switched to drafting. Following the victories in subjugating some of the pirate nations, rumours were spreading about Nathedia having multiple nuclear warheads which it intends to use against GPWC aligned nations. The media, hoping to ride on this rumour, began digging up every detail about Nathedia nuclear programs, publishing stories disregarding any kind of rules or regulations about fact examination. Based on distances, the first target would very likely be our very own nation. As such, reluctantly, Empress Yuri agreed to start the invasion on Nathedia to verify the existence of WMD and decommission them by force, if necessary. To some of military commanders, the Empress's agreement was a blessing. No one would really notice if a few paintings or treasures were lost here or there in Nathadia in a war. Or a few vaults worth of gold "destroyed in the fighting". Hence, unknown to most of the Empire population and the Empress, the inspection for WMDs has turned into a raid on Nathadia. After easily securing a foothold on Nathadia and finding essentially nothing of value to be looted, General Iris von Cecillia sent a peace offering to the Nathadian commander: "Hello. I would like to have peace between us, since you turned out to be a dud. I believe this would be much less costly for both of us." For the next 24 hours, there was no response from Nathedia. Suddenly, in the middle of the night in their trenches, Imperial soldiers saw a bright spark in the direction of their homeland. Before long, news had spread. A nuclear weapon detonated in the city of Halo Fort, turning the entire city into rubble, and anyone not instantly reduced to atoms is left with lethal dose of radiation poisoning. Shock, anger, and panic ensues. Finally, it settled on vengeance. The people of the Empire decided to take matters into their own hands. They broke into houses of any family of Nathadian origin, brutally murdered them in the name of "justice". The Empire's entire police force was deployed but they could barely contain the chaos. Only when martial law was declared, where anyone who came out of their house after the curfew would be shot without warning, would order slowly came back. Our guest today is Mrs. Emily von Harriet, then lady-in-waiting to Empress Yuri. Mrs. Emily, can you tell us what happened in that night? "Ah...I still remember that night as if it was only yesterday. I saw a flash of light far far away from the palace windows, then a soldier ran towards me and shoved a sealed folder stamped TOP SECRET into my heads, and told me to give it to the Empress immediately, it was an emergency. The Empress face when she was woken up in the middle of the night was a sight i could only describe as adorable. I gave her the folder and told her to open it quickly. With a puzzled look, she opened the folder while yawning, mumbling something about me I would rather not disclose here. After a few moments, she gripped the papers tightly, and soon broke down to tears. I asked her what's wrong and she gave me the papers. The flash of light I saw earlier was a nuclear detonation in Halo Fort. My legs were frozen in place as I read about the chaos that ensues. I looked towards her. She soon stopped crying, but her face is now void of any emotion. It was a face no girl her age should have. Like a machine, she walked to the table, wrote, signed, and stamped multiple papers. From then on, she no longer refers to pirates as humans, but as "it", an object, an animal." And it was those very papers that brought Nathadia to its knees. The Empress ordered the ones behind the nuclear attack to be captured and hanged immediately, no matter the cost. And with these orders, the Imperial Army was free of its leash. Before the nuclear attack, the Imperial army was fueled with loot and riches. After the attack, it was fueled with something even more effective: vengeance. It marches with an unprecedented speed towards the capital of Nathedia, crushing any and all resistances along its path with brutal efficiency. As long as someone showed the slightest bit of resistance, they would be summarily executed. Some viewers may find the following footage of the attack on the presidential palace of Nathadia disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised. **Footage captured in the storming of the Nathedian presidential palace plays, where the palace guards were quickly turned into lifeless bodies by machine gun fire, the capture and hanging of and politicians found in the palace along with their wives and kids.** With its leadership gone and quickly replaced by a new provisional government, what followed for the people of Nathadia seemed to be a bleak future of military occupation and reconstruction. But unexpectedly, shipments of supplies and materials, all with Imperial markings came. With every ships that arrived in Nathadia, more of the much needed food, water, medicine, clothing, construction materials came, and more Imperial soldiers left for home. The war was over. A strange war that ended as swiftly as it started, where the invaders were cruel yet also merciful, a war that leaves an impact on both nations to this very day. Ground Zero in Halo Fort is now a memorial park for the lives lost during the war. A new democratic election for Nathedia was held a year later, following the dissolution of the provisional government. Anti-Nathedian sentiment in the Empire slowly waned off with time, as the two nations move on from the past. Today, ladies and gentlemen, is Victory Day. This has been ATV Special Correspondent Lucas d'Aleibo, and I wish you all a happy holiday. **TV shuts off** "Grandma! What did Empress Yuri mumble when she woke up?" "Something similar to what you would mumble when i wake you up, dear"
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    Hey everyone. Just posting this to state that a new bloc has been formed, currently known as the United Front. The members of the bloc help each other in times of need and to help each other grow. It is basically just a friendly tight knit group of alliances. The following alliances are currently in the bloc: The United Armies Σvolution Sons of Thunder Atlantis Unforgiven Legion The Players Now, I know that most of the alliances in this bloc are micros, but that doesn't really matter, as we will help each other grow and thrive. I also know that there is a possibility of this bloc failing, but hey, you will never know if you don't try.
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    The ground calculator has been completely broken for quite some time. I forget which other of the calculators are also broken.
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    Hell, I’ve pointed out in this war too. But celebrate? Yeah, that’s a hard pass.
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    Online games tend to have a problem of trying to balance making the game easier for casuals vs not upsetting the hardcore players who love beating casuals. PnW is no different.... wars in PnW are fun if you are highly active and are in the right alliance and able to have some imput in what is going on. If you happen to be less active and less connected or in an alliance that doesn't dominate in your tier wars can result in getting sat on for weeks at a time.
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    Interesting how you added the text to the image using the Instagram stories image editor.
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    “Oh, hi Azariah. Are you all right?” – A voice that was everywhere, yet nowhere, invaded Azariah’s mind. A sensation that fulfilled all purpose of auditory one, but wasn’t quite that, and never went through his ears. “What are you... No, I’m goddamn far from all right. My… charge, is about to die.” - he heard himself without moving lips, coarse and torrid. “You know what I am. I’ve been here on and off, your entire life. I’m the shard, an extension, of the power that be. Not the kind you’d expect when the state usurps that title, but one of the true, divine, ruinous, powers that be.” He knew. Whenever he tried and failed to genuinely pray, he felt this. The powers that be. Sometimes depicted by obscure board games he knew of. Mere mention of them was suppressed by the Church. “And you know what I can do about all this. The trinket Eliphea has… is my holy symbol. I’ll have it intercede and save her life… “…If? If death has one denied, it clamors to make up for it.” “Let me worry about death. The price you pay for Eliphea’s life to be extended is simple. Grant me access to my soul, and go to war.” One more look at Eliphea’s face did it. She had to live: Damn Azariah’s soul and life. Thought as much. Now… say the words. Terror struck Azariah’s nerves as he completely realized what was about to happen, and what was the truth about the world all along. He knew the Church’s teachings about afterlife that’s of mercy. He thought them full of it. And now not only was there afterlife, but he was about to give his own, to a thing he scarcely knew any facts about. Only rumors. “Say the words.” He said the words. Time flew faster than ever. The creature fulfilled its promise: The trinket interceded and, against all odds of physics, deflected the bullet. Meanwhile, Azariah’s face, his sight, everything about it, went blood-red. He tried to stop it, but impulse to preserve Eliphea overwhelmed him. With strength that couldn’t be his own, he rushed at he gunman. One grab at his arm, and he heard the sickly crack of the bones. Ten strikes at his face that, in his perspective, might as well not have been his, and said face was reduced to a monstrous mush of flesh and bone. Then, the rage stopped, and Azariah’s body was his again. Nerves pulverized, his sole remaining instinct was to grab Eliphea by the arm, rushing to safety. 7 hours later “Worthless fools! This was the last time we will allow this, understand?!” - Cardinal Sica thumped his table, eyes wrathfully directed at the lay worker before him. Well, lay worker. Lay "operative". Though made to disband the Inquisition 200 years ago, the Church has maintained its spiritual successor in various degrees of secret, ever since the incidents regarding supernatural events deemed malicious, escalated. It looks like their initiative to utilize untrained personnel, resulted in headline-hitting raid on an antiques store, with one fatality on the attacker's side. “Good news is, if this could be traced to us, we’d already be in trouble.” - said the operative, collected, calm, and with what must have been a > 100$ haircut. If he was trying to calm down his superior, it wasn't working. “Good news is, go screw yourself. Better yet, from now on, every action conducted on grounds of cultist suspicion, is to be green-lit and directed by our own agents." “Cardinal, the fact that we give Regulators autonomy gives us a little more coverage than if we bonded them to our own personnel.” “That’s another thing, we’re shutting this whole Regulator kerfuffle down. We’re going to instead let our actual guys hold retinues to help them in a way that guarantees discretion. The only reason we can get the government to turn the blind eye towards our work is when it’s subtle. Or well, was subtle.” “You started out in what wasn’t that different from them.” “I’m an exception. And if our guys can find more, they can pull them over to their retinues. Either way, I don’t want to hear about Regulators ever again. Even the name wasn’t as original as I was told anyway.” “Said the guy who’d have our whole work be called ‘inquisition’” “That’s generic, not unoriginal… Change the subject already. What’s the aftermath of this antiquarian assault disaster?” “We’ve got one casualty on our side. Broken arm, and completely pulverized face. Weirdly enough, police source claims they can’t get any fingerprints or DNA out of it. At all. Anyway, we’ll proceed to off the culprits of that attack, before they endanger us again. Not exactly a work of a human rights champion, but, we can do that.” “What was human rights again?” “I’ll tell you later, it’s hilarious.” GW, Games Workshop, and all associated logos, illustrations, images, names, creatures, races, vehicles, locations, weapons, characters, and the distinctive likenesses thereof, are either ® or TM, and/or © Games Workshop Limited, variably registered around the world. All Rights Reserved.
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    Since raids are now considered wars The Mandalorian Empire declares war on The Boys CB can be found in this video: https://youtu.be/pfh17XgsrMs
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    Seb, how could you do this to me (again)
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    On this weeks episode of Weeabos versus Pirates.....
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    It is my determination that this was in fact war slot filling. Three nations declared war on an inactive allied nation holding approximately $35 billion worth of money and resources, and once that nation became active again, the wars were peaced out and the funds transferred to an "offshore" alliance bank. This situation seems unfair to me, that no one else had a chance to raid the inactive nation. It's a bit of a gray area, and I am applying moderator discretion here, but I have deleted 10% of the money and resources contained in the inactive nation's inventory at the time of the war slot fill as a punishment so as not to encourage this behavior again. You can check my figures here: And as a reminder, the Game Rules are guidelines and do specify that moderation discretion must be applied when enforcing the rules. You can review the Game Rules here: https://politicsandwar.com/rules/
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    Achievement Name: Alex's Little Helper Achievement Description (how to unlock): Make a game suggestion which is then implemented note - Alex would have to award these individually, and might have to include an appeals process
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    That's not against the rules. You can review the forum rules here:
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    You forgot HBE, oh wait that war is already over lol
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    There are answers to all four questions which are so nebulous that they're essentially meaningless, but question 2 is particularly bad. None of the "solutions" is remotely enforceable and most of them are so ill-defined that I'm not even sure what's being suggested. (To see why, take the verb in each answer and tell me what a specific, consensus definition of it would be in this context.) Rather than claiming a false mandate from a fallaciously-constructed vote, include a "none of the above" option to see how many people disagree with the premise in the first place.
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    Based off of their score graph I would barely call it trying.
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    4 vs 1 Bring it on
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    Honestly I think they believe BK to be lapdogs because you guys protected us and somehow TKR is subservient to us. Thats not how I look at protectorates though, and I think it stifles the game to view protectorates as slaves you can grow to serve an alliances ends. I hope Resplendent and OWR grow to become a top 10 alliance someday, and while obviously we are friendly with them and hope to continue that, if they decide that once they are large enough that being aligned with BK no longer serves their goals so be it.The same can be said for the other sides protectorates as well, as more major alliances means a more dynamic political game as well as more trade, larger wars, etc. I honestly don't understand what your point is. I understand I am not autonomous in real life but I just want to see the evidence for t$ controlling BK in any capacity beyond the influence a strong ally would have.
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    The point of huge reps is to help the winning defenders rebuild after the aggressors lost a war without a CB. Do you honestly our side should let them off scott free? Do you think if Pacacovenent had won the Pacifica War there would have been no reps?
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    May I ask how you would get Test to accept these terms? They have made it clear they don't want your money, and you guys don't really seem to have any negotiating leverage (and as time goes on this only becomes more true). This makes it seem like your only options if Test doesnt play ball is to fight to ZI or accept the dishonorable terms.
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    We are? Does NPO seriously not think BK has leverage because we were dog-piled in the first round of the war?
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    And you hit us for no reason this time, so maybe next time make sure you can win a war you start.
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    So if you were in BK's position now last war what would you asked for? Would you just have let everyone go on their merry way with no punishment?
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    Do YOU care about your members? Because it sure doesn't seem like it based off of NPO's gov lack of willingness to stand down after they led their members to slaughter.
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    Based off what I saw it was beyond apparent that no one in HBE understands how war works. Don't kid yourself and pretend your crappy alliance matters at all in Orbis as a whole. You got off lucky with a white peace, don't pretend otherwise.
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    https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/profile/9442-crazyface6767/ is using a hammer and sickle on his profile page
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    Your failure to retain members is not our sides problems, particularly since peace could be had at any time.
  47. -1 points
    You heard me, aren't you exited!?!?
  48. -2 points
    To bad, it's Smooth Brain Tuesday. Also, @Mad Max looking forward to the next Boris Wars with you! Next one's gonna be great imao, Boris has already started getting prepared. Anyway, point is Boris is excited.
  49. -2 points
    come on get me past 25 i think thats my highest downvoted post dont let me down frig make it the most downvoted most on the forums for me would be a good fair well gift before i quit dis game
  50. -5 points
    We are a relevant alliance. Your alliance has two treaties and no one has heard of you. We have treaties with The Originals, Deathly Hallows, Fark, and Pantheon. We have also been in the news multiple times. As a former news server owner and reporter, I can confidently say I've never seen your alliance in the news. So kindly take your not interested ass off my thread and find something to entertain yourself with. Like a fidget spinner or a rock. Something that doesn't require much IQ
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