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  1. SK is one letter away from BK and we all saw how that went down 😴
  2. offshore banks are dumb. they shouldn't need to be in the game, it should be balanced properly instead. these changes in particular are dumber, because they don't fix the core problem.
  3. offshore banks are dumb and anyone who uses them isn't playing the game properly. these changes in particular aren't very good but *something* needs to be done
  4. Sargun

    Take a break

    this amuses me greatly
  5. acadia sucks. this sucks worse please reconsider
  6. Sargun

    Dear BK

    curu sucks but this sucks more. please reconsider
  7. infinite war with NPO gpa is back GOONS are ruining the forums all we need now are schatt threads. or to rename TKR to FAN
  8. bro i didn't see the part where y'all voted on it, unironically. wasn't trolling, for real. ❤️
  9. ve sucks. this sucks more. please reconsider (and get new leadership).
  10. oh man i'm watching yu yu hakusho right now and unironically this shit is legit
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