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  1. This new year's resolution has nothing to do with your character flaws.
  2. Your joke is getting old
  3. You said Which implies that you are stanced against downvotes. I am for downvotes. If you would stop turning this into an insult based forum, you would have figure that out by now. All this change does is toxify the forums.
  4. The removal of downvotes encourages a insult based forum. That does not remove toxicity.
  5. You're quick to act, but slow to think. You just called my taste an insult when I could've just downvoted your original post. You had to look back here. All this change encourages is a toxic exchange of words and your responses show that. Thank you for proving my point. I hope to work with you in the future.
  6. Your previous statement implies you are better than people. Everyone is equal.
  7. I dislike your post. It is wrong.
  8. Goons is too big to fail!
  9. Wait. Now we know the leaks are real. Our knowledge has changed!
  10. Is this a DoW or a RoH? The text contains a conflicting message. I wonder what the implications that'll have on this war and, in a greater part, Orbis.
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