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  1. Asierith


    He came to us and continued to be disruptive - though not as bad as that. We banned him from the AA and he deleted soon after.
  2. Asierith

    Trunks out for Carthage!

    We have Daveth locked away so he doesn't get handy with the salt and start razing stuff. Shouldn't be a problem for a while. Consider it done
  3. Asierith

    Trunks out for Carthage!

    Carthago DoE Despite their recent foray into the export of unholy builds and questionable potatoes, the Egyptians had one again reverted back to their ancient past-times of pyramid building and pixel-farming upon the banks of the River Nile. As yet another mild winter melted into an Egyptian summer worthy of the name, mysterious rumours of a power beyond the land of the Nile, reached the ears of the Egyptian people. The tales of Rome, carried by roaming traders and mighty ships, swept through the empire, as the emissaries of Egypt followed them to their source... A collision of people, culture and empire ensued; two nations linked by trade, history and ideals merged to form something greater, something new. From Egyptian Empire and SPQR, Carthago was born. A land of elephants, boats, salt-induced flashbacks and terrible historical references. _______________________________________________________________ 🐘Supreme Council 🐘 Suffet: El Chach Elders: Asierith Daveth Krampus Elder of the Treasury: Antonio Pentarchs: Pentarch of Diplomacy: Waldo Pentarch of War: Ion _______________________________________________________________ Come visit our new and mostly operational Discord FA announcements are soon to follow: tl:dr: Daveth thought he could escape the Egyptians. It didn’t work. You want elephants? We got ‘em. You want boats? We got ‘em. Happy Easter, folks
  4. Asierith

    A Summit of Birds and Elephants

  5. Things move slowly in the desert. After all, the last time something happened here, the Nile flooded and everything got swamped. And yet as the Egyptians were laying the groundwork for another Pyramid, they came to realise that they’d forgotten to actually do anything at all, aside from building some obnoxious polyhedrons. The first was high time to take a trip down the Nile towards the cooler waters of OWR (Kith-land). Article I: Non-Aggression On account of conflict being detrimental to the export and construction of bloody-great big stone blocks, the growth of “what do you mean, opium poppies?”, and leading to crippling economic depression, the undersigned agree to abstain from any deliberate action contrary to the wellbeing of either signatory. Any and all issues that arise will be resolved through diplomatic channels. Article II: Mutual Defence If a foreign entity tries to cross the Saharan Desert or the equally inhospitable and desolate borderlands of Lancashire and Merseyside, the signatories agree to intervene militarily, politically and, if they desire, economically to assist the other in their defence against aggressors. Article III: Intelligence Sharing If either party should learn of foreign intent to desecrate the Pharaoh’s tomb or trample the fertile Gardens of Spud, the undersigned agree to inform the other party as soon as reasonably possible. Article IV: Non-Chaining Since one both parties totally condemn slavery, they agree that chaining people unnecessarily isn’t nice - unnecessarily being the key word. In the event that a signatory is attacked as a result of their fulfillment of third-party obligations, Article II of this treaty is to be considered optional. Article V: Cancellation Should the Nile run dry or the roses wild, and the treaty be rendered surplus to requirement, either signatory may provide 72 hour notice prior to the termination of this pact. The terms of the treaty remain enforceable until this termination period has elapsed. Signed for Egyptian Empire: El Chach, Pharaoh Asierith, Senior Vizier RedPhx, Senior Vizier Signed for the Order of the White Rose: Sval, Prime Greypher, Legate Luis, Legate Dr Rockso, Legate Kabu, Legate Tl;dr: OWR and EE sign a long overdue MDP and hereby mutually condemn Greypher as an unholy Weeb Yes, we deserve to die for that title
  6. Asierith

    The Nile overfloweth with Cowboys

    The horses were only introduced around the Second Intermediate Period. Prior to that, in more than 1000 years of Egyptian Civilization, they had no clue what they were. We were running with the old kingdom on that reference 😉
  7. Asierith

    The Dissolution of Vanguard

    Thanks for having us around guys and best of luck in all your respective futures o7
  8. Asierith

    United Hoods DoE

    Round 2, Electric Boogaloo Seriously though - how did this happen?
  9. Asierith

    2018 P&W Award Voting

    When can we expect the results?
  10. Asierith

    Official Nominations for the 2018 PnW Awards

    ALLIANCE CATEGORIES Best Recruiting Staff: Egyptian Empire Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2019: Most Immoral Alliance: The Dixie Union COMMUNITY CATEGORIES Best Declaration of War: WORST CATEGORIES Worst Alliance of the Year: The Institute, Rising Tides, Eastern States of America, New California Republic. Take your pic - they're all basically the same. Worst Diplomatic Move: Worst Alliance Leader of the Year: Sean Anthony
  11. Asierith

    The Egyptian Empire Recognition Of Hostilities

    This is the recognition of hostilities we really needed.
  12. Asierith

    Bittersweet End

    This is my third go round at this game, yet across the 3 years that I have been involved in this community, this is perhaps the worst thing that I have seen come out of this. I can't fathom why a person would try to sell out personal details of someone, online - to threaten to disclose photos, names or social-media accounts is just sickening. I have no doubt, that nearly everyone in this community would hate for this to happen to them - particularly those among us who are minors and for whom disclose such information could present a genuine risk. It does, however, say something, when most of you guys have been both helpful and concerned. It's at odds with some of the impressions people have of online discourse and goes to show how, aside from the few who take it upon themselves to be tools, most of the people here are genuinely solid individuals. Finally, it's a damn shame to lose two fine players, like you two. I wish you both the best for the future and am simply sad that it had to end this way. Stay safe.
  13. Asierith

    God of Alliance Creation

    Wouldn't this be better in National Affairs? Also, for the love of everything, Sean, please double-check posts before you send them. It's like you have to decipher it as you read.
  14. Asierith

    Out of the Ashes

    Another? You're just collecting these now.

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