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  1. how long did it take you to come up with this one lmao
  2. I love the fact that DIO had to ping NPO members to upvote his post so that it would artificially look like people believe him.
  3. Tiberius, delete your account
  4. BK: we want to rebuild our public perception of being a strong military alliance Also BK: call in NPO Edit: it has been called to my attention that TCW said this, not BK Let it be known that BK performed so poorly in this war that I couldn't tell them apart from TCW
  5. in fairness to you, i had to ping multiple people in my alliance to ask them who was in IQ for me to make that lmao
  6. it's the only way BK knows how to win, with other people doing all the work 👀
  7. (ps i only included acadia because i needed a fourth face and i chose somebody that i'd never heard of) (pps edited because @Smith wanted to see their dumb smiles)
  8. alex: i don't think it's okay to cheat but i'm gonna let the community decide also alex: i'm not going to punish cheaters i'm just gonna take away the money also alex: i'll take away their cities i guess but only the ones i can verify were bought with bad money since you guys won't shut up also alex: fine i'll take away some more resources but only ones i can verify even if some others look shady also alex: blink is completely banned, bar none, period alex what the hell happened in between your first five wishy-washy milquetoast responses and then going nuclear? this is ridiculous.
  9. It took me 20 minutes but I figured it out. congrats on the treaty
  10. The only thing dumber than blindly believing anything anyone says on the internet is encouraging other people to do it.
  11. "even if the logs are fake you're guilty either way" wew lad
  12. Since @Buorhann is either being willfully ignorant or is actually partially illiterate in some capacity, let me break this down to him in simple terms: An easily-faked, unverified screenshot is posted showing someone allegedly saying something, and even in said screenshot there's no context to the conversation. As a response to this, people go "wow I thought TKR wasn't going to hold grudges". When the leader of TKR came on and said the logs were fake and even brought their own fake screenshot to prove how easy it is to fake these things, that is the response to those comments. The entire reason those comments exist is because of a fake conversation, so if the conversation never existed, then there is nothing to address. You're asking us to address literally made-up concerns. We have gone to BK and told them we want to mend bridges, and have started to do so. In response to this, Shifty made this garbage up to try and ruin this attempt. The only thing that needs addressing is why you all bit the bait so hard.
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