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  1. Asierith

    The Dissolution of Vanguard

    Thanks for having us around guys and best of luck in all your respective futures o7
  2. Asierith

    United Hoods DoE

    Round 2, Electric Boogaloo Seriously though - how did this happen?
  3. Asierith

    2018 P&W Award Voting

    When can we expect the results?
  4. Asierith

    Official Nominations for the 2018 PnW Awards

    ALLIANCE CATEGORIES Best Recruiting Staff: Egyptian Empire Alliance Most Likely to Succeed in 2019: Most Immoral Alliance: The Dixie Union COMMUNITY CATEGORIES Best Declaration of War: WORST CATEGORIES Worst Alliance of the Year: The Institute, Rising Tides, Eastern States of America, New California Republic. Take your pic - they're all basically the same. Worst Diplomatic Move: Worst Alliance Leader of the Year: Sean Anthony
  5. Asierith

    The Egyptian Empire Recognition Of Hostilities

    This is the recognition of hostilities we really needed.
  6. Asierith

    Bittersweet End

    This is my third go round at this game, yet across the 3 years that I have been involved in this community, this is perhaps the worst thing that I have seen come out of this. I can't fathom why a person would try to sell out personal details of someone, online - to threaten to disclose photos, names or social-media accounts is just sickening. I have no doubt, that nearly everyone in this community would hate for this to happen to them - particularly those among us who are minors and for whom disclose such information could present a genuine risk. It does, however, say something, when most of you guys have been both helpful and concerned. It's at odds with some of the impressions people have of online discourse and goes to show how, aside from the few who take it upon themselves to be tools, most of the people here are genuinely solid individuals. Finally, it's a damn shame to lose two fine players, like you two. I wish you both the best for the future and am simply sad that it had to end this way. Stay safe.
  7. Asierith

    God of Alliance Creation

    Wouldn't this be better in National Affairs? Also, for the love of everything, Sean, please double-check posts before you send them. It's like you have to decipher it as you read.
  8. Asierith

    Out of the Ashes

    Another? You're just collecting these now.
  9. Asierith

    Containment level: Maximum

    Nice small print, there
  10. Asierith

    Take 5 : The Crimson Entente DoE

    With all the old characters reemerging, I can't blame you. When I first heard the name, I just started having flash backs. It's taken us a while, but we're there now.
  11. Asierith

    Take 5 : The Crimson Entente DoE

    To be fair, the failure of the last one wasn't his fault. I can't talk about what came before, but still.
  12. Asierith

    Brotherhood of the Clouds Do'R'E

    Nice to see you guys back again. It's been a while
  13. The Crimson Entente DoE AND THE SCUTTLING OF THE MIGHTY ATLANTIC Many moons ago, a great flotilla of ships would navigate the vast seas of Orbis. Embarked upon a voyage to return to the old-world, they struggled through vicious storms, brawled with infamous pirates and charted new lands and riches. Legends and lore of ancient empires and cities slowly crumbling with relentless march of time, propelled them forward into perilous unknown. As their ships raced east, charging towards the rising sun, their hearts of hope chased a future beyond the horizon. Yet all was not well within this fleet. In the shadows of the great-ships, darkness was stirring. Two captains, brought on several months into the voyage, with dark and bloody ambitions belied by their apparent geniality, would have a lust for power to such a degree, that they would betray the admiral – sacrificing both him and the alliance at the altar in their greed. As the knowledge of the treachery spread, it was mere hours before the first flames erupted upon the decks of the fleet, as it was torn into two and brother fought brother. Amid the chaos of suspicion and grief, dozens of frigates were scuttled. The survivors would drift at the whim of the currents for weeks, the wind having disappeared from their sails and their bearings lost as they drifted from their course. All, was not lost, however. Lady Fortune does indeed favour the bold and thus, having pushed against the evil enacted upon them, the balance was tipped in the favour of these sailors. They beached upon the sand-banks outside of what remained of the town of La Rochelle, the great towers of the harbour a beacon of hope for the survivors. The continent lay before them, as they pressed deeper into its heart. Men and women of the sea, now rebuild and rule from castles in the hills. A new alliance emerges, remembering the blood and life had been spilt in their journey, an eagle rising from the plains of Europe. Their fate presses onward ________________________________________________________________ Top GovernmentChancellor: Sean AnthonyVice Chancellor: FreyaSecretariesSecretary of State: AsierithSecretary of Economics: Ardeshir EsfahaniSecretary of Defense: Papa CharlesSecretary of Internal Affairs: slw122 Our Discord: https://discord.gg/kGH3G6c ________________________________________________________________ PROTECTED BY NUCLEAR KNIGHTS, ACADIA tldr: The Mighty Atlantic is dead, we're creating something new (not just Sean doing it this time, though), that's loosely themed around a fusion of Franco-Germanic culture. Avoid the traitor, Morgan. We also care about our members, or something like that.
  14. Asierith

    Need Uranium

    This is what your alliance is for.... not the forums.
  15. Asierith

    Hello From the Other Side

    So this is what BoC were planning....

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