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  1. You should be the one thinking about not dying before then
  2. He is a gov member, and from what we know this is a completely different war. From what we heard this is a completely different war
  3. Looking forward to this new chapter @Rubes.
  4. Sir Carlo

    Gray Area

    This has been the anthem practically since we got one and there are no problems with the lyrics. It is a parody of the song ‘New Orleans’. If anyone has a problem with it or is offended by it, all they have to do is tell me and I will happily change it. There is no need to make a forum post and cause a drama.
  5. Hello. I am the leader of the United Armies and the United Front Bloc. Recently some members of TAA were raided by members of TCM. TAA countered this attack and TCM retaliated with a mass raid. UF recognized these attacks as hostility against the bloc and countered for TAA. UF recognizes that the attacks made by TCM were hostile. War was never officially declared on the forums but it was war. Some members of Astra did get involved. While UF had control over the first round, we recognized that a full-scale war would dry up our money and eventually would cripple us, making us unable to fight and would still force us to accept peace. UF surrenders to TCM and agrees to pay them an amount of money over a period of 6 months and surrender all of UF's Coal to TCM.
  6. We have definitely learnt from our mistake lol I don't want to go at them because we just signed peace. We should have
  7. We would have continued fighting, but it is just that we needed some more support. We have learnt from this experience and will use what we learnt next time this sort of thing happens.
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