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  1. We have definitely learnt from our mistake lol I don't want to go at them because we just signed peace. We should have
  2. We would have continued fighting, but it is just that we needed some more support. We have learnt from this experience and will use what we learnt next time this sort of thing happens.
  3. Thanks. We were talking to Fark before this even happened asking for a protectorate treaty as our former protectorate Carthago had to drop us when they joined t$ sphere.
  4. Will do, thanks That is true. Thank you thanks
  5. Hey everyone. Just posting this to state that a new bloc has been formed, currently known as the United Front. The members of the bloc help each other in times of need and to help each other grow. It is basically just a friendly tight knit group of alliances. The following alliances are currently in the bloc: The United Armies Σvolution Sons of Thunder Atlantis Unforgiven Legion The Players Now, I know that most of the alliances in this bloc are micros, but that doesn't really matter, as we will help each other grow and thrive. I also know that there is a possibility of this bloc failing, but hey, you will never know if you don't try.
  6. Hello everyone. I am here to tell you all that the United Armies is pulling out of the war. We hereby agree upon the terms given to us by Count Adam#8583 (discord tag). The terms of our withdrawal are: 1.) No aiding Coalition B and/or future entries 2.) No further aggression Please cease all attacks on us for the time being until the war has ended. Regards, Sir Carlo Leader of the United Armies
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