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  1. Roses are easy to solve, scissors and gloves. Snip snip
  2. All the best guys! You were some the most amazing people I met!
  3. Great theme, might join at some point!
  4. Looks like noone understands analogies or symbolism here.
  5. WE ArnT ThE bAD GuYS A quick after note: I'd like to thank our allies and congratulate them on fighting so long! We know what we are fighting for!
  6. Oh looks like it was insignificant and irrelevant after all.
  7. Did someone say something insignificant and irrelevant again?
  8. I believe it's partially due to because when an alliance starts to dominate a score range. People get upset with constant beiging , and the sitting which lasts up to 5 days if you come with 700 odd planes, and then get smashed instantly and are removed from playing for 5 days, rebuild and do the same thing again for multiple weeks I don't think many people would be every intered in playing long definitely with such stagnating growth which comes in war. And as said, a lot of people consider this more of a passive game rather than active, and the war requires activity rather than passivity.
  9. Hey guys, I'm Maeve Thieves and I'm not really new to the game anymore? I've been playing for 118 days now, but figured I might aswell create an OWF account now that I'm here to stay. I might have met a few of you through the war, if I did feel free to say hi. Good luck and hope to see you all in the game!
  10. I'm relatively new to tkr and this game (only 111 days in the alliance and 114 days in game). But I must agree with what you said, regardless of your opinion of how TKRs attitudes to other alliances or whatever it is the most socially active and community driven alliance. You are welcomed and introduced to the alliance from the beginning and are taught the ins and outs of the game, supported throughout and are asked to contribute to anything and everything if you can and want to and even when I have felt like I messed up the alliance doesn't treat you like shit or anything (unless you really messed up and disobeyed direct orders I guess) they encourage you to look at how and why the mistakes happened and how to move on and build upon it so it doesn't happen again. If it whernt for the TKR community I would probably not be playing this game tbh.
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