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Finally, "Peace" in Orbis - for now.


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Just now, AntMan said:

I'd like to point out Arrgh and Mythic arent included in the NAP

Fair point

Just now, Vineet said:

hey pls get me unbanned from discord server first pls 

How did you get banned in the first place?


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4 hours ago, Buorhann said:

Arrgh and Mythic aren't included.  So have fun punching them if you need to get some aggression out.

Woohoo, peace!... Wait what?


Edited by Aether

Look up to the sky above~

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It'll be a relief to be able to get back to getting new people involved in the game and developing communities, after a year of having the opportunities for new players strangled and communities trampled over. Here's hoping we've all got some good recruitment and development ahead.

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A good white peace, no victors just different tiers of losers. I am the S tier Matt the loser. Best of luck to everyone on the rebuild, I'll see y'all on the battlefield in six months!!

Blame Dan Schneider~



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