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  1. I mean in the sidebar project image on the main page. Look at Callisto's nation here at his project list: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=48385 Same as Frauche's nation: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=16348 This is what I get with copy paste from main page: main page = "https://politicsandwar.com/img/projects/specialized_police_training_program.png" The project page looks normal but the main page has the missing pic.
  2. Yup thought it was just on test but its broken on both ends.
  3. Specialized Police Training Program Project pic is broken
  4. Hey all, so this idea was partially from a discussion with the dev team on some potential ideas that I decided to explore & expand on so I’m putting it here for some feedback. The idea is that Alternative projects would give you the option to choose between certain projects and applications which are opposed to each other. So selecting one would cancel out the ability to have the other at the same time. I’ll do tldr notes at the end (-_- 7 ) 1: Spy Satellite & NSA (National Security Agency) The concept here is offen
  5. Veni Vidi Vici You seem a decent fellow I h8 to kill u Prepare for the fight scene PM for more war This is not the declaration ur looking 4 No No don't get up allow me Friend request sent This a war of peace I meant to declare on the guy behind you Tell me how do you want to die? Operators are standing by Hope you got insurance Eliminates the toughest stains. Carry a big stick...and that's it
  6. Lol It's not that complicated . TLDR : 1: There are new projects that let you mine for luxury goods on Earth and Space. 2: Once you buy the project you can then buy the vehicles (max 3) which require resources to make. 3: Then you choose the number of vehicles x base cost . Choose the level of risk for the operation ( high risk = high reward ) 4: The operation take 5-10 days on Earth & 7-14 days in Space. 5: Then you get luxury goods which give your nation a bonus effect. Some of them stack effects. 6:
  7. Okay so this has been about 2 weeks in the making so there is quite a bit of info to run thru here so bare with me. I’ve added some of my Photoshop work here to give a better visual understanding of what everything might look like and save me lengthy explanations. Let me just throw this out there and say these new projects are operating under the assumption we change how Project slots are calculated in a post war era. So let me show you my new projects and I’ll explain them 1 by 1 . 4 New Projects *Green Technologie
  8. You forgot to update the requirement text for the new AEC project.
  9. It's not the multis in itself that concerns me as much as them violating the rules flagrantly by using them to attack people which they are doing again.. Is such hubris really okay ?
  10. Oh in these Covid times you would hope people would be more responsible and practice safe social distancing. However some people never listen and never learn. Lets just state the obvious first: These folks are not social distancing on Test spreading the filthy virus known as Multi's 🤢 Case #1 Little Bear , Hunter & Mama Cita 2nd violation of rules Firstly lets establish these folks are all on the same network ID: Dawn of Rednecks, Mama Cita, Confederate Nation, Little Bear & Hunter Biden - A while
  11. Revenue & resources has been frozen since 10/16 . Also credits did not reset for October.
  12. I like how the conversation just died here at the point of silliness.
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