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  1. Sargun

    Shifty News Network-Breadfan

    I can't read that tiny ass picture shifty
  2. Sargun

    Shifty News Network-So far, so good, so what?

    Of all the things that didn't happen, this didn't happen the most.
  3. Sargun

    Let's talk about PnW Radio shows.

    no keegoz you don't understand. we need to literally be more popular than pornography. that is the only way to measure success, is to win over game of thrones or online porn. there is no other way.
  4. Sargun


    hmu i'm always down to vent about garbage tbh also bye
  5. Sargun

    69 Days Later

    Thousands of them, dude. Thousands.
  6. Sargun

    69 Days Later

    I don't think anyone in TKR is really trying to minimize the damage TGH and KT/ET did, to be honest. They were great fighters and utilized great tactics, and did a lot of damage. It was the first war in a long time that actually felt like a war. The problem comes when you guys try to say that because you did a lot of damage, and damage alone, that you somehow "won" or got the better of us, even in the surrender thread. Everybody accepts the extremely valiant and powerful effort you put into this loss - there was a lot of respect for your fighters during the war. But when you try to say that you did so much damage to us it may as well be a wash, and you ignore the other factors, we're going to push back. Statistics only tell one side of the story. We get it - you landed a ton of body blows. We just happened to be the bigger fighter. Pretending that this was closer than it actually was is beneath you guys, because I genuinely think it mars the admirable fight you put up.
  7. Sargun

    69 Days Later

    We've been over this, fellas. We stole the resources from you and then bombed you with your own resources. The ones we used from our own coffers we were able to replenish because we weren't stuck at 400 infra cities - we had dozens of high-infra cities pumping out econ by the end of the war. That means that we had the luxury of being able to waste those resources without doing any harm to ourselves. The "damage" of us using resources to bomb you into submission isn't damage at all: on paper it looks like we spent a finite amount, but the reality is that resources are not finite. They are infinite. We, due to being the victors on an obscene scale, were able to keep our economy going to fund this wasteful excursion. We didn't start running out of munitions or gas, we didn't lose our ability to fight, we weren't running a deficit: everything was completely fine on our end, because we could still produce those resources. To put it another way, this is like getting into drink-off with a bartender. At the end of the day you may have made the bartender drink a lot of booze without paying, but you're going home to a lack of booze and they can just turn around and keep drinking.
  8. Sargun


    he's gonna swap your IQ with his and then laugh at how dumb you are
  9. Sargun

    69 Days Later

    honestly I just wanted to pad your stats, I spent as many munitions and gasoline as I could on soldiers at the end there
  10. Sargun

    69 Days Later

    yeah there was no drama whatsoever about this war on the boards
  11. Sargun

    69 Days Later

  12. Sargun

    69 Days Later

  13. Sargun

    69 Days Later

    suck it james
  14. Sargun


    i literally have kastor blocked on every imaginable platform (i even programmed my lock to not accept the numbers 527867, which is kastor in numpad alphabet). why haven't you?

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