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  1. we would never jump the shark also goons is literally evil and partisan is the second coming of jesus christ
  2. i go out of my way to bless the plebeians of orbis with my presence by FOLLOWING them and i get nothing in return

    i want my money back 😠

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      Dear Hope,

      How do I social Media? 




    4. Eric the Red II

      Eric the Red II

      /me gives Hope a pork chop sandwich

  3. Thanks for responding, but I do have a couple of points 1) Worst Alliance Leader is included because TheNG loves this award dearly so we included it as a freebie for him 2) No particular reason we included “Hottest Wife,” outside of being personally amused by it. It was included as a Silly Award and there was no deeper meaning behind it. If @Pika felt like it made her feel awkward or objectified in any way she can let myself and Adrienne know so it won’t be included next time 3) Nobody was forced to speak if they didn’t want to. If people said they didn’t want to we stopped and moved on. I do appreciate the criticism and I will take it into consideration for next year. Thank you!
  4. HEAVENS GATE will neither confirm nor deny the existence of Satanic Entities in Coalition B. We now resume our regularly scheduled programming of “Ask hope: Do Sharks have Feet, and if they do can Jazz send me his?”
  5. We prefer “Satanic Ritual Afterbirth” but I suppose we could call it that too
  6. GOONS has me chained up in the basement, this is the one message I can send out before Jazz comes back and catches me on the forums. Help, please, I can't get out. This is my only chance
  7. My bad, I got so drunk off your tears I must have gotten a little woozy and misunderstood your comment. Continue please, my glass is empty
  8. You shouldn't act like a victim, it isnt a good look on you.
  9. if GOONS is so valued by NPO why havent they just merged into them as a sign of good faith? checkmate pubbies
  10. GOONS is a Heaven’s Gate vassal per the radio show when everyone become my converts
  11. respect and props to you for sticking by your beliefs, albeit i think it’s a naive thing to do
  12. Spreadsheet with the methodology can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1k4WwHExcFEwP96Z9OefE8nXA4_BnV_yMgFu_GqlJjnI/edit?usp=sharing Doc with all of the results can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KX0RuJPgLCxWpcTH1IULhew7KjUqxwGTAxG3fVzts5U/edit?usp=sharing Thanks to @Princess Adrienne for being an amazing help and just being a great person Thanks to @Sval, @Redarmy, and deadmeat for helping out as well Thanks to @Kevanovia and @Do Not Fear Jazz for hosting the awards, they were great and really hilarious and it was a great time. Thanks to Leo, Keshav, and others for calling these stupid. To that I say, no u And thanks to all of the alliance leaders/gov for participating, it wouldn't have been possible without you guys. ❤️
  13. Having as much fun with this game I can despite the shitass mechanics and UI and mildly toxic community
  14. This is for the whales you big fat nasty smelling fat !@#$es why you take all our damn money wit yo triflin dirty fat ass you big fat !@#$ oompa loompa body ass !@#$es we're comin up there and we're gonna beat the frick out of you !@#$es and don’t even call the police cause we're gonna come up there unexpected and wait on yo motherfrickin ass !@#$es we're coming to beat the frick outta you cause you did that on purpose with that fat ass bean head !@#$ watch we're coming up there to frick you up !@#$es we know what kinda cars you drive. We're gonna wait on you and we're gonna beat yalls ass !@#$ cause we show you not to play with ASM's money !@#$ that's the first thing yall did and !@#$ you got us fricked up cause !@#$ we told you what the frick was goin on, you motherfrickas hate to see leftists doing good or doing anything for themselves ugly fat !@#$es watch we're telling you we're coming up there to beat yo motherfricking ass bean head smelling wet dog smellin ass !@#$ watch us come and frick you up cause you got us fricked up gon sit up there and try to do that shit !@#$ the first day we came up there talking about the !@#$ that had on pajamas but you had 10 dollar ass jean's on dirty dusty fat !@#$ sitting behind that counter smelling like cheese stinky fat ass !@#$ and you gon try and not reply to this post we're going to frick you up and you betta remember to run when you see us cause we're going to frick you up !@#$ wanna sit up here and play with us about our motherfricking money wanna play about our money !@#$ you gon sit up there and try to do that !@#$ little do you know we know enough people watch us coming to frick you up we promise you that we promise we're coming to frick yall up you fat stinky !@#$es bean head yellow yuck mouth nasty mouth ass !@#$ yall stink yall smell like fricking cheese and yall got that trifling ass attitude we beat that attitude up out you !@#$es yall treat everybody like that all these communist people that yall do like that yall in the wrong position you trifling ass !@#$es that's why dont nobody frick with yall cause you trifling and a !@#$ gon sit up there and did all that shit and we told you what the frick goin on gon tell us we was in the same motherfricking alliance when we're telling you we didnt now !@#$ why the frick would we lie about some shit like that watch we finna come up there and beat yalls motherfricking ass yall betta not get out that car !@#$.
  15. Love you guys, good luck wherever you guys go
  16. Can confirm. GOONS has never pressured us into doing anything we haven't wanted to do. shark man good
  17. tIy7oZh.png

    my notes for class said you're all toxic 

  18. I agree, and I think the comments towards IS have been harsh. However, critique is a way to improve. It’s always welcome to have people say “Good job congrats on peace,” but we also need people to be critical of one another (in a respectful way). We can critique one another in a respectful way I’m interested in the counters situation, so maybe someone in your coalition can explain that. Second, everyone is taking damage. Your protector is taking a shit ton of damage, your protector’s allies are taking a shit ton of damage. You were going to take heavy damage regardless of whether or not you were winning and especially if this was a multi-month war. Counters are limited on both sides so chances are if they were neglecting you (which I doubt) it wasn’t malicious and your war front wasn’t their first priority (likely)
  19. Maybe it was because Immortals were getting their ass handed to them round 1? (not a slight against them, lots of love and respect) Maybe you don’t understand how global wars work. If you join a war you can’t expect to get counters for every war declared upon you, regardless of treaties. It sounds like you expected this to be an easy war and when it turned out you were going to take some heavy damage you left. Regardless, you should have given Immortals notice and I think not doing so is pretty shitty I mean, you saw how heavy your side was getting hit, right?
  20. Makes no difference who it was. It was shitty when Gorge was dunking on Colo B alliances for peacing out early (FR and others) and it’s equally as shitty when you guys do it. Just leave them be. You don’t have to say anything at all
  21. I’m sure calling alliances weak and pathetic will get them to help you again next time
  22. is this more or less fascist than people calling for the lynching of other players?
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