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  1. I agree, even though everyone knows Quack are richest bois on the schoolyard, our parents just bought us all brand new Tesla's
  2. I think Roberts is just desperate for a raid target
  3. Since we all know Nokia isn't the sharpest sword in the barracks... Can we just get it over with and nuke him into oblivion already?
  4. You don't need this, you are so smol. At least get to 10 cities first lmao
  5. Shut up Dippy, get back in your hole, no one cares about your opinion.
  6. I doubt there are many blind people, if any at all that play PnW, I'm sure you'll be okay.
  7. Whales are the life-blood of this game. They need more love
  8. What's wrong Patton? Lmao I remember a time when we were actually friends.
  9. Wow, never thought I would see the day where Camelot would seem remorseful, I wonder how much Arthur got paid to apologise.
  10. Pretty sure your second point is wrong seeing as they were banned for buying the "Hentai", but alright.
  11. You should try to write your next post in English. Just a suggestion.
  12. Recently just had one of my members (9 cities) get declared on by someone with 22 cities so anything to stop stuff like that would be lovely.
  13. Who even are you?
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