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  1. another war another win :^)
  2. joke's on you, i don't know what metaphors are so this point goes right over me 😤😤😤😤😤
  3. bro i literally don't believe nations should even exist, what the [email protected]#$ does this even mean
  4. damn this whole war is because t$ got scared that someone joked around in a discord server? lmaooooooooooooooooo
  5. does anyone ever wonder why people make shit up as an excuse to dogpile TKR? like we would gladly fight you guys if you just asked to have a war. you don't need to pretend like there was a conspiracy that we were going to attack or something, you can just admit you want to have a scrap and let's go. half of this alliance was rearing for a fight before the rebuild even finished. but the fact that you don't, and that you instead have to make up some weird shit that nobody believes, betrays that there's something more than just wanting a fight. you should at least have the decency to give us the real reason behind this, because everybody knows that this justification is bull. so come on - what's the real reason? the attack already happened, telling the truth won't change anything, so you have nothing to lose.
  6. i wish curu was here to see this ayy lmao
  7. do y'all remember when CN got targeted because nordreich used Norway's flag in a recruitment video and Norway thought it was [email protected]#$ propaganda? for anyone not in the know, this was in 2007. nordreich, a weird shitty "german nationalist" alliance that "questions historical events" under "freedom of speech" made a recruitment video on youtube and they ended up taking the video down anyway after a lot of pressure. and it turned out a lot of members were ... the exact kind of people you'd expect to end up in an alliance of that type. IC and OOC have never been separate in nation sims. it's fourteen years later and there are new nordreichs and there are new people who flock to nordreichs because they appeal to them. people like akuryo, people like nordreichs, they're always gonna be here and they're always gonna have their shitty little niches as long as we tolerate them. so what i like to do is not tolerate them. and i think this game and whatever successor games in the future would be better off if we didn't tolerate them. and it's really weird to see this thread about people defending an admitted fascist because they outed other fascists. like, purging ranks of people who believe the same way you do but for a different party is literally textbook. so very clearly there's no redemption to be had here, it's just some more nordreich shit we've been dealing with since 2007, and it's stunning that this game full of fully grown adult people haven't just grasped that this sort of intolerance has to, paradoxically, not be tolerated. this is a very bad look for whatever dumb alliance COTL is but it's also a bad look for anyone in this community who doesn't try to push these bad actors out. IC and OOC have never been separate, no matter how hard we've tried to pretend they are. we wear a facade for roleplaying but people have been taking this shit personally for a long, long time. it's better to just own up to it and kick the shitters out than to pretend we need to tolerate their garbage.
  8. Just for clarification since it seems like you're unaware: DoubleClick is Google, so it comes with Analytics and AdSense; OneSignal handles push notifications for anyone who, well, uses push notifications. These are expected for what he's already stated. No idea about Facebook. This is why Facebook:
  9. SK is one letter away from BK and we all saw how that went down 😴
  10. offshore banks are dumb. they shouldn't need to be in the game, it should be balanced properly instead. these changes in particular are dumber, because they don't fix the core problem.
  11. offshore banks are dumb and anyone who uses them isn't playing the game properly. these changes in particular aren't very good but *something* needs to be done
  12. this amuses me greatly
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