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  1. Thanks for the birthday party folks and you are not invited next year! Cya!
  2. Don't put any salt in the next one, my tears will do the job ok?
  3. Hey you promised chocolate but what we got was mocklate. Who handles your refunds?
  4. Thanks; now that my brain remembers being an NPO agent, my taxes automatically went up to 100/100.
  5. Everyone burn down your plane hangars! Tanks can't destroy your planes if you don't have any! :bigbrain:
  6. Is he paying you to do Ops on the forum on the rest of us while he rebuilds his image?
  7. Wait, does Alex know that EM was a good guy? I mean it absolutely makes sense that if you're a good guy, the rules shouldn't apply to you and you can cheat as much as you want. Maybe someone should tell Alex.
  8. Will you contact every food seller and send them this forum link and demand they follow the survey results?
  9. A new spammer has emerged @Alex. This one's a gold medal astrologist probably from the last Olympics.
  10. I'm going to bring back my ex lover in Honduras.
  11. Why complicate something just for the sake of uniqueness? There's a bazillion alliances and if each started floating its own currency, you'd soon need a degree in foreign trade to understand what exactly is profitable from which alliance. Also, imagine working hard for months to save up for something and then your alliance leader does something stupid, your economy crashes and your hard earned savings are worth 3 bauxite. Let's not complicate a game with real world mechanics understood only by experts in the field.
  12. There is so much wrong with this post that I can't even begin to write a counter. Instead of making suggestions with absolutely 0 logic, why don't you come out and say what you really want? I'll help with the words; "PEACE MODE" o7
  13. Yeah because who needs newbies right? Let's pound em down with politics.
  14. This post makes you sound like season 7 Gul Dukat.
  15. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. This is clearly a copyright violation and the citizens of NoPantsistan are not happy. Lawyers will be reaching out to you soon @Theodosius
  16. Is this the first time you've opened the trade page and checked prices?
  17. You all should have a "Raiders Code of Honor" as a paperless treaty.
  18. Wao Emp still exists and people want to make bonds with them. Just disband you guyssssss! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  19. i don't think we need Orbis Accords of how to play the game but we do need Orbis Accords of Civility. This war brought out the worst in both sides and the forums were a pool of hatred, mockery and petty behaviour. This is what we need to avoid.
  20. When choosing a display timezone, why aren't all of them listed? I mean the 30 min ones because I am from one of them.
  21. You could run it as a credit service like the banner ads.
  22. I think he meant that the first 10 cities still retain the extra improvements even after you reach city 11.
  23. Yup makes sense and doesn't use improvement slots.
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