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  1. Blame that on Rose, they joined the bandwagon as usual and started taking slots away from Blackwater as a whole.
  2. Kermit is illiterate, ignore him lol
  3. I'm not racist, I hate everyone equally.
  4. Sunray 2.0, don't screw it up this time Caboose
  5. PnW isn't the type of game that you sit on for 4-6 hours a day, watching the screen, having more stuff to do doesn't make a whole lot of difference if you are checking in twice a day to make sure you haven't been declared on. Also revolts are a terrible idea considering how easy it is to reach 0% approval, having cities destroyed by such revolts would cost some people hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions in some cases. I do agree that the resource production/Industry could use a little flavour though, thatnis fair.
  6. Literally doesn't matter in the slightest
  7. Finally, a micro who understands they are a micro.
  8. Make Aircraft OP again, back when Tanks couldn't kill them.
  9. Gabe and I will be recovering loans and payments will continue Swing/TOSE was not a scam, we just got [email protected]#$ed. Deraj didn't have the autority to forgive all that debt on his own, we will still be taking payments as we have people who need to be paid.
  10. Swing was not a scam in any way, the money was stolen by a trusted member of staff, money which had no chance for recovery, which led to Deraj disbanding all Swing Businesses. Not a scam, just poor choice in people to Trust
  11. NR disbanding has nothing to do with your war
  12. So glad I've "Retired" to SwingSet,I don't have to deal with any of these shenanigans anymore.
  13. My alliance doesn't get involved in backroom shenanigans. Unless you count giving out loans.
  14. We give people money to fund their war and yes we profit off of that, only so we can give them even more money the next time they need to fight a war.
  15. Some of us pixel huggers are the ones that fund the continuous and increasingly more expensive wars.
  16. Pixel Huggers of the world, unite!
  17. Pollution and disease only matter if you want Commerce, otherwise you can pretty much ignore it.
  18. How about we make Aircraft useful again and revert the change that lets tanks kill them instead.
  19. Planes are so 2019, its all about dem ships now fam.
  20. For the Emperor! GD sucks major fireballs though tbf
  21. Too bad downvotes are useless
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