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  1. TCM's FA is something to behold, though we mere mortals can but hope to truly understand it Happy Hunting
  2. I'm going to highlight the frankly absurd duration of this particular term, then file it with the series of actions of Camelot that serve to show how you took full advantage of the opportunity to humiliate people in Coalition A granted to you by BK and NPO - things that fly in opposition to the whitewashed narrative of an unwilling party caught up in the larger IQ ambitions being pushed by some
  3. This was something that extended to the peace negotiations. Despite various claims w.r.t a deescalation of the war in this thread and across others, you supported the ridiculous peace terms of others and even proposed some of your won. You can hardly describe the attempt to force a flag change to this, for 9 months, as an action of an alliance interested in a fair or easy peace: You loved the impunity granted to you by NPO and BK and you used it to do this sort of thing. Whilst people can forgive you if they wish, don't try and gaslight the game into believing this whitewashed version of events
  4. Welcome to Roq's folly, You've got a good bunch protecting you, so best of luck!
  5. Tfw your ally is walking that fine line between being alright with you and releasing his inner Cato
  6. ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY A year ago today, a joke rapidly got out of hand. Egyptian Empire and SPQR, two alliances brought together by Chach’s and Daveth’s mutual inclination to wandering, decided to throw caution into the wind and merge. The following year of discord chaos, long delayed radio shows and genuine fun has been one hell of a journey. To the members that made this possible, thanks for sticking it out through thick and thin. To the allies that we’ve had during this time, particularly t$ for sticking their neck out for us and OWR for being there from the very start, thanks for putting up with it all. It's thanks to you all, that this has worked. With the future ahead, we’re looking forward to the mess that awaits, with both mild confusion that we made it this far and the hope that the coming year, with Daveth as the new leader, will be even better than the last. Tldr, Blame Sval
  7. This nearly crashed my browser. I don't know what forces you have unleashed, but I fear them
  8. As the person directly on the receiving end if this joke (for context, check this forum post: https://forum.politicsandwar.com/index.php?/topic/28488-carthago-delenda-est-dow/or look at our alliance page: https://politicsandwar.com/alliance/id=5049), I want to confirm that this merely an April fools joke and make it clear that, now that the majority of the involved players have woken up to read the appropriate posts and see the wars, we're moving out to peace out across the alliance, with peace offered or accepted in 6/11 wars already. At the very least, it should be obvious that a series of wars intended to be peaced in the same day, on April fools, with a publicly announced joke, during peace-time and with no inactive (or already fighting nations) being attacked, isn't an attempt at avoiding raids or wars, as the current rules on slot-filling are trying to prevent. Loosen up a bit. It's simply a joke and a bit of fun, in otherwise miserable times
  9. On a more general note, if you're suggesting two very different alterations to war mechanics, there is merit in separating the two suggestions into two polls
  10. Day 1 of Incarceration: Bloody Romanophiles Alas, the day that I have feared for so long has finally arrived. The Romans, long kept at bay by vague promises of potatoes and radio shows, have risen up and deposed us. The cities have been pillaged, land salted and the banner of Rome stands upon the ashes of our Empire. Yet, perhaps worst of all, that foul emperor stands triumphant above us, laughing as he sentenced me. Oh, and the food here sucks. Bloody sodium overdose is going to give me a stroke. Signed: The Lonely Ex-Elder
  11. The latest OPSEC innovation. You can't leak what you never had I'd take anyone's statements above those of the guy responsible for OFA
  12. Asierith


    Sadly not. They've been skirmishing for a while, it seems. If he had though, it would have been amazing. Seems valid to me
  13. Asierith


    Don't lie. You love it. Nice pfp there, Rag
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