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  1. Mispunctuations smells like cabbage. 

  2. Politics & War "Academy Awards" is such a dumb name. 

    Why not just Politics & "Awards" 

    Not to mention those choices are all garbage - I can't believe its still a thing to do it the way y'all are doing it. Sad. Trash. Sad.

  3. You gotta be jokin my ass

  4. This thread is better than the PW Awards.
  5. These were the size in 2020 my cousin and I probably did too many refills on these while walking up and down Bourbon.
  6. Oh no - you saw my losses, you must never have been in a war before in this broken mechanic game where war wins aren't how you win. In most arguments, when someone is pointed out for being restartedly acoustic and they steer from their own argument to place focus on something else, this identifies that you are a weak person not only mentally but probably physically as well. Feel free to discuss more about my nation - I'm happy to talk about them but I'm also happy to talk about what I was doing for each war I've been a part of, in real life, outside of this game - where stuff really matters. I'll make sure to turn on notifications for your posts though, just in case you feel it necessary to create posts that have zero context in efforts to boost your own already deflated ego, I'll be there to smudge it in the dirt just a little more. G'day.
  7. I don't think in any of my words I defended war dodging - what I did do though was say that I would gladly talk to a war dodger vs listen and/or talk to you, someone who, without context, makes posts so vague that people question it and come to find out it is something to do with a war dodger - in which case, you and the war dodger should be taken care of. If that is very hard for you to understand - your post sucks, you're not any better than a war dodger just by making this post, and you should be rolled. BUT alas, you were in VM when you wrote this. War Dodgers...Vacation Mode...what's the difference?
  8. Hello person below. I live and breathe Politics & War. I don't make time for anything in life other than this game and often don't get any work done because I'm too busy refreshing my nation page.

  9. These types of posts should be illegal - I would gladly talk to a war dodger vs someone who wants to zero-context mock a war dodger in a public setting. Back in my day, the community would take care of you and your nation for this....and you're in VM. Weak.
  10. You don't even know me.

  11. Based on this review - me and my family will not be tuning in. Thank you.
  12. Imagine failing and then never trying again.

    1. Fulcrum


      The only winning move is not to play

    2. Aksel


      I meant in life! BUT even in a game, if you fail - why not try again if it is something you get pleasure out of? This is why some people have made 80 alliances in this game's existence. 

  13. Don't give up on your dreams!

  14. Looks like nobody also gave two shits.

    1. Dopes


      And not a single shit was given on that day.

  15. Have you called your mom and told her you love her?

  16. I always love a bad good cause - let me know how I can help. Some people (your dad) call me the Texas Hammer.
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