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  1. Condolences to all parties involved
  2. "Why can't I dogpile my opponents without taking damages the entire war this is so unfair *sobs*"
  3. Cool but I don't recall anyone asking
  4. I stopped counting the number of times Nokia said that a long time ago.
  5. Current spheres % of the game In city count, top 50 only : Quack = 31,5% Swamp = 15,3% Oasis = 23% RoseHM = 27,7% I had already noticed maths weren't your strong suit. But I don't think that justifies getting 68,5% of the game against 31,5%. But yeah, I get it, you want to dogpile us again because you shit your pants at the idea of fighting a war you could lose. It's easier when you dogpile.
  6. Why are all micros joining blue bloc
  7. I don't understand how so many people can choose no change, are your dogpiler pixels that precious ?
  8. Probably because you don't use discord.
  9. Sorry, we're not interested in turning this war into a dogpile.
  10. (re)welcome to the hegemon
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