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  1. White peace ? Extremely disappointing.
  2. 1. Eclipse 2. Eclipse 3. Eclipse 4. Eclipse 5. Eclipse 6. Eclipse 7. Eclipse 8. Eclipse 9. Eclipse 10. Eclipse Personal Opinion.
  3. You apologize for playing the game ?
  4. These kind of things happened hundreds of times to me, rookie.
  5. https://gyazo.com/b246bc2842940be2322eaa546c669a43 ^ This would be much easier
  6. Can bet Alex will just ignore this as he always does
  7. >Arrgh >Taxes thonk
  8. More like you just wanted to save your pixels. Show screenshots too
  9. Pointless. An alliance shouldn’t be able to force his members to participate in alliance-wide embargoes. Every nation of an alliance can do it individually if the leadership ask them to and if they want. Not sure what you’re trying to implement here.
  10. 1) You’re not the first one to complain so pls stop spamming alliance affairs 2) Georges already rerolled because of this.
  11. Congratulations to all parties involved.
  12. It’s not like VIP was useful, except to brag and cosmetics I guess ? So far only more API calls & mass infrastructure purchase makes VIP useful afaik. So, what’s the point and what would be the difference between a VIP and a VIP+ ?
  13. 1)This is why you’re usually in a bloc or protected by a high tier alliance (e.g Rose, Grumpy, tCW ..). Everyone in the top 50 is, except Pantheon. 2)As Ronny said, this is not worth it to decom and build up again, even for raiders. 3)Your scenario only works with 3 nations with 30 cities and low infra. Except Mythic, no one could do this. Conclusion : Your scenario only works if you have a war between Mythic and Pantheon, and would still be as costly for Mythic as Pantheon.
  14. Because Swamp bloc dudes were scared that we could declare when zeroed then double buy and rekt their smaller nations, they just forgot we had 3 defensive slots too and this wasn’t worth it. Farmers never change
  15. Soldiers should stay at 1/3, others units 1/4 sounds fair. Edit : After further thinking, I think 1/3 for every unit is still much better (see Vali’s posts)
  16. I agree with you, but unlike the current meta it would favors strategy over numbers, which is why Coalition B beat you all during GW14 in case you forgot already kek. Add to this that your example only concerns a few nations in the game, except a few persons in Mythic KT or Arrgh, you don’t have anyone being able to do this. We’re constantly being sat on by Swamp and outnumbered, with no money (tyvm Tyrion) and please spare us the 10k+ alum it would cost us to double buy planes. Hum sorry ? Whales aren’t over-favored at all lol wut you saying ?
  17. No because increasing city score will prevent us from downdeclaring as easily as before on nation with less cities.
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