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  1. This coming from the side rolling it's own coalition mates that's cute, real cute.
  2. That's an Alpha move right there ! o/ The Immortals
  3. @Alex Buying a new city (22) is glitched it took all my money. I tried to buy 22nd city and it glitched and just told me you have 21 cities then I tried it again and noticed it took my money twice. [ $506,450,000 ]
  4. I had a similar idea of reducing steel cost of tanks and adjusting ships to make them slightly more expensive.
  5. The bug that doesn't let you beige and win wars has been there before the upgrade.
  6. There is quite a selection here @Alex
  7. Days....???? http://www.int33h.com/test/tc/
  8. Nooooo not OWR I'll miss you ❤️ OWR . Good luck rebuilding you two congrats on peace !
  9. Expanding on this I would put restrictions on Sending & Receiving with outside transfers to AA banks and so you're only allowed to send once and receive once per day each. - Also requiring someone with bank access to accept the transfer is must so the receiving bank can decide who they want to accept funds from for their limit. This flexibility allows people to still play with offshores but limit their usefulness with limited transfers and limits to AA hopping. Looting the bank & off shores should still be a part of the war mechanics as having a level of tactical intrigue is what keeps wars interesting.
  10. This is an overreach not really a solution, Also yes before any solutions are put into effect testing them on Test server first is a must Ideas of the top... 1 - require a nation to be a certain NS range to create an AA keeping them above a certain range. (2000 NS maybe) 2 - require certain number of nations in order to use bank functions (no more one man AA's with bank access ) 3 - Limit bank to bank transfers to once per day 4 - Limit bank to outside non-members ??? per day (not sure amount but this restriction would not apply to members) 5 - limit nation AA changes to once per day
  11. The new game rules update covered faking vacation mode but now they are faking Beige mode. https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=146719 scroll down Fake: https://ibb.co/nfHHYmg Real : https://ibb.co/L1f83sf What say you on this @Alex ? Why not just make faking any in game status mode illegal and end all the in game frackery of skirting the rules.
  12. Zaxon

    Vulgar Wars

    According to the rules: This guy is making war declarations as such going back to June 6/17 up to now : https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=69644 With 12 declarations with vulgar language "welcome the rice fields MF"
  13. The admin tested out something similar to this on Test server 2 years back called the stack system. It basically allowed you to stack a certain amount of rebuys per turn up to a limit of 70%your totals. It also changed the very nature of military improvements so you could pile them without limit but they caped out at a certain level. It freed everyone up from the update time but there was a glitch he could never figure out a work around for.(sounds familiar 😗) I liked the stacking system but unless Alex has passed his Hogwarts wizardry & gaming class it's gonna rest on the shelf of incomplete ideas.
  14. I think this whole idea could be adjusted to be Alliance based projects with higher requirements and limit it to 2 at any one time so alliances would have to rotate projects during peace and war time.
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