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  1. White peace ? Extremely disappointing.
  2. 1. Eclipse 2. Eclipse 3. Eclipse 4. Eclipse 5. Eclipse 6. Eclipse 7. Eclipse 8. Eclipse 9. Eclipse 10. Eclipse Personal Opinion.
  3. You apologize for playing the game ?
  4. These kind of things happened hundreds of times to me, rookie.
  5. https://gyazo.com/b246bc2842940be2322eaa546c669a43 ^ This would be much easier
  6. Can bet Alex will just ignore this as he always does
  7. >Arrgh >Taxes thonk
  8. More like you just wanted to save your pixels. Show screenshots too
  9. Pointless. An alliance shouldn’t be able to force his members to participate in alliance-wide embargoes. Every nation of an alliance can do it individually if the leadership ask them to and if they want. Not sure what you’re trying to implement here.
  10. 1) You’re not the first one to complain so pls stop spamming alliance affairs 2) Georges already rerolled because of this.
  11. Congratulations to all parties involved.
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