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  1. Sargun

    Let's Dance!

    I got a ping for this and the only thing I can say in response is god dammit Felkey you know I can't read whatever it is you mentioned me about
  2. Sargun

    A New Date to the Dance

    this is a great move, good job fellas : ) and congrats
  3. Sargun

    NatRP Map Thread

  4. Sargun

    NatRP Map Thread

    For those who wish to become a part of the roleplaying community here in the National Affairs subforum, this is the thread in which you should apply. CURRENT MAP(Updated As of: N/A) Are you a new member to P&W, looking to try out some roleplaying? Or are you already a seasoned roleplayer, looking to develop his/her skills in roleplaying? Well, all I can say is that with this post, I hope to establish a friendly, low-drama roleplaying environment for those among us who have an interest in roleplaying out our nation's actions. Whether you're an experienced roleplayer, or completely new and inexperienced to roleplaying, allow me to say that I'll do my best as your OP to be friendly and accepting of every type of roleplayer. High-quality roleplay and constructive world-building are encouraged. For in-depth roleplay (multiple paragraphs, extensive posts), you may make your posts and threads here. For more natural roleplay with less restrictions, you may make your posts and threads here. For more casual roleplay, the National Affairs subforum itself should do. (Just remember that while this is a casual environment, the subforum will still be moderated, as it is meant for in-character posts and interactions. Additionally, signing up here isn't a requirement to use the subforum.) (Note of interest: Several members of our roleplaying community have based their nations and/or leaders upon those inspired from anime and other fictional sources. This is perfectly acceptable so long as your roleplay is constructive and well-intentioned. However, this style of roleplay does not give you an advantage in terms of wars, or anything. Similarly, you cannot use it as an excuse to develop incredibly advanced technology in short periods of time, as it is unfair for those who put much time and effort into their roleplay. You're free to be as creative as you like, so long as it is within the rules. This is to avoid Godmodding and overpowered posts.) Interested in joining? Don’t be shy, and fill out the application below. *Before applying, be sure to read the rules of the National Affairs subforum, and the map itself, here.*
  5. Sargun

    NatRP mapmaker needed

    I can do it, I just need the source file.
  6. Sargun

    Orbis, let's have a chat.

    at least have the god damn courtesy to give me a reacharound
  7. Sargun

    Orbis, let's have a chat.

    i'm just imagining someone saying this irl and i'm embarrassed already
  8. Sargun

    Orbis, let's have a chat.

    fight me irl
  9. Sargun

    Propaganda time

  10. Sargun

    Dancing Was a Metaphor, Guys

    god dammit adrienne you know i can't read
  11. you're not my real dad
  12. "bait" If telling the truth is bait, that implies a lot of shit about you.
  13. you're conveniently ignoring the multiple posts where he's said that it is rickky's job as FA to be controversial as a FA policy, thus explicitly saying that he is okay with rickky making such statements and that he doesn't care if they are rule-breaking. acknowledging that you're doing shitty things does not absolve you of their shittiness. if anything, it makes it worse: buorhann knows rickky is calling people nazia and child molestors, and not only thinks that it is acceptable behavior but refuses to do anything about it. saying "i don't care, ask the mods to intervene" both a) acknowledges them and b) approves of them, making buorhann a bad guy. kastor people have been talking shit about you since you started this game. you have always had a superiority complex but have never had the success nor the talent to deserve it. TGH is another long line of alliances full of people who piss off as many people as possible and then get "wow i thought it was ok" when the bell tolled for thee. we don't have the time to devote to being mad every day, so we'll just roll you instead. it's how the world works, kid.
  14. @Honey Monster can i make a gif where u suck 😎
  15. dunno how to explain this without using crayons mate but here's a good look for you [reasonable discourse and aggression] ---- [aggressive shitposting and borderlline name calling] --- THE LINE YOU DON'T CROSS --- [rickky calling the opposition pedophiles and nazis] notice how across from that line is your head of FA. when a large amount of people across multiple alliances condemns the words you're saying and your actions as unsociable, you have fricked up. and then, as an alliance leader, you are expected to fix mistakes and improve your alliance. buorhann has instead taken the low road and doubled down by making rickky's statements official and insulting anyone who felt wronged. newsflash: when your official FA policy is "all my opponents are child molesting nazis", people are going to be upset at you

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