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  1. Satan don't tempt me.
  2. Same Yeah thought I made a thread for this earlier but maybe it didn't go through .
  3. GG all Now it's time for the the Build Back Better....huh where am I? Rebuild plan
  4. "This is the way" well.... *Awkward silence intensifies* Good luck rebuilding
  5. I mean in the sidebar project image on the main page. Look at Callisto's nation here at his project list: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=48385 Same as Frauche's nation: https://politicsandwar.com/nation/id=16348 This is what I get with copy paste from main page: main page = "https://politicsandwar.com/img/projects/specialized_police_training_program.png" The project page looks normal but the main page has the missing pic.
  6. Yup thought it was just on test but its broken on both ends.
  7. Specialized Police Training Program Project pic is broken
  8. Hey all, so this idea was partially from a discussion with the dev team on some potential ideas that I decided to explore & expand on so I’m putting it here for some feedback. The idea is that Alternative projects would give you the option to choose between certain projects and applications which are opposed to each other. So selecting one would cancel out the ability to have the other at the same time. I’ll do tldr notes at the end (-_- 7 ) 1: Spy Satellite & NSA (National Security Agency) The concept here is offense vs defense but you have to choose one or the other. I modified the Spy Satellite’s damage a bit but you still have the extra spy per day and an overall advantage. The NSA gives you 10 extra spies and added resistance 2: Upgrade Weapon Systems I wanted to introduce a new weapons system to make war more dynamic so I had the idea of upgrading the existing weapon system and sprinkling in some diversity. So you would not need to change anything. 3: Missile Systems SSM - Target land targets same as now SAM - Only targets planes ASBM - Only targets naval vessels 4: Nuclear Systems Nuke - Hits 1 city normal damage same as now (infra + 2 improvements) EMP - No power for 24 turns in 1 city - 1/10 nuke dmg (infra + No power) MIRV - Hits 4 cities for infra damage - 1/4 nuke dmg (infra + 4 improvements) TLDR notes: ಠ_ರೃ The weapon systems allow you to switch to different weapons but you must pay the rss cost to swap. You can only have one weapons system active at a time You keep the same stockpile of missiles & nukes you just change platforms. If you already have Missile and Nuke projects you start with the default but can switch. Nukes & Missiles still cost the same MAP
  9. Veni Vidi Vici You seem a decent fellow I h8 to kill u Prepare for the fight scene PM for more war This is not the declaration ur looking 4 No No don't get up allow me Friend request sent This a war of peace I meant to declare on the guy behind you Tell me how do you want to die? Operators are standing by Hope you got insurance Eliminates the toughest stains. Carry a big stick...and that's it
  10. Lol It's not that complicated . TLDR : 1: There are new projects that let you mine for luxury goods on Earth and Space. 2: Once you buy the project you can then buy the vehicles (max 3) which require resources to make. 3: Then you choose the number of vehicles x base cost . Choose the level of risk for the operation ( high risk = high reward ) 4: The operation take 5-10 days on Earth & 7-14 days in Space. 5: Then you get luxury goods which give your nation a bonus effect. Some of them stack effects. 6: The Stock market is based on Currency Indexes which are like color spheres everyone joins one and the collective economies of everyone on the same index affects the value of it. + Being active, producing rss, buying infra/land and cities helps boost value - Being inactive, having no power and loosing wars lowers value 7: You can buy shares of the Index based on the current value which changes based on the above. Then you can sell later when the value goes up. 8: There are limits to how much money you can invest, how long and when you can move to different indexes. This is to avoid people exploiting things like throwing unlimited money in there indefinitely. 9: The game already tracks a lot of these stats so it's just plugging them in a equation for stock values.
  11. Okay so this has been about 2 weeks in the making so there is quite a bit of info to run thru here so bare with me. I’ve added some of my Photoshop work here to give a better visual understanding of what everything might look like and save me lengthy explanations. Let me just throw this out there and say these new projects are operating under the assumption we change how Project slots are calculated in a post war era. So let me show you my new projects and I’ll explain them 1 by 1 . 4 New Projects *Green Technologies (modified) Okay Firstly I changed the way Green Technologies works and reduced it's cost as Green technology was somewhat overpowered. Mining Consortium I took the production reduction from GT and added it into this project which is the entryway to 2 of the 4 new projects. Terrestrial Mining This is made to be more accessible to smaller nations because it only requires Mining Consortium. However it gives access to fewer resources and a lower tier. Space Mining This is obviously keyed for larger nations given the number of project requirements. It gives access to a higher tier of resources and larger numbers in total. Luxury goods The way I envision luxury goods working is as a special consumable material that gives your nation a bonus effect but is consumed automatically over time. It can only be obtained via mining either on Earth or in Space. Thus it is a non trade-able resource. There are 4 types and 5 tiers so each type gives a different bonus effect while each tier gives a higher bonus effect. The added bonus is that multiple luxury resources of the same type stack on each other's effects. Population size has a direct effect on the consumption rate of luxury goods. Earth and Space will have access to slightly different scales of resources available. Mining Operations The new page will be the new access point for buying mining vehicles as well as going to the Mission control pages. You need to purchase vehicles in order to start mining operations. You need Trucks for land operations and Satellites for space operations Trucks You can buy a max of 3 trucks which have a resource cost of 300 Oil + 300 Iron + 100 Gasoline + 100 Munitions per truck to build but a financial cost to launch in missions. They also have cargo capacity which can be expanded by maxing out trucks. Satellites You can buy a max of 3 satellites which have a resource cost of 500 Bauxite + 300 Aluminum + 100 Uranium per satellite to build but a financial cost to launch in missions. They also have a cargo capacity which can be expanded by maxing out satellites. Mission control Terra / Space Mission control is where operations are organized and launched. Firstly the number of vehicles used is directly related to cost. 2,000,000 per truck 5,000,000 per satellite Risk Level has no bearing on cost but will affect the chances of losing vehicle shipments. It also affects getting common to rare resources as well as the length of operations.You can lose vehicles in operations. Low risk = chance of getting low to moderate resources with the least risk. Medium risk = chance of getting moderate resources with moderate risk High risk = chance of getting hi-tier resources but high risk Operation Cycle Land Mining Operations take 5-10 days Space Mining Operations take 7 -14 days In both cases you will receive notification updates at each step in the process of which they are 6. Earth Luxury Resources [Earth] Rare Earth Elements | Precious Metals | Gems [More common] - Cerium - Neodymium - Erbium - Thulium - [Higher Rarity] [More common] - Silver -Palladium - Gold - Platinum - [Higher Rarity] [More common] - Opal - Sapphire - Emerald - Ruby - [Higher Rarity] On Earth tier 1 to tier 4 resources are available and thus three tier 1 resources are unique to Earth. Space Luxury Resources [Space] Rare Earth Elements | Precious Metals | Gems | Rare Gases [More common] - Neodymium - Erbium - Thulium - Promethium - [Higher Rarity] [More common] - Palladium - Gold - Platinum - Rhodium [Higher Rarity] [More common] - Sapphire - Emerald - Ruby - Diamond - [Higher Rarity] [More common] - Helium-3 - Neon-21 - Krypton-85 - Xenon-129 [Higher Rarity] In Space tier 2 to tier 5 are available as well as Rare Gases which can only be found in space. This gives Space 7 unique resources. Stock Market Oh baby this is probably my oldest idea that I finally got around to fleshing out. So let me say there were several versions of this I had originally but I’ve gone with the second iteration here. The stock market will allow you to invest in currency indexes so in my example there will be 10 indexes A -J. You can edit your nation to tie your currency to one of the indexes. Visually you can have any currency you want: the dollar, euro or custom money but the index will be what is relevant. How Currency Indexes work Current $ = The value of each share of an Index Change $ = The direct cash drop or rise in value in a period of time of said shares Change % = The percentage drop or rise in value in a period of time of said shares Think of indexes of being like color spheres you can switch to one and then all nations that are on that Index will affect the base score. People can nominate and name their index similar to color spheres as long as it starts with the corresponding letter the index is on. The basic idea is that growth activity will positively raise the index while stagnation or loss will cause it to decline. Positive growth : Buying cities and land Selling & buying goods Producing basic rss & refined Growing your GDP Buying military units (tanks, planes, ships, missiles & nukes) Winning wars (scaled by loot gains) Negative Growth: Being inactive for several days Taking massive damage (Infra or military losses) No power in cities Losing wars (scaled by loot lost) Also Trade between groups on different indexes will affect both indexes. So if someone on C trades a lot with people on B & D those index will reflect that interaction positively The rules on indexes & investing Portfolio cost = The initial amount spent buying shares. Portfolio value = The current value of all shares you owned As with all new mechanics there have to be measures to add balance and protect from abuse. 1: Firstly changing Indexes can only happen once every 5 days similar to other policy changes. 2: You must sell off all stocks before changing Indexes. 3: If you buy shares in a stock you must wait 48hrs before you can sell any shares from that stock. 4: There is a hard limit to the total amount of cash that can be invested at around 500,000,000. 5: There is a max time limit of 60 days on all investments. After which investment will be kicked. back to your nation. 6: Blockades will affect your ability to buy & sell stocks. These rules are meant to avoid people using it to hide money indefinitely or mass hop around trying to manipulate markets or short sale tricks. Aside from the rules you can invest in all stocks as you see fit up to the limit. FAQ Okay here I clear up some things that I wasn't clear on. Q1: Can you have both Terra & Space mining and use both? A1: Yes and for larger nations it might be a must as consumption of luxury goods is based on population size. Q2: How long will luxury goods last? A2: Depends on size of the nation but I would say a full load might last 1 - 2.5 weeks. Q3: What type of bonus will you get from Luxury goods? A3: I have some numbers but I’m still tweaking the details but in general upkeep cost reductions , purchase cost reduction, income & population boosts and some other effects. Q4: Are the bonuses organized by types of material and what about Tiers? A4: Yes each type of material like say REE = Rare Earth Elements have the same bonus effect as they all belong to the same type. The Tiers affect the percentage size of the bonus effect with higher tiers having a larger effect. Q5: So what happens if you have 2 or more of the same type of luxury do they stack ? A5: The bonus effect can stack so for example if you have Silver & Gold the bonuses would stack the same with 2 or more of any other type such as Rare Gases, REE’s or Gem’s. Q6: How many vehicles (Trucks / satellites) can you lose on operations ? A6: All of them if you are very unlucky but 1-2 might be more normal with 3 being a bad case of the Mondays : ) Q7: Can you reuse vehicles or do you have to buy new ones each time? A7: You can reuse them though originally I had it differently. Q8: Is there a difference in risk between mining Earth and Space ? A8: Yes mining in Space is slightly more risky than on Earth but comes with more bonuses like higher tier resources being more accessible and more resources in general. Q9: Can you sell individual shares in an individual stock or do you have to sell them all? A9: Under your My Portfolio you can click on the individual stock and it opens a page for that stock that allows you to sell off as many shares as you want. It would also have more data on that individual stock performance. Q10: Are you really a robot? A10: Yes and I have been programmed with a very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long time. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.... goodbye ! Final Thoughts: I had an idea of lowering the investment cap to 250m then VIP status to allow you to make larger investments up to 500m My original idea for the stock market was to allow you to invest in luxury stocks that would have a unique form of influence based on a number of ingame circumstances. Now try saying that fast 3 times Please feel free to comment on ideas & suggestions or questions. Forward all complaints and criticism to Alex tho to maintain alpha dominance. That’s a pro move right there. .
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