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  1. Ragnarok8085


    Gotta love having 2800NS lol
  2. Stop trying to mess with my Econ mate, 100/100 stays, no one has to set taxes to 100/100, but that is what is most efficient. You are completely correct, if only everyone else in this game had common sense.
  3. I would say you should charge people in game money, but you might get banned for that lmao
  4. Never believe anything you read on the internet, kids.
  5. Epi you are literally the biggest Weeb in PnW other than Nokia, you are the definition of cringe lmao
  6. I'm no good with forum posts as this is my first so I'll just be simple, The Regiment has accepted the peace offer of a 240 days NAP with the obvious parties (Camelot, GOONS, NPO etc.). Thats all, carry on with your regularly scheduled shit posts. Have a good day.
  7. 61 day ago I referred a friend and he has reached the requirements for me to recieve the bonus *60 days and 500 score* I would like to know why that is and be given the money and resources I was promised. Thank you Ragnar
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