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  1. Still waiting, terrible customer service!
  2. Could I have a classic waffle with bacon?
  3. I would like to thank the PnW servers for standing up for themselves and providing the only valid cb in PnW history!
  4. Approval Rating has been a long neglected data point, most people have 0 (-a large number). The issue is it's too easy to lose approval and too hard to gain approval, even if you are interested in the RP aspect of your nation it is likely impossible if you've been involved in a global to have positive approval rating. I suggest the current factors that increase approval rating needs to be more rewarding and negative factors need to do less damage (unless war related. E.G. Building a city or project becomes +15 Winning a war becomes +15. Successful espionage operations against you whether you exposed the nation or not means -1 approval. Somebody else fails an espionage operation, +3. Failed espionage operation, -1. Successful if spies not captured, +4 If spies captured, +3 Having war declared and declaring war becomes neutral. Turn based factors should become more rewarding and new misc factors should be added, e.g. Landing on the moon, +50 (more incentive to actually do the project). I believe this would help increase immersion and not leave a consistently poor result on nation pages. If this update were implemented approval ratings in the negative should be reset to 50%.
  5. Cool, but I'm still waiting for the RING OF REVELS DOE
  6. Good luck in your endeavours, I will consider deleting cities just to force you to reroll your easily rebuildable/restartable nation.
  7. Nation Link: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=253762 Ruler Name: Erwin Nature of Violation: Nazi flag, official name of nation is "The Dictatorial Fascist party of German Union." (Pro Nazi)
  8. Nokia will return, coup a micro and come back to TCM
  9. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/war/timeline/war=729245 War Reason: ‘For the [email protected]#$’ Clearly inappropriate war reason Censored out but to do with a German leader in ww2
  10. It has recently come to my attention that Hytale (that minecraft 2 game) has declared their world called Orbis. THIS CANNOT BE STOOD FOR I am proposing since that they seem to be making the same game that we prepare our nations to go against the Kweebec scum. WE MUST RISE I would also like to propose @Alex files a 3 million dollar lawsuit. P&W ORBIS > HYTALE ORBIS
  11. It’s like we were expecting this to happen the moment TCM was reformed
  12. imo opinion protectorates are just a use for alliances not to get hit by top tier alliances. You shouldn’t start an alliance if you don’t know the game
  13. brb building the discover fire national project
  14. Also you do realise that the moment you actually restart tO (right now it's only inactives) UA will be on you.
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